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How many TVs do you have in your RV?

You may remember the days when RVs didn’t even have one TV installed. Now, newer RVs are being designed with three, sometimes four, TVs. Can you believe it?

If you have an older RV, chances are you only have one (or two) TVs. But if you just bought a new model, you probably have three or four. Are we right? How many televisions are in your RV?

Please vote in the poll below, and leave a comment too. Do you wish your RV had more TVs? Do you wish it had fewer? How many TVs does your RV have, and out of those TVs, how many do you actually use? And if it has an outside TV, do you even use it?

We’re curious. Thanks!


  1. None. My family of origin didn’t have TV till I was 14. I got to watch Micky Mouse Club & soap operas on the babysitters’ tv. Didn’t like soap operas. I have finally figured out that the TV sound through the TV speakers irritates me immensely. Now that TWC is online I don’t even need it for hurricane season.

  2. It (Little Guy Max) came with two. We’ve used both once (I think). I would rather have at most one and get a better configuration in the bedroom by removing the one there.

  3. Ours came with one but we never use it! We go camping for the great outdoors! Keyword being “out”! If it rains, then we break out the board and card games! I guess I’m old school!

  4. Technically, we have three ‘in’ the RV and one outside. The one in the living area gets used most. Others are very rarely on.

  5. One up front, one in bedroom and a 3rd we bought for outside. It is small to fit in basement bin. We record everything we watch, so we can watch when we want. We rarely use the one in the basement. It’s there for auto races & golf major events. All we use it for. Don’t watch other TV, except a few news programs. Sports events are weekend events, outside TV not used during the week. And, yes, we keep the sound down & sit close so as not to disturb any neighbors.

  6. We have 4 and will use them all at some point. We use the one in the front when cooking because it can be seen from the sink and stovetop. Also the one on the televator is next to the kitchen so it is down when cooking. We have theater seating so we watch the living area one in the evening. If the wife and I don’t want to watch the same show, one of us will go watch in the bedroom using wireless headphones. We watch the one outside if we have a group over for a show, a movie, or a football/baseball game.

  7. 2 only use if we are visiting with family and staying on their property or at a RV park late In evening. If we are camping we don’t use at all.

  8. Four and two are pretty much a complete waste. Like Neal, two in the “salon” and we only watch the front one. Never watch the one in the bedroom. On occasion I watch the news, quietly, while watching the outside TV and grilling dinner. I really don’t like outside TVs much…or maybe that’s just listening to others’ outside TVs who apparently think everyone in the campground wants to hear it. 🙂

  9. Two and never used . Turned on once to see it power up and then turned it off. Too much propaganda and inappropriate garbage to waste time watching.

  10. We have only three in our new RV. 🙁 Our previous RV had four. Downside was that two were on opposite ends of the main salon. If using remote to control one, the other television often at least turned-on and sometimes duplicated whatever the other one was commanded to do. We have almost seemlessly adjusted to having 75 percent of the number of televisions we formerly had. 😉

  11. We have two in our Class A. We watch the front one during meals and when the great grand kids are along to use the DVD for their stuff. I use the bedroom Tv, even in the afternoon sometimes, during rainy days. I moved the front tv, now an LED, down to eye-level and rebuilt the area of the previous cathode tube type Tv. Also remounted the bedroom Tv to over a window, opposite the bed for easy viewing in a prone position. Unlike the previous factory installs they are very comfortable viewing now!

  12. We had two, we took out the one in the bedroom since we never used it and had the space reworked for more closet space (which we DO use!)

  13. Two in the big TT, one in the little TT. But- if we are not worried about OTA signals, but get our content from the Internet, pretty near every computing device (including phones) could be considered a “TV”.

  14. DW likes to turn on the TV to watch in bed. Then she falls asleep and I wake up later and turn it off. I wear glasses to see, and hearing aids to hear so I can’t watch TV when I go to bed so it’s of no use to me in the bedroom.

  15. 2, only because the used 5th wheel came that way. The trailer we had before had 1. If the 5th wheel only came with 1, would not have gotten 2nd tv. RV’s with outside tv’s are very annoying.

  16. None. When we bought it at the RV show, we told the dealer to leave out the TV and mattress. We put in our own mattress, and don’t use a TV.

  17. It came with 3, but we only use the one in the living room. The one in the bedroom won’t take digital/HD cable so only over the air channels and I think we turned on the outside one once in 5 years just to see if it worked. Have been trying to find a replacement for the bedroom one, but hard to find one that will fit in its designated spot on the wall.


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