Is this newsletter too long for you?


This poll is about issue 884 of the RV Travel Newsletter, published February 16, 2019.

As we were getting close to our deadline today (Friday), we realized this was perhaps the biggest issue we have ever published. It seems every week we add new features. Is it getting too much for you?

We love sharing articles, opinions, news, funny stuff and other information with you every week. Our entire staff, most of us anyway, are information junkies and news hounds. We get all excited when we come upon a news item to report. Or, maybe we’re just sitting around and an idea for a story jumps into our head and we can’t sit down fast enough to write it.

But, really, is it just getting to be too much for you to take in one giant cyber gulp? Years ago we broke the newsletter into two parts — posting the Saturday edition as we always had, but we added a mid-week edition as well. Should we do that again?

Please answer this poll as best you can — select two responses if you wish — and please leave a comment. We really do want your input on this, as we’re not sure what’s best. Many thanks!

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Ry Shon

I feel its about the right size. You cover enough different things that I can choose the ones that are relevant to the rving that my wife & I do.
Thanks for the good work . Shon


Different strokes for different folks. I get to choose the articles that fit our RV life style. No need to shorten it for me. Richard

Maus Sutinen

I don’t think you should shorten it – there’s always, in any newsletter, a topic or two that doesn’t interest me at that moment, and I’ll skip over it and go on to something else. Sometimes I remember that something was said about so-and-so weeks down the line, and I’ll go back and find it. Sometimes I just don’t have the time to sit and read it, and that’s okay. The information will still be there tomorrow. I don’t feel I have to read it all in one sitting anyway :).


As much as I like the new format (feels much airier and open than before), I would agree that it could be tightened up. As far as content being to long, I have no problem with content getting a bit much at times. As some other readers commented, it’s the constant ads to “check this out on Amazon” or direct ads for “Harvest Hosts” and others in the main body of the newsletter. The Daily Laugh is followed by two lines of “Amazon referrals”, followed by another paragraph to become a member. Well, I think you get the idea that… Read more »

William Maginot

I think the size doesn’t make any difference. Like other magazines that I read, I leave it on my iPad and read it all week long. I enjoy all of the articles that interest me and just skip over ones that don’t interest me, i.e. cooking and boondocking. My wife enjoys the cooking and no the technical articles. Leave it as is or even expand it it if you want. You all do a great job.

Larry Neptune

I look forward to reading Saturday’s newsletter but typically get half way through and want to get on with other things. I think I enjoy the daily tips more than the newsletter.

Donald Driever

I understand that due to the number of people contributing money to help support you have been able to add a lot of features more rapidly which is a goof thing. However, if you didn’t take up so much space soliciting more donations it could be shorter. I really get tired of being hounded for donations.

Gene Cheatham

The more the merrier! It’s a great service and hopefully your subscriptions are going up. My opinion, but if there’s content one doesn’t like just don’t read it. Thanks for the great work..I tell many about it.

Brett Nicholas

I like it just the way it is. If anything please add more news articles. I don’t always sit and read the entire newsletter at once, but do come back to it during the week to finish. Thank you for such a great source of information.

Todd Nighswonger

The volume of information is overwhelmingly helpful, but it does take a long time to scroll. Maybe consider more headlines and shorter summaries and also maybe divide into fewer topical sections so if feels more organized and readers can better scan the newsletter to click on topics/stories that interest them.


This one may have been a little longer than usual. However, with the passing of Malia it was due it’s space. I also like the videos that you have included and have shared a few with others. People can always scroll by something that they don’t want to read/watch. You all are doing a great job and I appreciate you.

Jerry Riggins

The longer the better. Great to read with my coffee and to relax on Sunday morning.
Keep up the great work and thank you for the Hard time you give the RV manufactures.
Maybe it will help them get their act together.

Greg Kanne

It seems like the same things are there from week to week…. which is ok… I just scroll past the “stay at winery” or “stay on private property”… “plan your stay at… wherever…” I know you need to generate revenue… It seems a little impersonal compared to news letters of the past.

Cheryl Catoe

I have read your newsletter for several years. I love it… have learned so much. Thank you so much.

Grant Edgar

I don’t always read it. But I do always enjoy it.


I think your news letters are GREAT! It is much more then about right. I look forward to your news letter each day. I want to thank you and your staff for all the love and passion you put into each issue.

Gene Bennington

It’s not too long. If there’s valuable information you want to share with RV’ers, then by all means go for it. Where’s it say you must read in one sitting?? I typically pick up the publication several times a week to read. Maybe some people can’t sit still long enough, not our problem, it’s theirs.

Job well done.

John Koenig

It seems that I’m presented with the SAME information MORE than once a week (which is a waste of my time). I guess the same information is included in different newsletters?

RV Staff

Thanks for writing, John. If you’ve subscribed to the RSS feed, that sends you an email each day with links to the articles which have been published in the previous 24 hours at Those articles, plus more features, are what are then published in Saturday’s RV Travel Newsletter. So, you can either unsubscribe from the RSS feed and not receive the daily notifications of the items published in the previous 24 hours, and see it all “new” on Saturday, or you can read the articles as they’re published and then skip those in Saturday’s newsletter which you have already… Read more »

Scott Gitlin

There is no law that says it all has to be read in one sitting.


I like the newsletter as is. Having links to longer stories or topics of specific interests is a great way as I can save the links to review later as needed. Great work to you and your staff. Keep up the great work


First time on the site. Impressive collection of info and resources! Not too long, as one can pick and choose what to look at. Will spend time here often. We don’t do a great amount of RVing, but enjoy that which we do. Our first rig is a 32′ 5-er with a F350 that came as a package deal. First few trips were “educational”. I’m interested to know if the site gets a nick from Amazon if things are bought by clicking through on the related gadget reviews. If so, let me point out that this is at no cost… Read more »

Fred Peters

The length of the issue can vary each week. As long as the material is relevant and timely to RV’ers, that is what is important. Don’t fit the material to a standard length, fit the length to the material.

Scott Taylor

You can always use links so those who want to read more in-depth on a topic can do so

Diane Kenny

It’s a guilty pleasure many Saturday mornings, along with a cup of coffee. Please do not shorten the newsletter; you cover so many aspects of RV-ing professionally. Guess I’m just a fan!


Sometimes it seeems long but I can choose what I want to read and skip other things. I suspect other people might skip what I read and read what I skip. Therefore, my opinion is to keep it the way it is and let people prioritize for themselves.


I think it’s about right as it is now. I’m also very glad to see it looking more like its fine old self. One of the things I’ve always enjoyed is that it didn’t look like any other newsletter. I like the character it has. The kitschy pics and ads, etc., are fun. That went away for a while when you changed over to the new site. I was hoping it reappear as you got the hang of the new site. I am very glad to see it coming back. Keep up the G-R-E-A-T work!


It seems that most of the stories I have read during the week in other emails. Is this because I subscribe so I get daily news feeds? I skip over the stories I’ve already ready but do find it kind of irritating that they are repeated.


It is easy to ignore a story i am not interested in…and very easy to open another tab and read it when i want to. I find the information very helpful.


Oh please don’t cut back. If I don’t have time to read the entire issue I will come back. Please don’t follow the practice of some RV manufacturers, cut back on quality to save money. Cutting back on information will take away from the quality of RV travel. As a single RV owner I have learned so much from your Saturday morning treat. Keep up the good work and give my thanks and appreciation to you and your staff.

Terry Brown

It also seems long as I perceive that there are more ads. Sitting down on Saturday morning is something I look forward to. Along with a large mug of tea.
I going to suggest that the offer of a ad-free version be offered at a subscription price.


Ey have all week to read it.


I like that there is more to read each time. I like reading about different things around the country that I normally wouldn’t see. Keep adding, as much as you can. One fellows idea about not reading all at once seems to eliminate a time problem. Thanks for all your hard work.

Glenda Alexander

The newsletter is long but I’m glad for all the information it contains and, of course, it doesn’t have to be read all at once. I copy and save a lot of the articles for future reference. That way, if I need to review certain information, I can do a search to pull up relevant documents. I especially appreciate Chuck’s fight for better RV quality and more RV parks. Keep it up, Chuck!!


I think the content is right but it seems there is a lot of stuff that is repeated day to day and week to week which makes it seem longer. If I read the daily updates there are only a few things I haven’t seen before on Saturday. Perhaps you could try organizing the newsletters in such a way that any new stuff is highlighted right at the top and links to stuff we’ve seen before are moved down the page based on age (oldest at the bottom).

Eric Devolin

I think that the content is good and the length of this weekly publication is ok. I do not think that publishing twice a week is sensible as the time necessary to do as good a job would be too much. If needed one of the daily issues could be expanded. My Saturday mornings are spent relaxing with a coffee and reading these newsletters. My only disappointment is that Google has many pop ups thruout each issue that covers the content. Just annoying. Please keep the content as most is good info.


I like the news letter yes it seems long some times but I go through it read what I want and then come back later if I want .I also get the other letters during the week keep up the good job .

J anne

Could not leave comment above.i would like to have summaries of videos and podcast.i boondock a lot and often hard to get and keep signals and videos take longer and more power. I have been saying this for years but taking opportunity to say once more.
Also i am glad you got rid of jokes. Soo many made the women in couple look like an idiot but rarely the man.much better without.
Thanks for all the work you put into this.


I’m having difficulty reading it on my IPad. When I click to read more and go to the rest of the story, I cannot get back to the newsletter. The arrow to go back isn’t highlighted or available, soI have to tap Home, then Newsletter to get back and of course it takes me to the beginning of the newsletter again. Didn’t have that problem with the old format.

Jessica Sarvis

We switched back to all links opening in a new tab that’s why there is no back arrow. Just close the tab on your browser of the full story and you should be right back to where you were on the newsletter!


I like the new format and the size. What I don’t like is all the advertising that pops up. Is this a google thing? Is there any way to limit all the junk?

Greg Illes

LOVE IT, keep on truckin’. If I can’t read it all at once, I come back to it. If some section is not interesting, well there’s a scroll button on my mouse. :o)

RV Staff

Thanks, Greg! Didn’t you mean to say, “Keep on RVin'”? Or maybe you’re towing a trailer with a truck — that’s probably it. 😀 —Diane at


Very difficult newsletter to navigate on my phone. Include all articles that ate both important and timely. Don’t like that many ads are formatted to look like articles.

Tommy Molnar

This is why I don’t USE my phone to read the newsletter. I use my ‘big’ computer at home, or my laptop when we’re on the road. Everything is a pain to navigate on phones.


Like the content but very difficult to navigate the newsletter on my phone. Understand need for ads but don’t like that many are formatted similarly to real articles. Content should drive length….so include as many important and timely items there are to publish.


I think the length has been about right. I would much rather you publish the content you have available each week without worrying about the length. The length is much less important than the content. Please don’t cut important stories or pad with filler to meet an imagined perfect size. You are doing a wonderful job and we thank you for what you do.


I used to get the daily newsletter, but it got to be too much to keep up with every single day. So I quit that one. I enjoy reading it all on Saturdays. To those that say it is repetitive…It may be to YOU, but it is not to those of us who only see it on Saturdays. Just skip on down and enjoy the articles you haven’t seen yet. I think it is just right the way it is. Thank you to Chuck, Diane and the rest of the staff!! You are doing an excellent job keeping us all… Read more »


The length isn’t a problem. However, it’s poorly organized and confusing. I constantly miss articles and then see them later as an archive item. A list of articles for each issue would solve that. If not in the newsletter, then in the email announcing the issue (didn’t you use to do that). Or a list at the bottom of each issue so I could see what I missed.


When your hot you can only take so many layers off til theres none left, when your cold you can put layers on, wrap yourself in a blanket, sit by a fire. I would never be concerned your newsletter is too long, my bigger concern would be it is too short. If it’s “too long” by your measure, readers can always revisit it for a week. The problem is that if it’s too short one has to wait all week to get their RVTRAVEL reading fix! When it is my time to go from this life, I will look for… Read more »

Nancy Michaels

I like the daily RV issues that are compiled into the weekly newsletter. By reading those each day, I can skim over the repeated articles and cut down on my Saturday reading time. Your newsletter is full of pertinent information for those of us who enjoy this lifestyle or those who are contemplating it. Please don’t change what you are doing! BTW, Emily is delightful!!!

Jeff Myers

Though I am continually impressed at how long it is (a good thing, in my opinion), I find it easy to navigate. Keep ’em coming!

Ken Graham

I look forward to Saturday mornings and RVtravel. Continue with what you’re doing. If I find it too long I can either come back later or simply not read it all. If I find something that doesn’t interest me I don’t read it. Kind of like changing the channel if I’m not interested in what’s on tv.

Tommy Molnar

It really IS that simple, Ken. Totally spot on.

Dave Pellegrino

We are beginning our RV adventure! Just got the truck because our rig is being built. Slowly selling things off, then we will have the estate sale and finally the house sale. So at this point we can’t get enough information