Would you want to go through high school again?


Our full question is this: If you could turn back time, would you want to go through high school again?

Was high school a good time for you? Or a tough time? Were you a football star — a hero to your peers — and then later the NFL didn’t call and your glory days were over? Or were you the type who was shy, who dreaded every day you hopped on the bus?

So, if you could turn back the clock, would you want to attend high school again? Curious minds really do want to know. . .

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And, I’ve got a PhD in sociology….another way to take the easy way out.


Truth be told, I’m really uncertain as to how I got through in the first place!


Only if I could remember what I know now


No, unless it was same time period and same family and friends alive plus I knew what I know now. Would love to see grandparents and mom again.


Yes, but only if I could know what I know now. I was shy, self-conscious, and lacked confidence. I wouldn’t want to relive that!

Einar Hansen

No Way!! It was a big waste of my time. We were taught things that we will never use most of the time anyway. I was better off after school. I worked after school working at 2 part time jobs that taught me one hell of a lot more. That made me able to do the things I wanted to do in my 20’s. Like buy my first house at age 22 and drive a nice 1967 GTO. I tell people that I went to the school of hard knocks. And it worked for me just fine!


I was a a total jerk back then. As such, I had a tough time of it and I have a crooked nose to prove it. I sure wouldn’t want to go back to what I was back then. I like me better now.


High school for me was boring and not very exciting. It was a tough time because of forced busing, but mostly that I lacked complete self confidence and awareness, so I marked no. However, if I could go back with a lifetime of experience, then heck yes I’d go back and I would make it a whole different experience!


I said “no way” but would repeat high school if it had been in an exchange program where I could have learned another language and culture. Those kids that have lived overseas always seem to excel more than others, have a better perspective or outlook on life and understand how the world turns.

I am thankful to have lived in Mexico now for 35 years and wouldn’t trade the experience for anything. Just wish I would have started sooner.

Joel Hagler

I wonder how the 67% wound up in life?
Ask that question.


No Way! is a little strong. But if I knew then what I know now, I’d have gotten in a whole lot more trouble.

Captn John

HS was OK. I did well but worked after classes and summers. No, life has been better after HS. I was scheduled to start college Jan 9, 1967 but enlisted and left Jan 7 instead. After only 2 years at the University of SE Asia I graduated from the Viet Nam campus.

John Koenig

I went to Brooklyn Technical HS (Brooklyn, NY) from 1965~1969. Back then Tech was a GREAT school and, I learned far more there than I did in college. I SHOULD have applied myself more but, was happy to “coast” by. If I could do it again, knowing what I now know, I’d buckle down and work harder.


My High School was a pathetic excuse for a school. Rural area in Texas that local farmers would not provide adequate funds for real education. Football team received monies, everything else was beggered for funding. Built a New High school without air conditioning in the lower Rio Grande Valley. I have never been back and no intention of returning.
Offer me a chance at a real school with proper funding of educational program and I might consider it.

Karen Barrett

Two different HS’s, 9th grade NJ -not so much…10th,1lth, 12th in Charlotte-maybe, but as with many I’d like the “know what know now”..love to feel the relatively better youth feelings than the old age creeping! At 18 I remember wondering ‘what will I be doing in ten years” (at 28?) – as it turns out that was the Woodstock time ! 1969…came and went fast – for few years I dared to wonder about future, but now I don’t–it goes too fast when ‘wonder it away’. If had married high school sweetheart in 1960 instead of us waiting until 1990, life tracks would have been very different, that could be a ‘plus’–but we found each other and got here anyway–would probably not have been a lot of “firsts” (first woman weight-lifting referee, first woman Credit Mgr for GECC, first woman store Mgr trainee/Firestone-Charlotte, and all the other ‘stuff’ that doesn’t mean squat now-and probably didn’t at the time) -sometimes it’s a coin flip which way life takes you, which road you go down…but, like I said “we got here anyway”…High School was a blur of silly kid mistakes on my part – but,the times now in High School sounds positively frightening!
KB/corner of Hither and Yon

Thomas Becher

Could I go back knowing what I know now? If yes, then sign me up. I’d have loved to join the coast guard for I believe a four year hitch. Then, being a veteran gives you certain benefits including free or almost free camping at military bases. I’d still have my 63 Chevy impala ss . I’d have bought that 32 Ford 3 window coupe. A lot of changes knowing what I know now.investing in IBM AMAZON and others like them. Regrets? A few but life is good regardless.

Gary Wagner

High school, no way! College, oh my gosh YES!!


I had the great privilege of graduating from the Vietnam War Games in 1969 when many others were feeling their oats at the local drive in movie.Our homecoming was greeted like none before,or since,not that it matters anymore.

Nina Soltwedel

High school for me, ‘way back in the 50’s, was a relatively carefree time. I was born and raised in a small Midwest town and was part of a loving family. The teachers were caring, the subjects offered enabled me to always find a good job, and I enjoyed a close group of friends with whom I still keep in touch. The friendships have endured to the point where our class had held reunions every five years up until a couple of years ago when we began to substitute the three-day intensely-planned event for an annual informal gathering for a meal, timed to take place during the town’s annual all-school reunion. Out of the 115 students, about 65 of us are still living, and a good number of us manage to make the reunion each year. YES, I would re-live those days, if I could turn back the clock. If it was today’s high school? NO WAY. I am content with what was then, and give thanks for having experienced it.

Gene Bjerke

My high school was a boarding school. It was a great way to experience personal freedom, but in a structured environment, so you couldn’t get into too much trouble (at least I didn’t). I basically enjoyed the experience — so yes.
The implication is: going back knowing what you know now. My answer to that is always that I would make a whole new bunch of mistakes. At my present age, what I would enjoy the most would be the energy and flexibility of those years.