Saturday, December 9, 2023


What do you think is the number one problem that RV mobile techs are asked to fix?

We’re guessing there’s a good chance that you’ve had to use an RV mobile tech to come out and fix a problem with your RV. And if not, consider yourself lucky. (Hmmm… we see a future poll question here…) Are we right? Have you ever used a mobile tech?

Either way, today we want you to take a guess: What do you think the number one problem is that RV mobile techs are called to fix? Is it RV refrigerators? Awnings? A/Cs? Roofs? Take a guess. As soon as you vote, you’ll be able to see how others answered.

And nope, we’re not telling you the real answer today! But we are working on an article about it, so stay tuned… it’s coming soon!


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Sally Harnish (@guest_255365)
2 months ago

I do all our RV repairs. Fortunately, we are in the Yuma, AZ. area. There is several mobile repair guys and gals in this area in the summer. Then come snowbird season those numbers increase as many mobile outfits go north for the summer and do repair work up there return down here. No “breaking camp” to go to some stealership, that who only knows when you will get it back.

David Kutz (@guest_255313)
2 months ago

How about “All of the Above”? Plus slides, levelers, toilets and sewage systems? We have had many of these things go wrong on our 2019 Class A. Thank goodness for the mobile mechanics! Right now my levelers are out and Equalizer does not return my call as promised, so I have a mobile tech appointment.

Neal Davis (@guest_253974)
2 months ago

I voted for awnings. Is the actual answer posted somewhere?

Diane McGovern
2 months ago
Reply to  Neal Davis

The actual answer isn’t posted anywhere, yet. There’s going to be an article written about it. Have a great day, Neal. 😀 –Diane

McTroy (@guest_253955)
2 months ago

We used a mobile RV tech to replace a failing AC. Surprise! He did the job cheaper than our regular RV repair service. And the AC has been working great.

Bill Byerly (@guest_253938)
2 months ago

I’m thinking probably awnings because you’re probably at a campsite if you need a mobile tech, and they are most likely the easiest option to damage. Slide repairs would probably best be done in a certified shop as well as A/C units and refers.

Kurt Shoemaker Sr (@guest_253932)
2 months ago

I’m surprised you didn’t include “Slides” to your list.

Pierre Woody (@guest_255575)
2 months ago

I’m surprised flat tires wasn’t on the list

UPRIG (@guest_253931)
2 months ago


travelingjw (@guest_253921)
2 months ago

I would have put slides. Jayco put a plastic gear on our slide motor. When we called the mobile tech he knew what it was before he came out.

Marie Beschen (@guest_253919)
2 months ago

While we were on the road traveling, it was the slides! But parked for a few months, it was the refrigerator.

Jack Fate (@guest_253915)
2 months ago

Only item to cause anxiety & cancel plans in 30 years is slides.
I carry most all parts for repairs now. Along with many other items that have failed in the past 30 years.Hopefully I’ll never need them.

David N (@guest_253892)
2 months ago

Probably depends on the season

Skip (@guest_253891)
2 months ago

A/C’s and the fridge I would think the number one issues.

Wayne (@guest_253886)
2 months ago

AC issues are probably a large volume of the problems needing an RV tech. I can survive a few days without an awning or a slide-out

Nanci Dixon
2 months ago

Slides- I think slides are one of the major problems.

Dr4Film (@guest_253885)
2 months ago
Reply to  Nanci Dixon

I agree that they are major problem however, I doubt that most mobile technicians are qualified or experienced enough to work on and repair slide issues. One can really mess up a slide easily by making the wrong adjustments or conclusions to what the problem may be.

Kristine (@guest_253890)
2 months ago
Reply to  Nanci Dixon

I also expected slides to be on the list.

Joseph Phebus (@guest_253912)
2 months ago
Reply to  Nanci Dixon

Yep. No doubt on that

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