Saturday, June 3, 2023


On a typical day, how far do you usually walk?

Perhaps you wear a Fitbit or an Apple Watch and you know exactly how many steps you take and how many miles you walk in a day. Others of you may not know that you actually walk 2.72 miles in a day, and that’s just around the campground, to the laundry facilities, taking the dog for a short loop and back!

But if you had to take a guess (or if you know exactly) how far, how many miles, do you think you walk in a day? Do you think it’s just about a half mile? 2 miles? 4? 5? Take a guess and let us know in today’s poll. Thanks!


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Roy Davis
1 month ago

We walk the dogs 2 miles a day plus all the other walking we do. I love to walk through campgrounds looking for ideas and such.

1 month ago

Our 2 rescues make sure I get my walk on to the tune of a mile or less. Sometimes more.

Don N
1 month ago

Depends where the refrigerator is. HA HA. Mostly to the dining table.

Bill Byerly
1 month ago

I answered .5-1 mile per day, just from wandering around.
Try to ride my bike 3-4 days a week for an hour or more (usually 8-10 miles )

1 month ago

About 2 miles then I’m done.

Neal Davis
1 month ago

In the winter as little as 1/2 of a mile and as much as a mile or even 1 1/2 miles cutting, piling, and burning brush. The rest of the year it tends to range from 1 1/2 – 2 1/2 miles string trimming. When we’re RVing, then we tend to walk 2-3 miles daily.

Last edited 1 month ago by Neal Davis
Rolling Coal
1 month ago

We’ll generally walk 10 to 15 km throughout the day, every day. Staying active keeps the weight off and improves sleep among other health benefits.

1 month ago

Every day, rain or shine, cold or heat, the dogs and I walk 2-3+ miles. Some days I don’t feel like it, but we all need it. The dogs give me motivation. 🙂 I am fortunate to be in a rural area with many old abandoned farm hill roads to hike.

1 month ago

Maybe a mile in the winter months. I try to get 3 to 4 when the weather is nicer.

1 month ago

Before my back problem, lower lumbar, I used to walk 1-3 miles every evening. Now, it’s more like 1/2 mile and at a lot slower pace. Not much can be done as far as the back is concerned. Grade 2 bone degeneration L5, S1 area. Two orthos and pain specialist told me I would have to live with it.
I was a maintenance tech in a large hospital most of my life. Normal day at work was 10-15,000 steps a day. That included steps and climbing ladders.

1 month ago

For 50+ years I have been walking our German Shepherd’s between 1 and 3 miles per day, plus all the other activities. Good for them and good for me. I know we are very fortunate to be able to do that.

Wayne Caldwell
1 month ago

My Fitbit watch tells me that I usually take between 12,500 and 23,000 steps per day around our yard. However, Fitbit ‘steps’ are calculated from arm movements so if I’m twisting a wrench or beating a nail, I’m taking steps. And since we recently adopted a new dog last week that is overweight and obese, she and I have started walking about a mile each day. It’s good for both of us.

Ed K
1 month ago

Being physically disabled, it takes me about 15-20 minutes to go the 1/10 mile to my mail box and back, so I am happy for any distance. We use a Cricket SX3 at our campsites and I use a Go-Go Elite three wheel scooter where the cricket will not go.

1 month ago

If I walk more than 1/2 mile I’m lucky. If I ride my bike less than 5 miles on a typical day I am either sick or using the rowing machine!

1 month ago

Of course it depends on our activity. The wife wears a watch that measures steps. At a trade day we may walk over a mile total. On an errand run, perhaps 3/4 mile. At home working in the flower beds and mowing lawn, at least a mile.

Carl W
1 month ago

I generally do not walk for exercise, but I ride a bicycle between 12 and 15 miles on a somewhat hilly road (440 feet of elevation gain) for Florida. Any walking I do is generally due to shopping or yard work, but I typically get well in excess of 10,000 steps (or the equivalent in pedaling) per day according to my Fitbit watch.

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