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Motorhome owners: How would you describe your rig’s suspension?

We have weekly staff and writer meetings here at, and motorhome suspension comes up a lot. Why? Because it can be such a big issue for motorhome owners!

If you’re a motorhome owner, how would you describe your rig’s suspension? Wonderful? Good? Adequate? Poor? Terrible?

Please, after you vote remember to leave a comment. You could help other motorhome owners out. Thank you!


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David (@guest_262074)
19 days ago

1988 Winnie 27RQ Super Chief. Front “A” frame.
My late wife put her full coffee mug next to the sink on her way to her co-pilot’s seat.
We drove from Ballard to CW Tacoma. As I was getting out I noticed her mug. I couldn’t believe it, not a drop spilled.
That’s a swell ride for me!

DW/ND (@guest_261572)
23 days ago

Our Winnebago 34′ Class A is on a GM chassis with Chevy 454 gas. The shocks are Bilsteins, the front suspension has a Simply-Safe cylinder with coil springs with air bags. The rear has a factory installed air suspension system with Firestone air bags as provided by Jetco Trailer in Iowa. For a relatively large vehicle it is a dream to drive and handle. Also has road self leveling and is adjustable when parking. Virtually no rattles either! Tires are 19.5″ Load range F at 85 to 90 lbs. psi.

Roy (@guest_261568)
23 days ago

A diesel pusher will drive better than a gas motorhome simply because of the air bags. Having a Newmar with Comfort Drive® is a game changer. Other manufacturers are offering computerized steering assist as well so it’s comparing apples to oranges. A Class C is in a totally different animal. Also having an IFS also differs from a straight axle. We won’t even include units that had Liquid Springs® installed.

Steve H (@guest_261565)
23 days ago

Our 2020 Winnie Sprinter Class C with aftermarket Helwig rear stabilizer is good except when entering and leaving gas stations at an angle. The concrete ramps from the street often cause an uncomfortable sway even with the Helwig. On Interstates, it’s very comfortable.

Neal Davis (@guest_261562)
23 days ago

Ours is “good” now. It was “poor.” Our 2022 New Aire is on a Spartan K2 chassis, but also came off the assembly line with Bilstein front shocks. Our rig tended to “porpoise” ( after hitting potholes or seams in rough roads. We upgraded the shocks to Konis this summer and the “porpoising” has stopped. I suspect our rig still rides rougher than a bus conversion, but it is at least “good,” if not “excellent.” 🙂

Last edited 23 days ago by Neal Davis
Bob P (@guest_261552)
23 days ago

Our motorhome was on a Workhorse chassis and handling and ride was good. The previous motor home was on the infamous Ford F53 chassis and it was terrible, the ride was stiff, handling was marginal, of course what do you expect out of a medium duty cargo truck chassis. You could take the motorhome body of and put a truck cab and cargo box on it and haul freight during the winter.

Drew (@guest_261549)
23 days ago

The famous F-53 chassis: basic and crude. If we drove it more I might consider some upgrades but our campground is only 3 miles from our storage place.

Kevin C (@guest_261546)
23 days ago

2011 Fleetwood Southwind 32V, rear stabilizer, stock suspension. I feel it rides pretty darn good overall.

CeeCee (@guest_261543)
23 days ago

It’s not bad, now that my husband has installed Koni shock absorbers, added aSafeTPLUS steering stabilizer, front Sumo springs, and rear TracBar.Still, we nearly fell apart on I 40 going to Williams, AZ from Vegas!

Cancelproof (@guest_261541)
23 days ago

I really like the suspension system thats part of our Spartan Chassis.

I’m glad the Spartan Chassis was part of the must haves on my side of the ledger when we bought, although my side of our list was pretty short.

Matt Colie (@guest_261534)
23 days ago

I already know that I will be odd-man-out here and I don’t mind. We have a 73 GMC. The front suspension is torsion bar with very long travel and the rear is air split between the tandem rear wheels. There a stabilizer bar in the front, but none in the rear. I could buy one, but I like the ride in back as it is. When we have had to make a long push, one of us sleeps in the back and it is just great. Not bad for a 50yo coach with close to 200K on her….

Bill Byerly (@guest_261533)
23 days ago

2019 Winnebago Sightseer class A with just under 25,000 miles, still with the stock F-53 suspension. I think it’s a pretty good riding RV

Mikal H (@guest_261532)
23 days ago

Our Mountain Aire is on a Freightliner XCR chassis with six air bags, a tag axle, and independent front suspension. It also has the “Comfort Drive” steering system.

If many of our roads weren’t absolute disasters I’d say the ride and handling is exceptional. Overall, with the most horrendous of roads thrown in, it’s good. Uneven cement roads and abrupt bridge transitions can still rattle my teeth.

Perhaps the best test is that I keep two mousetraps in the basement for good measure. I have never found them snapped even after a day of bad roads. So the ride must be pretty good overall.

Dave (@guest_261526)
23 days ago

2020 View 24v From Winnebago as they built it on stock 3500 sprinter, simply sucks! Upgrades: Sumos front & rear with Helwig stab bar and 2.5 Fox shocks was better. Just added Bilestien strut w/200 lb coils, now handling great! 19459 miles aligned after strut install loaded weight almost gvwr.

Gas (@guest_261523)
23 days ago

Gas class A not so good. After Market devices expensive. Liquid springs, last price I saw was 13 K$. Shouldn’t have to pay extra for safe driving. Chassis Manufacturers should consider the upgrades that I have to pay for. More expensive, most likely than what big companies buy for in bulk!

Jesse Crouse (@guest_261522)
23 days ago

Excellent when the Atwood LevelLegs system is working. What i*iot designed it and what i*iot installed it in the worst possible spot for non service when it doesn’t work.

Ed K. (@guest_261511)
23 days ago

Old Diesel Pusher with a 4 Bag Air Suspension and a solid front axle. I call it good and probably excellent for it’s price class back in 95.

Engineer (@guest_261499)
23 days ago

Class A with air ride suspension…sweet

Claudia Stein (@guest_261498)
23 days ago

We have a 2018 Georgetown XL gasser. Last year we invested in front and rear Liquid Springs and it made a huge difference in our drive from PA to CA. Before the LS? Terrible. After LS? Good. And much more affordable than a coach upgrade to diesel.

Tom (@guest_261490)
23 days ago


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