Thursday, September 21, 2023


Have you ever eaten snails?

When you think of snails, there are probably two things that come to mind: pesky garden destroyers and/or butter and garlic. Where does the butter and garlic come in, you ask? Escargot! (That’s the French word for snails, by the way.)

Snails are eaten around the world, but mostly around the Mediterranean region, mostly in France, as well as in Africa and Southeast Asia. Snails were always on the dinner table of Ancient Greek and Roman people.

Have you ever eaten snails? If so, did you like them? If not, would you ever eat them if they were put in front of you? Hey, anything in garlic and butter (and in France, parsley, too) is delicious, isn’t it? You won’t even know…


  1. I’ll try about anything once. Except balut (partially developed, fertilized duck egg), NEVER got drunk enough to try that when in the Philippines!

  2. It seems pretty calloused to eat a fellow RVer. After all, they do travel with their home on their back, don’t they? I’m unsure whether they are most like a truck-camper rig, a class B or C. They seem too small to be a class A.

  3. When I was in the Air Force back in the seventies. We would go to the NCO club on Sunday and have escargo and german wine for brunch. i eatthem every chance I get. I also like mountain oysters and chicken gizzards.

  4. I’m willing to try anything and have gotten them on a cruise. Among the things I have tried is rattlesnake, grasshopper, blubber, opossum, bear, octopus, and squid.

  5. Needed “didn’t care for them, but loved the garlic sauce & French bread”. I only tried one, at a high end French restaurant. Seemed a little tough. Only tried because I was on a date with someone I really liked…lol.

      • What a strange comment, John.🤔 So, you never eat eggs, or chicken? Or you do, but you just never kick little chickens into a ditch.🙄 Have a good night. 😀 –Diane at P.S. I’m not the same Diane Mc that you replied to.

  6. I had escargot one time on a cruise. I neither liked nor disliked them. If they were served to me again by someone else I would probably eat them but not something I would order again.

  7. You don’t even KNOW you’re eating snails when they serve them up with butter, garlic, and French bread. All you taste IS the butter, garlic, and French bread!

  8. When I was a kid I would often go out and find bugs that I would capture and keep in jars. Snails were always available and I remembered the smell of the snail when I placed one in my mouth at a restaurant.
    Needless to say, that was the one and only snail I ever ate.

  9. I said no BUT, going to Vietnam in 1968 escape and evasion training we were taught if you are captured you’ll be given 1 fish with maggots on it for your food. Don’t remove the maggots as that is the only source of protein you’ll get as a prisoner. I always carried one bullet in my pocket in case of emanate capture. I’ve ate a lot of things in my life, but maggots is not on my list.

  10. Once, around 1976, co-worker had a second job in a French restaurant and brought some to work to share. Tasty but not memorable enough to want to repeat the experience. Just the question, though, brings back memories of another place, well back in time. Thanks for the memory jog.

  11. Maybe should be an answer. After being in 20 different Countries, and learning never to ask what it is. Asking could be both an insult and a disappointment. Generally was served what that Countries Middle Class ate.


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