How satisfied were you (or are you) with your RV’s factory warranty?


Has your experience with your RV’s factory warranty been good? Or not so good? Or just okay? Inquiring minds want to know.

Here’s your opportunity to tell the world. Please feel to leave a comment. We love comments!

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Abe Loughin

We bought our Grand Design Momentum in April of 2018. I am a semi retired RV tech living full time in it and traveling/work camping. The first time I needed warranty help I was actually working for a Grand Design’s dealer and went through the normal channels. The response was what I consider a little quicker than average. On another occasion we were traveling to our next gig when an awning arm bent, I called customer service and they had me send a picture of the damaged part plus measurements of the arms. I gave them the address of where… Read more »


Bought my Forest River in 2016. Had about 6 items that needed replacing or repair. The Camping World dealership actually work with me because we had several trips planned and they accomadated us as some items ordered took to long to receive between our trips. They allowed us to bring the camper in on the repair day and did the work and finished by closing time. I did notice a number of campers on site waiting for repair. I am particular about my stuff. I did not want my camper sitting exposed to the elements any longer than necessary. I… Read more »


Only had it for 16 months and on the road for only the last 8 months so haven’t needed any warranty work.

Donna Simonds

Thanks for giving us this comment area since I don’t use FB. I would have to say that my experience with Fun Country RV in Anthony, TX was a lifesaver since the 2018 Keystone Premier 19ft Tt turned out to be a lemon due to a defective black-water tank of which the floor soaked up the contents then developed a black mold issue that left my RV a useless health hazard. If not for that issue it was a great rig. Thank God it was under warranty, and I had purchased it in a Lemon Law state, from an RV… Read more »

Steven Scheinin

I am completely satisfied with my Cedar Creek 36CKTS in which I am now beginning my 4th year of full time. Although the warranty is only for a year, they have repaired items past that time.


We purchased from Manteca RV in CA. Their service on our 2 year Jayco warranty was outstanding. They covered every request that was warranty related, contacted Jayco to explain to them why something should be covered that Jayco rejected, and Scott, our service writer went out of his way to answer every question we had (this was our first TT). There is no question that we would purchase a Jayco again due to their excellent 2 year warranty. We recognized early on that pulling a box on wheels over California’s substandard roads was going to cause some issues. Thankfully we… Read more »

Gene Bjerke

I’m not sure what you mean by “recent.” I bought a new Roadtrek in 2010. It had a few issues (nothing really major) that were taken care of with no problems.

Benny H Smith

Ordered new Montana HC 305rl in2018. Unit arrived on time all checkled out. Went across country two months later after 1100 mile shack down cruize. My dealer and I did great with small items and getting service for my frige. However, 2 months into our 4 month cross country trip , I had a long list of warrenty items that should have been done . But no dealers I contacted would even give a window to do the work then or in the future. I contacted Keystone dealers, 5 in CA 3 in AZ. 1 in OR, before realizing I… Read more »

Garry Hammond

I bought my RV 3 years old, so it was well out of the 1 year warranty. A single year warranty on an investment such as an RV is way, WAY too little. I compare my RV investment to an automobile investment. Just about the same price. My GMC truck came with a 5-year bumper-to-bumper warranty, and another 5 years on the drive train, that’s the engine, the transmission, etc. – Big stuff! The truck will last me about 15 years, maybe more – my RV on the other hand… (maybe – if I leave it parked indoors… …but it… Read more »


My problem wasn’t with the manufacturer covering items under warranty, but with the dealership that promised the world with their service department, but failed miserably when the time came for them to provide warranty repair. Every item on the list took two to three visits to get it fixed right, if at all. Each time I got it back it had more problems than when I dropped it off. And some of the issues I just gave up on them and fixed them myself out of my own pocket!

Benny H Smith

What Mfr? and Dealer. With me DYI was the only way to get repairs.


Currently on the third Entegra coach purchased new. Their two year warranty and incredible customer service are unmatched in the Industry. And the quality of the coaches just keep improving.

Rodney D

My wife and I purchased a 2017 Forest River Cherokee Limited in April of 2016. 5 days later someone broke out my side slide window to gain access. Luckily nothing of value was in the camper for the culprit could trade for drugs according to the local police department. The metal latch that connects to the slide window was broken. I contacted the dealer and they put me in contact with Forest River parts department for a replacement. I was told that the windows come to them as one unit to fit into the cutout on the camper. In a… Read more »

Steve - Alaska

We purchased a 2017 Montana fiver that we loved. We purchased it at Valley RV in Palmer Alaska where we have purchased other RVs. Between the local company and the manufacturer, we have had zero problems with getting things fixed! I believe that this is due more to our local business than the manufacturer, as they have been doing things right for years! Have now put the Montana up for sale as we just purchased a 2004 Fleetwood American Tradition class A. Always wanted a nice class A but had to wait for the right one to get old enough… Read more »


2014 Roadtrek Ranger RT purchased new April 2014 at RV World of Lakeland, FL. In first year the inverter and coach battery went bad. Problem found on one visit, brought it back when parts came in and inverter and battery replaced while we waited. Cabinet latch went bad, I notified the dealer and they sent me a new one from the factory and I installed. First year Chevy van had starting problems and found to be battery and a transmission solenoid of some sort. Chevy dealer fixed under their warranty. I figured that both batteries may have been “bad” because… Read more »


Entegra Coach, 2 yr warranty, pretty much bumper to bumper. Sad to say, but it’s the nature of the business, returning to the factory is the only sure way to get it fixed right.


The purchase a new trailer and found during our delivery that the shower had cracked at the screws . The dealer ordered part and received it in a week set up time for replacement of parts all was completed with in a 2 weeks. We live in Calgary A.B Canada


Thor Freedom Elite warranty rep finds any excuse not to honor warranty problems. That’s a hell if a way to do business.


We have owned two Tiffin motor homes and warranty/factory service has been great.


Bought used, one year past warranty period. BUT, took it to Discount Tire to have tires checked and it was determined Michelin had recalled the tires. All replaced them all at no cost. That was great service. Been very fortunate that nothing has gone wrong (2012 model) so even an extended warranty would have been money out the door. Considered the extended warranty but determined it had way too many loop-holes. Taking good care of the rig.


Purchased New Montana from Camping World Davenport. Nothing was ready when we got there, it was not even prepared, spent 6 hours while they tried to fix the list. Kitchen cabinet door broke off when we opened in on inspection. We had traveled 5 hours to go pick it up. Had trouble with furnace time used days later. Took back to Camping World, service tech was showing us that it worked when someone pounded on door saying the RV was on fire.Ran outside and the furnace area full of flames and smoke, i used my fire extinguisher to put out,… Read more »


Very satisfied with Phoenix Cruiser. Had a minor problem while in Alaska. PC shipped part expedited at no cost.

Mike Hanley

Exceptional first-year warranty service on our 2018 Newmar Bay Star from Mount Comfort RV dealership in Indiana. Bought it there new. Follow-up from service dept. and salesperson has been great.


Couldn’t be happier with the service we get from Tiffin.

Jerry Vasser

Outstanding service at Winnebago in Iowa. The dealership which we purchased the coach from had TERRIBLE SERVICE. Multiple trips to fix the same thing. They had the coach more in the first year than I did. I think their technicians were required to work on too many different brands to be able to perform adequately. The dealer ship I take my coach to for service takes a little longer than I like to get something done, but, it is done right!

Primo Rudy's Roadhouse

Warranty? What warranty. We bought our Toy Hauler used, way out of warranty date. Paid cash and perform our own maintenance and repair work. We are kind of “Old School.”

L. Scott McKoin

Superb warranty service from Tiffin on my coach. Could not be more pleased.

Don Eby

Warranty service doesn’t do much good when you have to wait 6 to 12 weeks for a service appointment while your warranty time keeps ticking away.


P/U a 2017 16-ft Scamp travel trailer from factory in December 2017. Water leaked around AC when it rained. Scamp refused to fix it but said owner should tighten screws holding AC in placed on roof. Paid tech to fix it in late January 2018.

Michael Tantillo

The service I received from Lazydays Tampa RV was superb. I bought my do Winnebago intent class A motorhome December 15th 2018. Like any new vehicle purchase there is always a few items that needed to be fixed. I got in touch with my salesman Dave Underwood and my delivery advisor Pat Singleton and they set up a date that was convenient for me to bring my motorhome in. A service manager named Chris and his Tech Sean fixed all the items the same day. Great service LAZYDAYS RV Tampa, Florida. 5 STARS, THANKS, Mike Tan

Michael Flank

We purchased a 2018 Holiday Rambler Endeavor (REV Group) and the day of taking delivery the Whirlpool residential fridge did not work. Whirlpool would only authorize a repair on the brand new fridge requiring it to be pulled from the motor home. A month later the fridge stopped working again! Now a fight began to get Whirlpool to step up and do the right thing and replace the defective fridge which should have been on the day of delivery. We begged REV to assist us getting this done. They refused to help us claiming that this brand new motor home… Read more »


The service we received at Tiffin Factory Service Center in Red Bay Alabama was exceptional. They were knowledgeable, considerate and thorough. Found out quickly however, that if we did not buy at a particular dealer, they would not work on. LaMesa in Phoenix would not schedule a time (even three months out) to look at.


We found that East Valley RV (just east of Mesa) will do Tiffin warranty work. They just did work on our Power Glide chassis. Give them a try.

Gene Bennington

Our 2017 Jayco Pinnacle 37MDQS (5’ver) was purchased in December 2016. It was then built and we took possession mid March in 2017. During our first outing we found around a dozen items not quite right. After calling the dealer, we dropped off the trailer for repair. No issues getting everything fixed. During the 2017 & 2018 camping seasons a couple other issues arose which were handled by dealership (Jayco has 2 yr. warranty). Very satisfied with our Jayco dealership.


Our experience with REDWOOD RV (Crossroads) was mostly good.
However, once that 2 year warranty ran out, it was like NIGHT and DAY and Redwood washed their hands of our RV. Couldn’t get any answers to questions we had, even though we knew the repairs would be out of pocket. It was like REDWOOD didn’t know who we were. And that unfortunately is the way the RV industry is!


I am the second owner so no factory warranty came with the coach.

Michelle Ausrin

Last November we took possession of our Vilano 325RL by VanLeigh. We winter in Chokoloskee, FL which is located in the Everglades, almost 40 miles SE of Naples. (Yes…the end of the road, even past the alligators). We had an issue with a slide and VanLeigh quickly authorized us to call in a Mobile Repair Service. VanLeigh also has a VanLeigh specialized Service Center located in Tishomingo, MS provides excellent warranty and non-warranty service for their customers. We could not be happier with our Vilano.

Steve Lanahan

We bought the 5th fifth-wheel (Vilano 365) VanLeigh produced back in Sep of 2015. VanLeigh went above and beyond the call as far as customer service for our FW both during the initial 1 year warranty period and beyond.