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Do you own a golf cart?

You’d be surprised (or maybe you wouldn’t be) at the number of RVers who own golf carts. Sure, golfers love and use them often, but golf carts can also be a great method of transportation for those who are mobility-limited or who have to travel around large RV parks or resorts.

Check out these absolutely incredible golf carts. If you saw one of these, you might not even recognize it as a golf cart. Seriously, they’re amazing!

Do you own a golf cart? If you do, please tell us what you most often use it for in the comments. Thanks!


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Neal Davis
16 days ago

They certainly can be useful in some circumstances, but very few fit us, our style of travel. Cannot imagine a probable circumstance that might arise and persuade us to buy a golf cart.

Peggy Bradley
16 days ago

I have a Cricket Cart. It’s small and fits in the back of my SUV (after some simple disassembly) I LOVE it!

Marie Beschen
17 days ago

We have one at our rv resort where we live pt. It’s very large and with only 1 other car, we needed it to get around.

Thomas D
17 days ago

I own 2. one in a rv resort and one a home. My walking days are over. Couple hundred feet and my hips are done until rested. Both are electric. No fumes nor noise and 10 mph max. I sure would love to have one of those old time cars as pictured

17 days ago

Wouldn’t want one if it was given to me

17 days ago
Reply to  George


17 days ago

I refuse to even stay in campgrounds that allow golf cars. I’ve accidentally stayed in parks in the past and all the crazies in golf cars made it a miserable experience. Noise, dust, and unsafe to walk the roads or paths.

17 days ago
Reply to  TIM

agreed! And other than someone with an actual disability/injury, I can’t get anyone to give me a legitimate reason to need one in a campground. And boy-howdy do they get mad if you ask them to explain why they need/want it!

17 days ago

Yes, We own a “Cricket”. It folds up and stores in the back of my toad as we travel. We also use the golf cart to pull my “Porta-Bote” to the boat launches in the RV parks we stay in. The boat folds up and travels on top of my toad.

17 days ago

Don’t want one, we need to walk more, not ride!!! Stopped golfing 15 yrs ago when I retired, it takes too much time and cost too much anymore.

Sven Yohnson
17 days ago

We own two. We kept one at our seasonal campsite until we went mobile. The other is a “project” that I don’t have time for. Both are taking up space in the garage, and are For Sale.

16 days ago
Reply to  Sven Yohnson

Sven, please email the specifics for each cart. Thanks

Diane McGovern
15 days ago
Reply to  Mike

Hi, Mike. I’ve emailed your address to Sven, so that he can email you directly (and so we don’t put your email addresses “out there” for the bad guys to get ahold of). Have a great day. 😀 –Diane at

Sven Yohnson
15 days ago
Reply to  Mike

The request above was “Mike’s” first posting on this site, requesting me to reply to his gmail account. These are two BIG RED flags that Mike may be a scammer. I only deal with buyers/sellers who are local, and willing to meet in person.

17 days ago

We “inherited” a golf cart from the former owners when we bought our current house. Our small city of about 35,000 people has one registered golf cart for every three residents and a network of over 100 miles of paved cart (multi-use) paths. Although there are 27 holes of golf in town and more courses nearby, people use them more to go to work, school, shopping, doing other errands, or recreational purposes than playing golf. It helps to lessen motor vehicle traffic on the roads. We are in our mid-70s and walk a lot (the path system is a big reason why we moved here). We rarely use our cart and we’d never take it to a campground.

17 days ago

It never fails to amaze me when I see otherwise healthy adults and teens using golf carts for every little distance at a campground. Do your heart a favor and walk!

Ed K
17 days ago

A Cricket SX-3, carry it on the back of the Jeep Cherokee and use it as an ADA Mobility Cart.

Ronald Porter
17 days ago

Our golf cart stays at home, it is used for yard work around the house.

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