Thursday, September 21, 2023


What flavor milkshake do you like best?

Some of us like chocolate. Some of us like vanilla. Some of us like strawberry. Some of us like mint chocolate and some of us like peanut butter. We’re talking about milkshake flavors, of course!

If you were given a choice between a chocolate, vanilla or strawberry milkshake, which would you choose? Or do you not like any of those and you’d choose another flavor? (Only choose “other” if you really don’t like chocolate, vanilla or strawberry shakes.) If you don’t like milkshakes at all, we think you’re nuts! No, we don’t, but we wish you did!


    • Agree. You must be on the NE or Mid-Atlantic states. When we travel and my wife asks for a B&W, she gets a blank stare.

  1. Good morning RV Travel, Just a heads up… the link in the daily newsletter (email) sends you to the “When traveling with your RV, do you visit antique shops?” Poll. This “What flavor milkshake do you like best?” Poll works great from the website link.


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