Tuesday, November 28, 2023


Are you doing something special tomorrow for the 4th of July?

What are your plans for tomorrow? Will you sit at home just like any other night, or are you headed out to a big fireworks celebration at your local fairgrounds? Or maybe you’ll gather with some neighbors in the RV park to blow off $200 worth of “cheap” fireworks and light a few of those weird little worms that expand as they burn on the sidewalk.

If you’re lucky, maybe you’ll get to attend a fireworks celebration or a festival in a small town that you just happen to be in. That can be a great treat — watching the locals observe their Independence Day rituals. Maybe you can eat a corn dog and some buttered corn on the cob. If you’re really lucky, you’ll hear Ethel Merman belting out “God Bless America” over the PA system as the fireworks grand finale sets the sky ablaze!

So what are your plans? Tell us in the comments below the poll. Thanks!


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Neal Davis (@guest_244524)
4 months ago

Our sticks-and-bricks is on the side of a ridge and we can see five or six different fireworks displays in the distance. So, we walk onto the back porch or the deck that is beyond it in order to see the fireworks. We also did “other.” This year “other” was use a chainsaw to remove a tree that fell in the back yard during the recent spate of daily rain that lasted about a fortnight. After cutting the tree into pieces, we loaded it into the bed of the farm truck, hauled it to a spot on the farm, and unloaded it, creating a brush pile that we’ll burn in the fall (once burning is allowed in the county).

Liz (@guest_244170)
4 months ago

Working at our first private park. So we worked , husband in maintenance/trash pickup/men’s bathroom, and I have activities, shift on speed slides, women’s bathroom, and rec center. I was in bed before fireworks

KellyR (@guest_243526)
4 months ago

Tomorrow at 9pm I will be out in my yard, looking to the East one block where our rich neighbor on the river has hired a professional outfit to set off fire works bigger than most small towns. I will look to the North one mile across the river to see our town’s fire works. Then looking to the Northwest about 2 miles, I will watch the Busch Gardens 4th fireworks which are higher than their every night 9pm fireworks. I will have my garden hose out to extinguish any of the neighborhood bottle rockets that land on my roof. With the humidity right now, the taste of gunpower will hang in the air until the sun comes up. I love the 4th, but can’t wait until it is over. Ha! (Wife will be in the house to see how our new puppy reacts to all of this.) If she fixes me a ham and swiss cheese on rye with mayo and kosher dill, I will be one happy guy on the 4th of July. Boom and sparkle to all. Stop and remember how we all got here, and what it took, and be thankful.

PEGGY BRADLEY (@guest_243521)
4 months ago

Working at a very busy Iowa State Park!🤪

Joseph (@guest_243542)
4 months ago

We’re working at a very busy – Zion National Park 🙂

Stay safe and thank God for freedom! Joe

Margo Schabel (@guest_243511)
4 months ago

Yes, hosting my daughter and family at a private rv park for my birthday!
Happy Fourth of July to everyone!!!

Diane McGovern
4 months ago
Reply to  Margo Schabel

Happy Birthday, Margo! And have a fun Fourth with your family. 😀 –Diane at RVtravel.com

John S (@guest_243509)
4 months ago

We’ll have a family hotdog and hamburger gathering and read aloud the Declaration of Independence to commemorate the reason for the day.

DW/ND (@guest_243505)
4 months ago

We will watch the Fourth Celebration in Washington D.C. on PBS; as we did for the Memorial Day gala tribute and remembrance to our armed forces.

PAT DONALDSON (@guest_243502)
4 months ago

We are enjoying a different and beautiful part of our country on an Alaskan cruise! It has been magnificent… It’s not the RV, but they do fix the food and make the bed every day.

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