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Has your RV been “in the shop” for repairs in the last year?

As you know (maybe all too well), RVs have to go to the shop for many reasons—some major reasons, some minor reasons. And, unless you’re extremely handy, sometimes taking your RV into the shop is the only option to get things fixed. No, we won’t mention wait times… ugh.

Has your RV been in the shop for any type of repair or repairs within the last year? If it has, will you share with us in the comments what for? If it hasn’t, well, we’re crossing our fingers for you…


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Roy Davis
1 month ago

Service yes, repairs no.

Wren Grace
1 month ago

We have had Mobil RV service for a couple of issues this year.

1 month ago

Our 2005 GT jamboree finally went into the shop having to have the drive line parking brake repaired at S and H rv repair in Hammond LA. Excellent service and on time. But drove 70 miles and the catalytic converter plugged up. That was fixed at Kerry’s cars in Biloxi. Just a coincidence but once again something my husband couldn’t fix. We were super fortunate to find both repair shops. They are close to 300 miles from our home but honestly if there are any more problems ever again we are heading to either shop

1 month ago

In the shop once in 2014 to have bad inverter/charger and battery replaced under warranty. Past year had a mobile generator tech replaced carb and performed a full service in my driveway. (2800 Onan) (2014 Roadtrek Ranger)

Bill Byerly
1 month ago

Had a broken support bracket on the dipstick tube on my 2019 Winnebago class A, found out it was still covered under warranty, so I took it into Ford and let them replace the tube and bracket (all 1 piece) good service.
Regular service (L.O.F. etc) at my local mechanics shop which has always provided me with great service!

Donald N Wright
1 month ago

The Airstream dealership is full, no room for me to return.

Bob Walter
1 month ago

Since I bought my recent RV, it is been in the shop more than on the road. Horrible service waits, can get parts, can find techs. My RV is becoming more of a hassle than a pleasure and it’s not uncommon things. @@

1 month ago

Improvements and maintenance only in last year but ac not currently working so need to schedule

Thomas D
1 month ago

I answered no because because to date anything that needed fixing is done by me, the right way. It kind of scares me as I age, I’m 80, that my repair days are limited. And my friends are getting up there too. My daughter had a bird when she saw me on the roof of the motorhome cleaning the air conditioner coils.
I’ve told her more than once. Nobody gets hurt falling off the roof. It’s the sudden stop that gets you.

1 month ago

Yes but it is not as bad as it sounds (in our case). Took it to the Freightliner dealer for annual PM, oil/filter changes and value adjusting and to the tire shop to replace the airbags-all known about and all what we consider PM work.

1 month ago

We have 2012 Redwood toy hauler. We have what appears to be a chronic issue with our kitchen slide. It seems that at some point during our outing, the side fails to fully retract. It remains about two inches from being closed. No matter how many times we try to extend it and retract it , once it first occurs, we have to get it into the shop to have it adjusted. Then it will work great for a few cycles until it stops again.

1 month ago

Since you put “in the shop” in quotation marks I checked the yes, once box because we had a mobile RV tech come fix our leaky bathroom sink. We are full-timers so taking our home to the shop is problematic.

Neal Davis
1 month ago

Four times for our 2022 Newmar New Aire 3545. First was at dealer service center. Addressed all our problems, which were all minor in nature, during a one-week appointment. Second was with our local service people (house side). They replaced our failed water pump on Newmar’s dime in a single afternoon. Third was back at Newmar’s service center. All problems were resolved, including a couple unearthed during our three-week appointment. Fourth is current at our local engine/generator/chassis mechanic. Awaiting correct replacement fittings from the chassis manufacturer (Spartan) to eliminate an hydraulic leak at the radiator fan. While our RV is there, our mechanic will do the one-year engine and generator services.

Last edited 1 month ago by Neal Davis
Linda Irons
1 month ago

We have a Winnebago VIew on MB chassis. Constantly fighting with “check Engine” light.
Take in for repair and it goes out, drive home, it comes on. I think we have the Mercedes dealer stumped

1 month ago

Because I built my campervan I do all the repairs, including drivetrain.

1 month ago

Twice but for hail damage. Some things were fixed right off then it had to go back when some new parts came in.

1 month ago

I had aboard for the HW tank to go out. Not a big job but I had it back in two days. NOT at a corporate RV place, rather a private owned shop. This guy and his team are great! NEVER to a corporate shop again.

1 month ago

Had some repairs done at home by Mobile RV company. Still had use of RV while waiting for parts.

martin a
1 month ago

new tires and axles straightened,on an 08 unit, new A/C with heat pump installed. Technically not breakdowns but needed improvements and maintenance.

1 month ago

“Shops” aren’t qualified to work on my equipment. I require work to be done correctly. RV shops don’t/won’t do this.

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