Tuesday, November 28, 2023


How many RVs do you own?

This may seem like a crazy question, and we’re sure that by far the majority of you will tell us that you own just one RV, but we may be surprised…

On our many Facebook groups, we often see people posting about how they own more than one RV. Perhaps they own one to travel in, and the other is parked on a lot somewhere that they fly to each year to spend a season. Maybe they own one RV that they travel in but they also own a few vintage RVs–hey, a vintage RV collection sounds pretty cool!

So tell us, do you own more than one RV? If so, please leave a comment and explain your answer. We’re very curious! Thank you!


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Becky (@guest_259000)
28 days ago

Two, a 35′ fifth wheel and a 13′ Uhaul fiberglass trailer.

Neal Davis (@guest_258595)
1 month ago

We have one. The day we traded, we owned #1 until about 11 AM and did not own #2 until about 5 PM. However, the survey did not appear during those 5+ hours last summer (7/22) that we were without. 🙂

Matt Colie (@guest_258419)
1 month ago

As per usual, my answer will be strange. I have two old GMC motorhomes. The one we use and cherish is a 1973 23′ Glacier that we have had for 18 years and lots of miles and some adventures. She takes good care of us and I do my best to return the favor. The other is new and with fewer miles and was acquired just for the value of some parts. It was not cost effective to repair it for resale, so some parts have already been reclaimed and reused. It is still here and very visible on Google Earth.

Cindy (@guest_258355)
1 month ago

I have a Lance 1475S that I use for trips where I am going to stay in one spot for over a week. I just finished a Promaster Van conversion that I LOVE! It was perfect for a 3500 mile road trip to the Buffalo Round Up at Custer State Park in South Dakota. I only stayed in each campsite a day or two.

kevindewaine (@guest_258333)
1 month ago

1 a 5th wheel that is used for traveling about the country and another 5th wheel that is at a campsite by a southern bayou.

Ed D. (@guest_258331)
1 month ago

We own 3.
We have a Cameo 5th Wheel set up at a Campground which is on a Lake and surrounded by Mountains in NC.
We Have a Park Model on the Lot next door that we have my wife’s Father stay in.
Last, we have a 2016 Leprechaun 319DS (Class C) that we keep in storage in a storage facility next door to our Campground for those times that we feel like doing a little traveling.

Cheryl Robinson (@guest_258324)
1 month ago

We have 2. 40ft.Forest River Cottage Destination Trailer. That we live in full time. And a 26ft. Forest River Mesa Ridge. That we travel in. We have property that we own. So no storage fees for the Mesa. Works perfect for us.

Tom (@guest_258322)
1 month ago

1 is enough for us.

Sven Yohnson (@guest_258314)
1 month ago

Currently 4 camping units. 95 Dutchmen 26′ TT (gave to son, but still titled in my name),
07 Wildcat 29′ TT (for sale), 98 RoadTrek D190P Class B (my fishing/hunting/tailgating rig), 04 Coachmen 300QB Class A (recent acquisition for our planned winter snowbird adventures).
Wife and I have an agreement, that when we put on less than 5,000 miles/year, the Class A will be sold. Same applies to the RoadTrek (but that ain’t go’na happen)!

Steve in atl (@guest_258311)
1 month ago

Have a classic for travel and what is designated as an rv (based on needing a vehicle tag) a park model

Heckman Kenn (@guest_258307)
1 month ago

One TT is plenty, thank you

Michael A Noble (@guest_258301)
1 month ago

We have three. A class C that is our main unit. We bought a boat last year, so we also bought a Lance truck camper so we can take the boat with us and camp as well (and be able to launch the boat). We also have a ‘84 Avion that we lived in while building our house out in the country. Now it’s our guest house. Yeah, I know it’s a lot to keep up with. I never get bored 😁

Gary W. (@guest_258294)
1 month ago

Sold the boat so I’m down to one.

Garland (@guest_258291)
1 month ago

Two a 2006 Monaco knight & 2023 Ethos 20T class B. Will be putting the Knight on market very soon. It’s become too much for me to handle with arthritic hands.

Bob P (@guest_258287)
1 month ago

Currently we are between RVs

Wayne Caldwell (@guest_258286)
1 month ago

We own two travel trailers, an ’01 CrossRoads 32′ and a ’98 Layton 22′. However, we also own a ’68 MGB roadster and a ’36 Hudson Terraplane 2-door sedan. They are our ‘fun to go someplace’ vehicles.

Bob (@guest_258285)
1 month ago

I answered two. One is my Toy Hauler and the other is the small pop up Bunkhouse that I pull behind my motorcycle. We used the Bunkhouse for 28 years before buying the toy hauler.

Scott & Beth B. (@guest_258284)
1 month ago

TWO if you count my motorcycle since its used for recreation also, but for the sake of the survey I picked ONE! Only two years ago we had 2 but sold the one since the kids got their own camper.

Skip (@guest_258283)
1 month ago

Enough to keep up with one. Though I know some individuals have three. One for long travel, one for short travel and one for hunting. Then a separate truck for each with a 1500/250/3500. All I see is dollar signs in maintenance.

Jim Johnson (@guest_258279)
1 month ago

RV #1- 34′ 3-slide TT that resides in a RV Park and is used as a winter home. We had it commercially moved from the dealer to the park. We hire all other moves and have saved a bundle by not having a big tow vehicle. RV #2- a 21′ TT that can be towed with a crossover SUV. It gets us back&forth to RV #1, and can be used year-round for easy touring and camping. Inexpensive dry parking at the RV Park in the winter and no-cost storage at the house in the summer. In our opinion we have the best parts of most aspects of RVing.

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