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How capable are you or your partner in making repairs to your RV?

Are you handy? Can you fix just about anything that breaks? How about with your RV? Do you carry a well-supplied tool kit and lots of spare parts, so that if your RV needs repair you are equipped to handle about any problem that comes along? Hey, maybe a trip to a parts store is in order, but once you have a replacement for what’s broken, you can do the repair. Is that you?

Or are you a bit more challenged when it comes to fixing things that go wrong? Most of us, we suspect, are somewhere in the middle. But how about you? Are you Mr. or Ms. Handy Person, or Mr. or Ms. Klutz?

Inquiring minds would really like to know. So here’s your opportunity. And remember, it can take a few moments for the poll to load, especially if you have a slow Internet connection, so stand by.


  1. I carry tools, tapes, adhesives to handle a lot of mechanical, structural and electric repairs. But the only power tool is a cordless drill/driver (with a case of various bits, etc). That limits, if not my ability, my willingness to do more than basic or emergency repairs when away from our house.

  2. My husband is able to do most things. Over his career, he developed a great network of mechanics who are generous in letting him pick their brains (it goes both ways). Between Youtube and his friends, he has tackled all but the most major projects. Friends who share know-how and resources has helped us save so much.

  3. I’m one of the lucky ones because my Son is a Master Tech advanced level and can fix most anything. He keeps my Eagle, boat, 3 classic cars, 4 Motorcycles, GMC pickup all running perfectly.

  4. With the exception of having an RV generator installed and timing slides so they don’t bind I do my own stuff. 1 of the 4 slides is 16’ x 5’ and another is 16’x3’. They only have an inch of clearance on each end and when they get cockeyed they tear cabinet pulls and doors off. They need timing about twice a year. We’ve had this FW for 7 years and if we could put it on a nice fixed location it would be great. But moving every few days is too hard on it and me!

  5. I repaired my own RV for decades but now my physical restrictions inhibit my doing much of what I use to do. I have the knowhow just not the ability.

  6. I can work on the RV part but no longer can I work on the vehicle part with all the computers needed just to start the engine.; Heck, Chevy mechanics couldn’t figure out the one problem (computer), until it was out of warranty. I stopped working on vehicles since my 1973 VW Thing.

  7. We wouldn’t be able to RV if not for my husbands ability to fix everything. A couple of years ago we had to buy a new air conditioner when we were away from home. We did get a mobile repair guy to help with the heavy lifting. A few other things I absolutely veto’d due to safety concerns. This is why I stay by his side whatever he is fixing

  8. In 17 years of full timing from coast to coast, I have never found an RV Tech qualified to carry my toolbox.
    They’re not trained properly and most have an attitude, either of their own or forced by management. Most of them seem determined to screw the customer. EVERY job I’ve tried to hire out had to be redone, by me. Except paint and a floor installation. Although the floor guy installed the trim exactly opposite of the way I prescribed, the day after I told him.

    Chassis mechanics are the exception. Mainly because they are truck professionals, the liability being much greater for poor work.

  9. As a retired industrial mechanic I can and do most of my repairs, but at 80 I don’t feel like doing much anymore. Luckily I have a son and son in law who are very good at solving my large problems.

  10. YouTube has been my friend. But I will happily pay someone for the bigger more technical stuff. If you’re not mechanically inclined don’t let that detour you from buying an Rv. Again youtube or forums can help you along, plus you learn a ton by rv ownership!

  11. I’ll tackle any repair or maintenance within my skill set. When I need help from a professional, I’ll try to make it a hands on learning experience. Sometimes, I just need to let someone else do the job.

  12. My husband is a retired auto mechanic who had to work on everything from snowmobiles to heavy equipment. Sometimes you are forced to deal with things yourself. When our propane tank filler got jammed open (and we had to sit & wait while the full tank we’d just purchased ran back out before we could go home & look for someone to diagnose & fix it) we found that propane places won’t work on an RV & RV places won’t work on the propane tank. There was no other way than DIY. Good things he’s handy & persistent.

  13. My boyfriend has learned more and more about how to fix problems with our 45’ motorhome. He watches videos on you tube if he doesn’t already know how to make a repair. There have only been a few things that he couldn’t solve.

  14. I perform 100% maintenance and probably 99% repairs on our two travel trailers. Most of the home shop level repairs and maintenance on our 12 year old minivan, 8 year old truck, and 55 year old British sports car, in addition to building an 87 year old street rod. Plus almost any repairs or modifications to and around our s&b home.

  15. You gonna have to be at least the minor stuff. 15 yrs ago would not have tried anything, now will try almost anything that needs fixed from replacing plumbing, to electrical.

  16. Very knowledgeable but with each year my physical abilities decline and I now find I must seek assistance with all but the very basic repairs.

  17. My husband is extremely capable! In the 36 years we’ve been married, 3 RV’s (and several tents), the only thing we’ve had done was to flip the axels to have the trailer sit a little higher (still don’t understand how or why that worked)! On our travel trailers he has replaced complete rubber roofs, fixed leaks, replaced water heater parts and a water heater, fixed the air conditioner and the list goes on and on. He has also gutted the living/kitchen/eating area and changed the layout of our current trailer. The only thing he hasn’t done is rip out the carpet and replaced with vinyl, but he is thinking about it!

  18. Pretty good. Very good with electric problems (thanks to Mike). Mechanical, I’ve changed engines and tranys, so OK there. No body work.


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