Sunday, May 28, 2023


When ordering a product online, what device do you most often use?

When you’re ordering a product online (anything from clothing to groceries to automotive parts), what device do you most often use? Your computer? Your tablet? Cell phone? Or do you hardly ever or never order anything online?

According to OuterBox, 40 percent of all eCommerce purchases during the 2018 holiday season were made on a smartphone. Since that was four years ago, we bet that percentage is much higher now. Would you agree?

As always, thanks for voting!


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23 days ago

One of us uses the computer and the other one uses the cell. Therefore the one who uses the computer PAYS for everything. We voted Computer!

Neal Davis
24 days ago

I rarely get the computer out of the closet and I lack a tablet, so it is my cell phone — mini-computer that also can make phone calls — that I use for almost all computer-type tasks.

Roy Davis
25 days ago

I said computer but I actually use my Chrome book which is more like a hybrid between a computer and a tablet. It’s a 3 in 1 with a touchscreen with a keyboard that folds over and it can be used like a tablet. I still have a computer and a tablet but I don’t use them nearly as much as my Chrome book.

Gary G
25 days ago

I use the iPad for 90% of my computer work. Balance on iPhone

Ron L
25 days ago

Since you didn’t differentiate between desk top and lap top and can a “tablet” be considered a lap top…… I picked “computer” as I do 95% of all my internet action on my Apple lap top. The small screen on my Apple iPhone makes it difficult to really get a good idea of what I’m looking for.

25 days ago

Laptop but I have on cell phone as well. Cell phone works great as if I need to take picture of an item I’m replacing its right there for a reference.

25 days ago

Most of the product searching and selection is done on a tablet. But the actual purchase is done on a computer where I can more easily keep a pdf copy of the receipt and record the purchase in Quicken.

Tom E
25 days ago

Couldn’t answer this one either.

How about another option: All three, computer, phone, and tablet.

It’s what I have in hand at the time.

25 days ago

I use my cell phone for nearly everything. Rarely I’ll use my iPad and lastly my PC. My laptop isn’t even charged.

25 days ago

It has to be a top priority need which means I never order online

21 days ago
Reply to  Wayne

That is good to because the scammers are in attack mode especially in my country.

25 days ago

I trust only the security on the main computer. Others are suspect.

25 days ago
Reply to  tom

I have more security software on my computer than any other device. When shopping online, I switch to VPN. It hides my location and identity. If the site doesn’t accept me using VPN, I find another shopping site. I also watch for suspect websites. If they don’t publish an actual physical address and phone number I shop somewhere else. I’ve searched on mapquest to verify that the address is legitimate and the phone number is tied to the same area.
Maybe I’m being over cautious, but better safe than sorry. Also, log out of every shopping site when you finished shopping. BTW, google is your enemy, they track every move you make.

21 days ago
Reply to  Bob

And Google isn’t by its self.

Tom H.
25 days ago

Wow! 49% (205 votes) use a computer. I sure would’ve thought it would be cellular (my vote) overwhelmingy.

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