1. This is our best month for using our camper. We are on a seasonal site but this is the month that we use it the most we can. August is our vacation month for my wife and I. We will be at the seasonal site every weekend with the exception of for when we take our camper off the site. We take from our site in Massachusetts to Boothbay, Maine. My wife and I have been going to Boothbay camping for now our 24th. year and we stay at the same campgrounds every year! We have met and made friends with people that we met our second year staying there and our fifth year as well. So we all meet up there the same week every year for our vacations. The owners and there families and the staff are great friends of ours also! Our wife’s get together and make plans for day trips as well as shopping or what ever? As for the guys we visit local breweries and just spend time enjoying our vacation doing as little as possible and some lobster and seafood eating. And the BIG HIGHLIGHT to end our time together is. We all get together and have a southern lowland shrimp boil with the whole bunch of friends. It is at the point now if I don’t do it that the owners will not let us have the same site next year!

  2. We try to camp at least 5 to 7 days every month except winter. But that is mostly because of Thanksgiving and Christmas. We love camping and taking our pontoon with us to parks with big lakes. We are retired and will continue until I can’t handle it any more. I am 67 and so is my wife. Still going strong but slowing a little.

  3. Actually, we have been on the road for 29 days! (our daughter who is watching our house-is keeping count) My husband and I and his niece and her husband have always camped/traveled together since the mid-’80s. The last couple of years, we waited for him to get better/over his facial cancer. And the last year and a half they waited on me to get better from lung cancer. Well, should have been more patient-112 degrees in Vegas!! Guess we are moseying on home now.

  4. As a full-timer travelling throughout North America – south in Winter, north for the other months, I spend 365 days a year using the RV.

  5. Not this month. Way too hot in southern AZ. Spent two weeks in July about 4 hours north east at 6000 feet which was much cooler and nicer weather. Plan to go to 5000 feet next month for a week.

  6. Spending four days at Heron Lake State Park, New Mexico with two of our grandkids and our three dogs. Afternoon thunderstorms and rain, but that’s alright. Great to be able to get away from the norm.

  7. We had planned to spend the entire month touring New England. However, my wife needs six weeks of physical therapy, so that trip is put off. We will try to get away for a couple of days once or twice. We hate to see the MH just sitting in the driveway.

  8. Two more weeks this month then we’ll be home until mid October. 2 or 3 weeks in Missouri and Arkansas and home until mid Feb. and our annual trip to Florida.

  9. Not anytime soon. Fighting with the City of Cape Coral, FL about parking in my ‘privacy fenced’ back yard. They discriminate against RV owners and threaten to put a lien against your house if you don’t pay their fines. Therefore my money is tied up with attorney’s fees, etc. If I lose the battle, I’ll have to sell our RV as paying for powered and covered storage is prohibitive here. I can keep it powered, covered and put my ‘comprehensive insurance’ on hold while on my property. RV owners in this city need to unite to force the city to compromise.

    Hope to be back on the road in a couple of months, it’s too darn hot here!

  10. We won’t be using the RV this month, but next month we’ll be attending a national RV rally in the southern part of our state. Our winter months are spent in the RV in a much warmer part of the country. At our age, we no longer take the spontaneous trips of yesteryear, but we still appreciate the fact that, should we choose to, we could. It would simply take us longer to be spontaneous. 😉

  11. Leaving home August 8 for Hudson FL where our fogged driver’s side window seal failure is to be repaired for the second time. This one is under warranty. Then on to Naples FL for my wife to have knee replacement surgery followed by rehabilitation exercises for 3 months. All in our 40′ Thor Tuscany xte.

  12. We are RVing tomorrow to Lake of the Ozarks State Park, MO to meet our Daughter & her family in their RV for 3 days. Then August 9 we leave to “fly by the seat of our pants” to the FMCA Rally in Minot, ND. We’ll spend at least 2+ weeks just meandering and visiting areas and, hopefully, meet with some friends, who are spending time in their RV in MN.

  13. We use our 30 ft. fifth wheel every month of the year. There are so many things to see; so many things to do; and so many places to go. After RV’ing for 10 yrs and reaching our 70’s, we are picking up the pace. We may be gone from three days to a month. We don’t plan a lot, we just go! No grand kids, no animals. The house, yard, and neighbors seem to get along fine when we’re gone. Life is good!

  14. I own a dry land wheat farm in Eastern Washington and August is our harvest and planting time. I am lucky to get a day off let alone use my rv. But oh boy, looking forward to fall!

  15. Had some family issues keeping us close to home this year but we are squeezing in a week on the Eastern Shore, Chincoteague Island KOA, Virginia. Recently remodeled and closest to Assateague Wildlife Preserve.

  16. After 12 years full-timing, I will spend my last day or so in the RV taking it to a location and putting it on consignment.


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