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How often do you wash your RV’s or tow vehicle’s windshield?

If you’re driving down the road to your next destination, whether you’re driving through snowy mountains, desert dust, or city grime, your RV or tow vehicle’s windshield is bound to get dirty… and fast.

We want to know how often you clean your RV’s or tow vehicle’s windshield. Do you do it every night when you arrive at camp? In the morning before you leave? When you get gas? Never?

Go ahead and leave a comment after you vote. We want to hear what you have to say about those dirty windshields. Thanks!


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Deborah Mason
2 months ago

Almost every driving day. No need for daily wash when parked for days. Clean windows means better photos

Bill Byerly
2 months ago

When ever it needs it

2 months ago

If it is a heavy love bug season in Florida, it could be every 10 miles.

2 months ago

If the windshields has bugs or other things from driving will wash it at each stop.if not then I apply cleaner such as windex at the end of the days travel and clean each morning before leaving for the day.

2 months ago

Trips through Southern Alberta or Saskatchewan and points further north, will require windshield service every 40 – 60 miles some years. Trips through the desert southwest on the otherhand generally every 1,000 -1,500 miles or so.

On a trip Saskatchewan one year, many years ago in my Oldsmobile, I had to stop every 30 minutes to clean my radiator and grill of grasshoppers to prevent overheating. It felt and sounded like driving through a hail storm for 400 miles. Alfred Hitchcock would have loved it.

So the truth is that it depends on where your travels are taking you. Some areas require little windshield attention, other areas it almost feels like a part time job.

2 months ago

every time we stop for fuel.

Ron L
2 months ago
Reply to  Rich

Same here….but we only travel 8 days of the year. Even so, I checked fairly often, but it’s only when we travel.

2 months ago

Before leaving home I treat windshield with 2 liberal coats of RainX. I rarely turn on the wipers and only large bird dropping are dealt with. I periodically use my CA Duster between trips. This works for 4 months in FL. Trips out west require nightly attention.

Neal Davis
2 months ago

More often when driving through swarms of insects, somewhat less often when it is too cold for them.

2 months ago

I wash it when it needs it. No more, no less.

Steve Minor
2 months ago
Reply to  Barry

Exactly Barry, don’t fix what ain’t broke! LOL

Jeff Craig
2 months ago

On the road? At every truck stop, especially when it is dirty.
If it is sitting? Nope.
The insides? When it gets dirty enough to cause issues.

2 months ago

I learned from my Daughter in Law who is an Air Force Pilot that the first thing the ground crew does when a plane lands is wash the windshield. They claim if they don’t the sun bakes the bugs on and it becomes much harder to get them off. I then learned from a fellow RV’er that if you don’t get the bugs off the plastic film they put on the from of class A’s the bugs get baked into the softened plastic and can’t be removed. Since learning this I have started washing the bugs off every day from the windshield and the front of the RV. Also I do not want the flies that the bug guts seem to attract when they are left splattered on the front of the RV.

Rick Woodring
2 months ago

I use a product called Glassparency. Applied by professionals every three years. I don’t even have to clean my windshield when I fill up. It is amazing

2 months ago

Every time I fill up with fuel.

Bob p
2 months ago

Each time I buy gas.

Ed K
2 months ago

Unless a big bug hits in my line of site, I am not in a hurry to cause more aches and pain in my arms and shoulders. If we are setup in a campground and it starts raining, I take the opportunity and run the windshield wipers to clean the majority of the bugs off.

Steven N
2 months ago

Unless I get a big bug splat right in my field of view I normally will clean the windshield when I fuel up. Other than that I just give it a squirt as needed.

2 months ago

Agree with Carl: When it needs it, and usually at gas stations (like Pilot’s) that almost always have good squeegees and container of water with windshield cleaner in it. Additionally, I use RainX on the windshield which makes removal of bugs/dirt easy to remove .

Wayne Caldwell
2 months ago

When I can’t see around the bug guts anymore.

2 months ago

Don’t have a windshield.

Bob p
2 months ago
Reply to  Skip

Driving by the braille method? I also don’t have a windshield in the trailer but I do on the truck.

Don N
2 months ago
Reply to  Skip

No Windshield? Do you push the TT? i would think you have a tow vehicle with a windshield!

Carl W
2 months ago

I did not respond to the poll because none of the answers were applicable. I do not wait until it is filthy dirty nor do I do it daily or fairly often. The missing answer is I do it WHEN I think it is necessary. That could be frequently or not very often, depending on the conditions.

2 months ago
Reply to  Carl W

Carl, I, too, was thinking they needed a “When it needs it” answer. I did answer “Fairly often”.

Charlie Sullivan
2 months ago
Reply to  Carl W

I agree Carl. I also do it as needed.

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