How accurate are the holding tank gauges on your RV?


Are your RV’s holding tank gauges reliable? Do they accurately show the level of your  holding tanks — black, gray and fresh water — and LP gas?

Or are they never or seldom correct? Curious minds would very much like to know.

It may take a moment for the survey to load, so please stand by.

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4 days ago

My tank level indicators in my 04 Newmar Mountain Aire MADP work perfectly now. They don’t give percentages, but I have no problem with that. They work on the same principles as the SeeLevel© gauges, no probes in the tanks. I installed the SeeLevel gauge system in my last motorhome.
All I had to do to make my gauges work accurately on my Newmar was to reattach the sending units to the outside of the tanks, the adhesive had failed after 14 years.

Bob P
4 days ago
Reply to  Dan

My ‘02 Mountain Aire also worked reliably however they only read E 1/4 1/2 3/4 F with red leds but it was much better than any of my previous RVs.

29 days ago

I use the Calgon and pine sol solution.. Took a while, but sensors are reading correct now..I recommend it to everyone…

Sink Jaxon
8 months ago

My BLK tank always reads full even tho I’ve flushed it out at almost every dump. I bought it new and it worked fine for maybe the first two months. It’s been 1.5 years now. The GRY and FRSH tank registers work fine. They are the push and hold for the red light to come on, type.

Range Rider
8 months ago
Reply to  Sink Jaxon

Order you some Happy Camper additive. It will most likely solve your problem. I get mine from Amazon.

9 months ago

They’re all useless for the most part. Very frustrating that the gray tanks do not work properly. They haven’t on any of our four travel trailers.

Stephen Willey
1 year ago

I checked “very accurate” because I replaced the stock gauge with an electronic tank monitor that uses foil tape on outside of the tanks to sense levels. Bit of work, because the new system needed one more wire from each tank than the original. But it works great. HEY! this hgas been an issue for decades. Why don’t manufacturers update and quit using those cheaper pin through the tank gauges that always foul up?

Colin Grant
1 year ago

My black tank gauge is useless. I`m lucky though if I shine a flashlight down the toilet with the slide open the tank is directly visible below. My grey tank is reasonably accurate but if you fill to the max it will come out on the shower floor which isn`t a problem. Fresh and propane are good. This is on a Pleasure Way Sprinter class B, an older model.

1 year ago

They worked fine for three seasons and that was it. Even had the tanks power-washed and replaced the sensors. Tried almost every tip I read here on RVTravel. Bought cleaners from Amazon with no success. So I just dump them every few days.

Bluebird Bob
1 year ago

We have had a MicroPulse indicator with probes. Have had it now for over 10 years and VERY accurate. Love it!

1 year ago

Ours have not worked from day 1. When we did our inspection I noticed gray tank #1 was reading 3/4 full, gray tank #2 was 1/2 full and the black tank full. The dealer knew they did not work and stated there was nothing they could do about it. According to them that was worked into the price of our brand new 5th wheel. That took them 3 months to get. I never tried getting Grand Designs to warranty it, because I don’t want the dealer to take a few months trying to fix something that they know doesn’t work and then sell it that way anyway.

Sink Jaxon
8 months ago
Reply to  M.J.

Just don’t seem right , does it…

1 year ago

I think one of the choices should have been accurate enough. Usually if it reads 1/2 a tank it gets emptied.

Lynn Benzel
1 year ago

I think the gauges suck. Never tried to correct. Why put out the money. Factory should make it right.

1 year ago

My gauges work fine. I do flush and empty tanks frequently and never but toilet paper in black tank. The outside propane tank gauge is accurate but the gauge inside RV is not accurate. This Class C is my 4 th RV been RVing about 6 months a year for last ten years and RV ing since 1995. I’m 71.

Jim Thompson
1 year ago
Reply to  Brian

So how do you wipe???

1 year ago

For anyone who is interested, here is the link.

1 year ago

My readings on my tanks are accurate because I installed SeeLevel tank sensors. About $100. Worth the price.

Vanessa Simmons
1 year ago

Being solo I empty the black tank every other week and usually the bathroom gray tank at the same time to rinse out the hose. The gauges haven’t been accurate since I bought it two years ago. The kitchen gray tank I empty as needed…sometimes when the water backs up in the sink! 😉

Carl M
1 year ago

My Tech Edge sensors are working well after six months. Install involves a lot of crawling around under the trailer to install foil tape on each tank and run a 3-conductor cable to each tank. The system needs to be properly calibrated after install. My tanks are shallow, so being out of level gives an incorrect reading.

Daniel Pankiewicz
1 year ago

No matter how I empty, the chemical used, multiple clean water flushes, gauges still read full . Thus useless in my opinion.

robert garder
1 year ago

The Seelevel system is available from I have had mine installed for 4 years and am very satisfied with the system. Installation is easy as you can utilize the existing wires. The hardest part is gaining access to the tanks to attach the sensing strips.
I would buy this system again.

1 year ago

Mine are “somewhat accurate AND generally reliable.” Probably the case for many, but can’t choose it the way the choices are written.

Rocky J
1 year ago

I read a comment several years ago that one person recommended putting Calgon in black water ….this will prevent any materials sticking to the sensors.
Note..we still use soap and water to clean out the tanks!!