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How many miles are on your motorhome or tow vehicle?

Unless you just bought your RV, we’re guessing your RV or tow vehicle has some pretty serious miles on it. Unless you bought it to live on a plot of land, you probably drive it around from place to place, park to park, attraction to attraction, quite a bit.

Go take a peek at the odometer, will you? If you tow your RV, check your tow vehicle, and if you have a motorhome, check that.

Report back in the poll below and let us know how many miles are on it. Thanks!


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3 months ago

19 ram 1500 67000 miles on her daily driver! Been across country twice with it and many local camp grounds..

Neal Davis
3 months ago

We had RV #1 just short of 6 years and drove it 48,000 miles. We got RV #2 last July and are at ~15,000 miles on it.

Bill Byerly
3 months ago

19,000 on my 2019 Winnebago Sightseer, 74,000 on my Honda 2015 CR-V toad

Larry Lee
3 months ago

Approaching your division point now at 49,167 miles on our 2014 DP. Fulltime 2 years & 3 months including 3 months each winter sitting still in Florida.

3 months ago

our 93’ Itasca Sundance has 62,000. Is In beautiful shape. Our 2008 Mini Cooper S Clubman has 124,000. We camp pretty local which 40miles to a COE park. Big lake nice. Great pair

Diane Mc
3 months ago

250K miles on our 2002 Newmar Dutchstar. We love it. Few years ago, new engine (original increasing blowby, started soon after purchase, CAT said within parameters). We replaced around 180K, New paint…under a warranty we didn’t know existed until we needed work at the factory, so fraction of the cost. Some upgrades.Total about 75K for a like brand new MH.

Bill Fisher
3 months ago

We bought a new 2018 F350 diesel in late 2018 and a new Montana 3121RL fiver a couple of weeks later. To date, the truck has 68,000 miles and the towing function of the truck has recorded the Montana has been towed over 42,000 miles.

Dan A
3 months ago

Our previous motorhome I bought (03) with 54k on it. It was a 35 ft ’91 Journey (Journey motorhomes Inc) front engine diesel on an ’88 Oskosh frame. I sold it 13 years later with 178k on it, 1 engine, 2 transmissions, 2 alternators, 1 AC and a complete brake rebuild later. Oh yeah, 2 sets of tires 19.5 size.
Our current motorhome, 04 Newmar Mountain Aire 40′ DP we bought from our friends in 2017 had 140k on it. We’ve put 64k on it and now have 204k miles. Very litle repairs that I’ve had to do. One set of tires, new rear brake cans, one exhaust manifold. All the rest is standard maintenance, batteries and so on.

Last edited 3 months ago by Dan A
3 months ago

I just upgraded to a HDT tow vehicle. It has 836,000 on it. Lovin’ it.

3 months ago

Less than 6,000 on our recently purchased motorhome, but over 200,000 on the combined five motorhomes we’ve owned.

3 months ago

We have a small travel trailer, the current tow vehicle is a ’17 Silverado 1500, my daily driver. We’re approaching 68,000 miles on it, which is less than we would have planned at this point. It’s only been cross-country twice, since we no longer travel to see my late MIL annually. Surprisingly, we were able to do most trips planned during Covid restrictions, only canceling a couple.
Our other vehicle is close to 200K miles, we used it to tow the popups and, for a while, our travel trailer.

3 months ago

2005 MH – 110,000 miles. Purchased new, traveled N.A. since.

3 months ago

Way less then 25000. Probably 10000.

Jim Johnson
3 months ago

Roughly 25% of the 52K miles on our 2020 Subaru Ascent are towing miles. Engine RPM is about 25 – 30% higher during towing, so the CVT transmission is also getting some additional wear. Some additional wear on brakes, but not as much as you might think if the trailer braking is properly balanced. Biggest additional wear is on the rear suspension between hitch weight and cross-wind caused trailer sway (the Subaru is amazing in its ability to counter sway without a hitch mounted anti-sway system – it is handled by Subaru’s AWD system). And without our trailer, on a trip I’d likely have the same rear suspension weight due to additional cargo.

Timothy Johnson
3 months ago

2012 Ram diesel 167000 miles no problems yet. Just an alternator and lots of tires and tons of fuel…

3 months ago

Taken care easily another 100000+.

3 months ago

ask me again next year, after I retire!

3 months ago

We use our tow vehicle (pickup truck) as a daily driver. The survey does not take that into account.

3 months ago

Motorhome about 10,000, tow vehicle almost 300,000.

Wayne Caldwell
3 months ago

25 year old and 22 year old travel trailers, both with untold mileage (both acquired used), and 8 year old truck with just over 150k miles.

3 months ago

Lots! It does not stay in the driveway. They make lousy lawn ornaments. Get out and use it.

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