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Will you have a Memorial Day BBQ today?

It’s Memorial Day! In other words, it’s time to BBQ! (While honoring our fallen heroes, of course, who gave so much to protect all of our freedoms. We are forever grateful.) Memorial Day, July 4th and Labor Day are the three most popular days for BBQing in the U.S. July 4th is the most popular, followed by Memorial Day, then Labor Day.

And what about the food? The most popular Memorial Day food prepared on the grill is burgers, followed by steak, hot dogs and chicken. For sides, grilled corn is most popular, followed by potatoes and other veggies.

So, what’s on your grill today? Are you having people over to BBQ or are you going somewhere? Maybe you’re BBQing, but just for your partner or partner and kid(s).

Please tell us in the poll below, then leave a comment and tell us what you’re having!


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bobby (@guest_240529)
5 months ago

the day starts out with picking a ton of rose petals off my rose bush and putting into three different pails. we then go to the local cemetery and one grandkid heads to the farthest point, and the small ones head out with me and one with the wife and we lay a petal on each of the fallen and say a sincere thank you and call them by their first name. then we go home and i print out pictures of a random soldier off a website of the fallen and hang it out by my grill and they are the guest of honor at my bbq. i make sure i tell their story to the grandkids and explain what the day is and why we celebrate the fallen. that and Veterans day are my favorite holidays and a great teaching moment for my grandkids. btw, i never served (i was between Vietnam and Desert Storm) but i do understand the sacrifice that was made for me. and that….will get passed down.

Diane McGovern
5 months ago
Reply to  bobby

That’s beautiful, Bobby. (Can’t think of a better term at the moment.) Thank you! This world needs more people like you. Have a great day. 🙂 –Diane at

Neal Davis (@guest_238425)
5 months ago

The answer is no, but the question probably means something different in the south than you intended. I suspect that you really meant am I “grilling” today, which refers to cooking something (usually a protein) with a fast process over high heat. Here “BBQ” refers to a slow process using indirect heat or hot smoke taking several hours similar to some forms of roasting. I can grill steaks on my propane grill in 15 minutes. If I were to BBQ them, then it would take at least 3 hours.

Bill Byerly (@guest_238295)
5 months ago

No, no bbqing. Just returned from visiting my dad, a 90 year old retired Master Chief, at his assisted living facility, who has just started some hospice care. No reason to celebrate anything, but we always remember those who gave their lives for all the rest of us.

Bill Byerly (@guest_238297)
5 months ago
Reply to  Bill Byerly

And yes, I am so blessed and grateful to still have him here

DW/ND (@guest_238294)
5 months ago

I attended and participated in our 61st annual American Legion Memorial Service at our Veterans Memorial in our local cemetery. My wife, due to COPD is no longer to attend or participate. We will not do the BBQ thing as it does not fit with the meaning and purpose of this date of remembrance. Additionally, xthr permitting I may attend the memorial service at our new National Cemetery in Harwood, ND which is later this afternoon.

Thank you to all veterans and special mention to the combat medics like Doc Burry and the helicopter crews of the Vietnam era – the bravest of the brave! Thank you and God Bless you all. Our fallen comrades are “Still Serving” as long we remember and honor their memories. (Doug W., Maj. USAFR (Ret).

Jeff (@guest_238286)
5 months ago

slow smoked over mesquite wood (6 hours) rack of pork ribs, homemade BBQ sauce, homemade mac and cheese and baked beans is the flavor of the day.
Remember those who gave their all for the rest to survive.

Gary W. (@guest_238281)
5 months ago

I will grill, not BBQ, a couple of brats and wife and I will have those and her mac and cheese. Not because it’s Memorial Day, it’s just dinner tonight.
All gave some, and some gave all. Today we remember the “some gave all”.

Last edited 5 months ago by Gary W.
Mary (@guest_238274)
5 months ago

BBQ for 4 of us. Cheeseburgers, potato salad, corn-on-the-cob, baked beans. All very traditional. God bless all our fallen heroes including my uncle Jimmy, pilot killed in WWII.

Karen (@guest_238272)
5 months ago

For as long as I can remember, we spent the weekend “celebrating.” Family gets together, bbq, camping, water gun fights, the works. This year is different. I officially live in my camper, so I’m always celebrating. The kids have their kids, so “celebrating” again starts at the beginning of the weekend, only, now, the “kids” are in charge.

Jim (@guest_238265)
5 months ago


Roy Davis (@guest_238250)
5 months ago

Does having smoked turkey qualify? We’re traveling but are spending the day at our daughter’s home.

Dan A (@guest_238246)
5 months ago

On the road traveling to Idaho for our niece’s wedding June 1st. No BBQ or family get together today.
My wife and I are both Navy veterans. I retired with 20, she put in 6, raising kids took precedence. We understand what Memorial Day is all about.

Last edited 5 months ago by Dan A
Bob (@guest_238245)
5 months ago

To a lot of people, Memorial day is celebrated as the start of summer. A day that pools are opened, and friends gather for a big BBQ. It’s not really a day to celebrate, but a day to remember all those who lost their lives ensuring our freedom and the freedom of others.
It’s a shame that it turned into a day to party.
We attend the local Memorial Day Service. It’s a quiet, somber gathering where people pay homage to lost loved ones.

Ron L (@guest_238270)
5 months ago
Reply to  Bob

Exactly! It’s such a shame that many either have forgotten, or just don’t care, what this day is set aside for. I had several good friends that didn’t come home from Viet Nam and I try to spend as much time as I can remembering our friendship and time spent with them. I can’t do that while everyone is celebrating having a 3 day holiday with BBQ’s and family get togethers. This is a sad day, not a happy one.

Bob (@guest_238243)
5 months ago

Doing some salmon on the barbie for just my wife and I.

John S (@guest_238239)
5 months ago

I don’t celebrate Memorial Day; I recognize it through proper flag etiquette and moment of silence for fallen comrades. Happy Memorial Day is akin to Happy Good Friday…recognize the day and realize that without both of those particular sacrifices, we wouldn’t be able to celebrate our freedoms on other days.

B N S (@guest_238282)
5 months ago
Reply to  John S

Well Said, John S ! 🇺🇸

The Lazy Q (@guest_238236)
5 months ago

I don’t say happy Memorial Day, it is a somber reminder of those who lost their lives in defense of our nation and allies.

As a 20 year retired Master Sergeant, who survived the Cold War, Panama, GWOT, Korea Defense (the war never ended), WarGames and other conflicts , me and my family and friends do and will continue to cap our Memorial Day with a BBQ get together and enjoy each other’s company and pay tribute to those we know who lost their lives in defense. I would expect all the people I know to continue this had I died in defense of my country.

Respect, Pay tribute and enjoy your day as they would want you to.

Tom (@guest_238231)
5 months ago

As a veteran, from a family of veterans, We remember those who are no longer with us, both known and unknown.

Tom H. (@guest_238230)
5 months ago

“Today is the most expensive holiday on the calendar. Every hot dog, every burger, every spin around the lake, or drink with friends and family…is a debt…purchased by others. This is not about all who’ve served our country…that day comes in the fall. This one is in honor of those who paid in life and blood; whose moms never saw them again, whose dads wept in private, whose wives raised kids alone, and whose kids only remembered them from pictures. This isn’t simply a day off. This is a day to remember — that others paid for every free breath you ever get to take.” (author unknown)

P.S. Please don’t say happy Memorial Day.

I answered no. Not because I don’t like BBQs or celebrating holidays in remembrance of American Servicemen and Women but because for me (30 year veteran of the USCG) this day is for remembering those who paid the ultimate price, who won’t be BBQing today, and the families they left behind. I don’t hold any feelings either way about how others spend this day.

Bob P (@guest_238241)
5 months ago
Reply to  Tom H.

I don’t celebrate today, instead I solemnly remember the sacrifice these brave men and women who served their country and paid the ultimate sacrifice for us to live in a free society. To the ones who don’t remember, your day will come, some day in your future you will stand before God and be judged on your life. You will not be asked to explain anything about your life, was you a faithful Christian, God will either say enter into heaven or cast you into hell. I plan on being admitted.

B N S (@guest_238283)
5 months ago
Reply to  Bob P


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