Saturday, December 2, 2023


Do you like to play Bingo?

Back in about 1530, the lotto was being played in Italy. In the 18th century, an at-home version of the lotto, called Tombola, was created in Naples. This version had the addition of cards, tokens and the calling out of numbers. The game gained in popularity and spread across Europe. The French version, Le Lotta, appeared in 1778. The game featured 27 squares in columns and rows. This led to Bingo’s modern design.

In the early 1920s in America, Hugh J. Ward created the standardized game of Bingo for carnivals around Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania. He had the game copyrighted and even published a rule book. And so goes the history of Bingo!

Do you enjoy playing Bingo? A lot? A little? Not really? Or perhaps you never play so you don’t really have a care either way. Come on, tell us!

And if you want to play Bingo at home or in your RV, you can!


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cate (@guest_263132)
1 day ago

not the fault of the game, but bingo ruined my childhood. the creature who became my stepmom went to bingo 6, sometimes 7 nights a week and I had to watch her kids. my entire teenage years were spent babysitting.

Cathi (@guest_259509)
27 days ago

Regular Bingo is okay, but Card Bingo, with 4 to a table and a deck of cards is WAY more fun.

Cheryl Bacon (@guest_259285)
28 days ago

I used to play a lot in the 80’s and early 90’s. I won enough to pay for my bingo and for all of our Christmas presents and food for those years.

Roy (@guest_259280)
28 days ago

I am not all that thrilled about playing Bingo, but I really enjoyed being the “caller” for Bingo. Several years ago we had a seasonal site and I helped the owners out when needed. One of the things they did at this campground every weekend was play Bingo. I was the caller almost every week.

keebler (@guest_259279)
28 days ago

any game helps keeps the mind working, Bingo is one of the best in my opinion.

Garland (@guest_259244)
28 days ago

Haven’t played since I was a young boy but certainly would consider playing should the opportunity arise.

Patty (@guest_259229)
29 days ago

We play dog bingo in the motorhome when we lose electricity or do not have Wi-Fi.

Deborah Mason (@guest_259221)
29 days ago

We go to a local bar for dinner & bingo on Wednesdays. Sort of is a “date night”.

Sherry (@guest_259220)
29 days ago

Grandkids from about 4 up love to play bingo. They mostly like being “in charge” calling out the numbers

Leonard (@guest_259217)
29 days ago

I played for the first time in 20 years and won $34! Better than my lotto playing!

Skip (@guest_259216)
29 days ago

Can’t sit still that long in a room full of people. Can stand a room full of people that long. So no I’m good.

KellyR (@guest_259278)
28 days ago
Reply to  Skip

Nice to know I am not the only one, Skip.

David Bulkley (@guest_259213)
29 days ago

Called bingo many years at a Lions club. Never liked to play.

Jeanette Walker (@guest_259212)
29 days ago

Bingo is okay, but I enjoy the socializing.

Tom (@guest_259233)
29 days ago

Yes, only reason.

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