Tuesday, October 3, 2023


Do you own a pickup truck?

It’s been a long time since we’ve asked this question and we have a feeling a lot of you will answer yes to this one. So here we go—Do you own a pickup truck?

We invite your comments, as well as the answer to this question: Why did you choose your particular make and model?

Stand by: It could take a few moments for the poll to load.


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2 months ago

Owned several including a 1 ton diesel duelly for our 5th wheel, but now have a mh and pull a Jeep Liberty.

T & S
2 months ago

We purchase our first pick up, Toyota Tundra in 2002. After having it a long while, we wondered why we didn’t do it beforehand. We now own a 2020 Chevrolet Silverado 3500 DRW. We bought it to pull the new toy hauler we wanted.

Bob Weinfurt
2 months ago

Is there a life without one?

Dale M
2 months ago

My first vehicle in high school was a ’54 Chevy pickup. Since then (40+ years) there has probably been only a couple of years that I have not owned a pickup.

I do not work in construction, I am just a diy homeowner. I only had one cab over camper in the 80’s-90’s and few different motorhomes since then.

How does one live without one?

2 months ago

Own two pickups. A 2020 F350 dually, longbox, crewcab, diesel, 4X4 for towing my 5th wheel and a 2011 Ram 4X4 for a daily driver. Love them both.

Bill Byerly
2 months ago

I’ve owned 5 pickups since the late 70’s, totaling around 800,000 miles. Currently driving my 2015 Silverado with 67,000 miles on it. At the time, they’ve all been my favorite.

2 months ago

We own a 1999 Ford F-250 Super Duty ex cab 6.8 V-10. milage is just 30,100. We tow a 1999 Carriage Cameo 5th wheel. Both were bought new at the same time and lived most of their life in CO. Both are in Great condition. Now they are here in Western NY and used very little. We could be convinced to sell both or just the 5th wheel.

2 months ago

I got tired of being the one to help people move.

2 months ago

No. I hate taking things from the bed to the seats to lockup. Had an F250 w camper shell. Pulled great but everything in the front half of the bed required climbing in and crawling. Always (since 1972) preferred SUV so found a 2005 Excursion, bullet proofed 6.0 and only 135,000 miles. I’m a happy camper.

2 months ago

It would be difficult for us to move our truck camper without a truck 🙂 GMC 3500 dually

2 months ago

2 Trucks
1 Dodge Sport and 1 ’97 Ford F250
Love them both equally

2 months ago

I answered yes – however, it is a “truck” wannabe! I have a 1987 Chev El Camino in a preserved state. Not used very often these days.

2 months ago

I bought my first pick up in 1982 and have never been without one since. At times we’ve even had two pick up trucks at the same time

2 months ago

I’ve had pick ups as long as I can remember. I prefer dodge. My Dakota with a 4.7magnum was a work horse. Gave to my granddaughter with 210k. still going. I now have a 2010 Dodge Ram 1500 with a 4.7 also bought it with 208k on and it’s a Dodge. What more can I say other than dependable.

Thomas D
2 months ago

Yes I do. Wish I didn’t.Sick of the rough ride that goes with city driving. Without the camper load she’s a rough riding bxxxch. As a daily driver, city streets are terrible

2 months ago

2001 F250 longbed supercab 4×4 7.3 turbodiesel. I call it the swiss army ax.

Kevin C
2 months ago

2021 Ram 2500 w/ the Cummins. Don’t pull a trailer, have a class A MH and tow a 4 door Jk for camping fun. Safe travels!

2 months ago

My base is in Oregon and I’ve had pickups and vans over the years. For me a van is the way to go. My Ford e350 can haul anything my pickup could (except a camper or 5th wheel).
It can easily convert to a camping rig and it is always dry.

Dawn Ward
2 months ago

We have an f150 and tow a small rockwood mini lite.
A small couples camper that is perfect.
The truck pulls it no problem and gets great mileage.

George Thaxton
2 months ago

We bought a 2021 Chevy Silverado Diesel 3.0 to tow our 23ft trailer. Good power and when not towing gets great fuel mileage ( up to 30 mpg on a regular basis).

2 months ago
Reply to  George Thaxton

What’s the mpg when towing?

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