How often have you “boondocked” on public lands for more than a week?


How many times have you “boondocked” on public lands for more than a week outside a designated campground? We’re not talking about staying in an official campground — say, one in a National Forest or on BLM lands — but actually just driving off the beaten path to find a place in “the boonies” to call your own for awhile, living without utility hookups.

So what’s your experience? Inquiring minds really do want to know.

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I guess the biggest reason for not having boondocked is I am from the east coast and there is not very much of it there.


Stayed probably a week at several different public lands but never a week at one place

Greg Colby

Been rving for six years and have never boondocked or stayed at a Walmart. However with the current situation of full rv parks it appears the time is coming. With over one million more rvers on the road than two years ago it is almost impossible to get a 1-2 week stay without making reservations 6 months in advance. They are developing new parks however the demand is outpacing the supply. This demand plus the need for existing parks to upgrade (wifi and other amenities) their parks have driven a nights stay up 30-50%. The days of $30-40 per night… Read more »


At 7%, there’s still room for us boondockers.


For some reason, we can’t drive past the area around Quartzsite, AZ without staying at least a few days. It might not be a week at a time, but it probably adds up to over 2 or 3 weeks in the 4 months we’re out West each year.

Tommy Molnar

The reason you can’t drive by Quartzsite and not stay is – it’s a fun place to park and enjoy the solitude, and not have to pay for it. We LOVE that area!


I have seldom stayed in one place for a week while boondocking. However I took a 90 day trip around the US, Canada and Alaska and only stayed in paid campgrounds for 14 days..

Tommy Molnar

Luckily we live out west (northern NV) and heading off the road to a piece of desert is fairly normal for us. “Find a view. Park the house”. That’s pretty much our motto. Many times when we head off from the house, we’re not sure where we’ll be that night.