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How many people can comfortably dine at your RV’s dinette?

Most RVs used to come with a dinette. Now, more and more RVs are coming with tables and chairs, and some of them are really nice! But if you still have a dinette, how many people can comfortably sit at it? Please note the word “comfortably”… not all eight of your friends want to be crammed in there for dinner! We know it depends on the size of your RV’s dinette, but we still want to know.

Some dinettes say they’re designed for four people but may only fit two comfortably. Others are designed for six but really only seat four… sound familiar?

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Bill Byerly
1 month ago

We dont have a dinette, but are as cofortable with as many as we actually would invite over to “dine” with us. 🙂

Russ W.
1 month ago

We have a reclining couch in our toy hauler, no dinette. There are times when I’d like a dinette, but I have to have my recliners!

1 month ago

When we had a class C the dinette “sat 4” but the summer we drove across Canada we used a folding chair in the aisle for our daughter, especially at dinner. None of us 3 are big people but the dinette was never comfortable. We don’t miss not having one in our Class B.

Thomas D
1 month ago

4 at the table but then crowded when dishes are served. Best if you serve yourself at the counter and then set down to eat. Plenty of room then

1 month ago

Really need a none it’s totally uncomfortable to sit at, option

1 month ago

In Bill’s world, RV dinettes would only be options, not standard equipment.
We were able to remove our uncomfortable dinette and replace it with a trifold couch that seats 3 with lap trays comfortably. That is across from our 4 person stock sofa and with our swivel captain’s chair that leaves room for 8, which we have had during inclement weather. Smiles and cheers all around. 😁

Roy Davis
1 month ago

I heard something said about our RV that I find very true. It went, “sits 6, feeds 4, sleeps 2.”

1 month ago

I ripped out my dinette and replaced it with 2 Lazyboy recliners. The dinette was not comfortable. We kept the table and put folding legs on it. With camp chairs and the recliners we can still seat 4. But most of the time we just use TV trays at the recliners.

1 month ago

Seats 2. If company is coming, we generally eat outside where we have some elbow room. The 2 extra collapsible dining chairs don’t even travel with us.

Steven N
1 month ago

Comfortably, three. Cozily four.

1 month ago

We have a 2019 Momentum 381M Toyhauler that the dinette fits 6 comfortably. We did a modification inside by removing 2 movie theater seats and placed a dinette for 2. Now just for us we will eat inside at any time with very comfortable chairs. No longer using the couch for an eating area.

Capt. Jim
1 month ago

Oh, you said “Comfortably”. Never mind.
Safe Travels.
1 month ago
Reply to  Capt. Jim

Ageed, but 3-4 depending on the ages involved.

1 month ago

We have a wheeled rolling cabinet that has fold down leaves . When leaves are up the table is quite large. Easily has room for 4 . In actuality we don’t seat 4 due to the fact we don’t carry the 2 supplied chairs. Which is making me think now where did we store them ; )

Seann Fox
1 month ago

The factory says my dinette can seat 4 but you said “comfortably” so I said 2.

Tommy Molnar
1 month ago
Reply to  Seann Fox

Exactly right, Seann.

1 month ago

Class B RV – designed for just the two of us ( and our pets). No dinette! Just the way we wanted.

1 month ago

My 28 foot toy hauler has no dinette. The rear has two fold up couch/beds, which have never been used, and a table that fits between them. The couches stay folded up the entire time and we use zero gravity chairs as recliners. The table is placed in front of the large side window with a couple of folding chairs.

Jim Johnson
1 month ago

Our larger RV has a table and 4 chairs. We have sturdy Ikea mini-table / stool that can accomodate a 5th person at the hallway end, but it is cozy. Our small camper has a dinette that is very generous for two, but could hold two adults and two pre-teen children.

1 month ago

Our Imagine 2500RL has a U shaped dinette which is deceiving. Only a small child can fit against the wall, with approximately 12” of clearance between the cushions & table. Removing the cushions help to accommodate a smaller adult, but…

1 month ago

We removed the dinette benches. We keep two chairs at the table now and we have two folding chairs stored under the bed should we need them. Two to three people can be seated comfortably, four is a stretch. 🙂

Wayne Caldwell
1 month ago

Our 22 year-old travel trailer has an extendable table and four chairs. Extended, the table is fine for four people, but perfect for the two of us. When we take our three grandchildren with us, we also have a folding chair so all five can eat at the table. Then it’s kinda crowded but doable. Nothing to complain about.

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