Tuesday, September 27, 2022


On what device are you reading this newsletter?

We’re curious about how you are reading this newsletter. When we began publishing in 2001, everybody read it on a computer — smartphones and tablets wouldn’t debut for many years. Then, one day, along came the iPad, the iPhone and a parade of similar devices, all of which are used these days to read our newsletters and RVtravel.com website.

So what are you reading this newsletter on at this very moment?


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3 years ago

On a Laptop, The print and just trying to scroll on a tablet and smart phone is a pain! I like being able to sit way back with a cup of coffee and enjoy reading articles!

3 years ago

Laptop, actually… which I think of as somewhere between a tablet and a desktop computer (because they’re all computers…. right?!). Can’t seem to get excited about staring at a tiny smart phone screen!

Rory R
3 years ago

I use my PC @ home, My laptop, Ipad or Iphone on the road, which ever is handy and closest to me. I have not had any problems connecting on either device…

3 years ago

Not sure, it’s sort of a laptop but it’s not. I use a Chromebook.

3 years ago

My laptop.

Steve - Alaska
3 years ago

When we are home, I use my portable computer as it is easier on these old eyes. But when camping we have no WIFI so use my IPAD (if phone service is available).

3 years ago

My Android phone is my computer. I haven’t used a computer in 3 years.

3 years ago

I read the newsletter using my 13″ laptop.

3 years ago

re: Insurance. When I applied for insurance on my trailer, I was asked if the height had been increased by raising it higher above the axles to provide more ground clearance. (I assume because that would make the trailer somewhat more prone to tipping over with the higher center of gravity.)

I see discussions on forums talking about how easy it is to raise a trailer–but never cautions about checking your insurance coverage first.

3 years ago
Reply to  Irv

Yes, axle flipping raises the center of gravity making it tippier, but it also (of course) raises the RV overall making it more likely to hit low overpasses.

Captn John
3 years ago

Laptop 90% of the time. Phone screens are too small for old eyes

Jeri Lessley
3 years ago

I use my tablet. I can’t get email when we’re camping. We are in SW Montana and the mountains block the signal.

Joe Allen
3 years ago

Laptop, just so much easier to do than the phone!

Gloria Sluder
3 years ago

I read mine on a kindle with morning coffee

3 years ago

I use an iPad most of the time but often especially when camping I use my smart phone. We camp at least once a month.

3 years ago

I mostly use my laptop but I have used my wife’s tablet and my iPhone.

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