Thursday, June 1, 2023


Have you ever attended Burning Man?

Burning Man is a… actually, we’re not entirely sure. We know Burning Man has a lot of art, music, RVs… but we’ll let the website explain itself: “Burning Man is a global ecosystem of artists, makers, and community organizers who co-create art, events, and local initiatives around the world. Most recognizably, tens of thousands of Burners gather annually to build Black Rock City, a participative temporary metropolis in the Nevada desert.”

In 2022, 80,000 people attended Burning Man. Were you one of them? If you have attended Burning Man, have you done so more than once or just one time? Would you ever go back?

After you vote, please leave a comment and tell us about your experiences attending. We’re so curious…

[Thanks to Len N. for this poll suggestion.]


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Neal Davis
6 days ago

I guess my reaction to Burning Man clinches my self-assessment. I am an introvert. Sharing a spot in the desert with 80,000 people sounds awful to me. Also, I’m not keen on willingly adding as much dust to the inside of our RV as the videos of Burning Man suggest. I am extremely a*al when it comes to the cleanliness of the inside and outside of our rig.

Larry Lee
8 days ago

My understanding is that “No one goes there anymore because it’s too crowded!”
Quote from Yogi Berra

Diane McGovern
8 days ago
Reply to  Larry Lee

🤣 Good one, Larry. Thanks! Have a good night. 😀 –Diane at

Dan A
8 days ago

The Burning Man we attended was a regional one at Joshua Tree Lake and RV Park where we wintered one year.

Sven Yohnson
8 days ago

I’m with the majority of our readers on this one. A little too hedonistic for me, at this stage of my life, but in my youth! I am a music lover, and have attended countless concerts, and music festivals over the years. Don’t care for the large crowds, or the load music anymore, but still enjoy and attend quieter, more intimate events.
As with all successful grassroots events, it’s not long before corporate greed moves in and spoils it. Like the song says; “Call someplace Paradise, and kiss it goodbye”!

Left Coast Geek
9 days ago

We had tickets for 2019, but I looked at all the vehicles and RVs that have come back from the playa, caked and coated in alkali dust, and decided our Escape fiberglass trailer was just too nice for that. Our son co-runs a theme camp there, but suggested we camp elsewhere as they are deep in the ‘music zone’ with 24 hour techno blasting out of every camp in their vicinity. When we decided to back out, my son sold our tix within 15 minutes to folks on his camp crew who didn’t get in on the lottery. 2019 turned out to have really bad dust storms, so probably just as well.

9 days ago

Not interested in the event anymore. I stopped going the year it sold out. The year was 2011 and it marked my 10th burn. By then, the City was getting too large and most of the principles of burning Man were gone. I have good memories that I’d like to keep but to make new ones out there aren’t in the cards.

Cheryl H
9 days ago

Loved it so much we got married there! Attending this year for my 5th burn and my husbands 11th ! ! !

We have always taken our RV but have decided to avoid the dusty motorhome disaster this year and tent camp. Getting close to aging out and this year may be our last . . . but we’ve said that before 🙂 🙂 🙂

9 days ago

Sort of tied to the introvert / extrovert article. This doesn’t sound like my quiet breeze under the trees way of thinking. More power to them – they are not camping next to me.

9 days ago

good Lord, no!

9 days ago

I would love to go, but it’s a $1,000 or more a person to bring a vehicle.

Marie Beschen
9 days ago

My daughter and son-in-law have gone a few times…(I’ve lived vicariously through them). Sounded like a lot of fun, and at one time I gave it some thought – but “those days” are over. Two years ago at a campground in OR, we watched a group clean out every inch of their RV – inside and out. Had to ask “why?” They had been to Burning Man! 😉 The “dust” is a killer for RVs! and it gets in every nook and cranny! Too old for that…

9 days ago

I looked into going back in the late 90’s and thought it had become too big at that point. There were already corporate sponsors interested etc. Now a days there’s absolutely no way I would go. Looks like a dusty heck hole, filled with a lot of overenthusiastic drunks and people having first time psychedelic experiences. No thanks.

Burning Bobby Cee
9 days ago

I have known about Burning Man since the early 2000’s, but my first burn was 2014. I went back in 2015, 2017, and this year I’m excited to return and am making a giant Spirograph for the playa. The man is metaphor for the oppressive systems we live in, we go there to burn this symbol and reclaim our humanity as a collective. Snail Mayhem!

Edward Wilkinson
9 days ago

You burn a metaphoric man to reclaim your…humanity?

7 days ago

Well after all only in America they say.

7 days ago

Really! I thought people go there to try and get a 1969 trip.

9 days ago

Should have attended 15 to 20 years ago. When we looked into it just prior to the pandemic it was ridiculously commercialized and expensive

Tommy Molnar
9 days ago
Reply to  Sherry

Friends that used to go say it’s gotten way too commercialized. They no longer go because it’s lost its direction. I know the history of it and agree with them even though I’ve never gone.

Bob M
9 days ago

Should have had a just no in poll.

9 days ago

Never been there, but have enjoyed quite a few YouTube videos of it. Amazing!

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