Do you believe the activities of humans are contributing to global warming?


Are we humans doing things to our planet that is causing it to become dangerously warm? Or it just another weather cycle that has nothing to do with humans? We realize this is a controversial subject, so if you choose to comment, keep it civil and constructive. No name calling. Educated opinions invited. Uneducated ones are not.

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Rich T

There are a few things I don’t hear deniers saying. At the risk of inciting backlash from those who prefer to stick to their own opinions, preferring not to consider evidence, here goes. Disclaimer: While I have participated in science as a student and as a technician, I am not a climatologist and unlike them, I have not spent my entire professional life gathering ice, soil and tree cores, pored over temperature records, developed weather and climate computer models and tested them against historic records, etc, so I cannot join the overwhelming majority who say without a doubt that human… Read more »

Diane Mc

Do I think man is causing pollution which hurts the environment? Yes. Global warming? No. Why did Michael Mann (one of the godfathers of global warming) sue 2 separate individuals when he was challenged as lying about his hockey stick theory, then refused to supply the documents that supported said theory? Case was thrown out. It is a hoax. Maybe it started with some sincere beliefs, but now too many are making a livelihood from it. Receiving large grants from their countries. There are a number of former ‘believers”, one, the former head of Greenpeace, Patrick Moore, as they now… Read more »

Montgomery Bonner

Ok, I said this before, but, I will again. 10,000 years ago, the north hemisphere was covered in ice. No humans, but that ice melted, since no humans, what caused that global warming? Humans do uncountable damage to this planet every day, but to assume, we little beings, are causing the temperature to rise is stupid. Let 30 volcanoes (about annual average) all go off at one time, and you wont be worried about warming, you will be wondering where you can get another blanket, and if their is going to be enough food. Significant forces affect this planet, the… Read more »

Donald S Travis

Re regarding ice ages this is interesting.

“So when we predict future climate changes, including the next glacial period, we need to consider the changes that humans are causing.”

Donald S Travis

Our Earth has gone through 5 mass extinctions, where 80 to 95 per cent of all species in existence at that time were exterminated. And yes, humans were no where around then. Major Continental shifts, massive earthquakes, volcanoes everywhere, asteroids creating massive dust clouds, and more. Most of these took millions of years to evolve, and after that millions more for surviving creatures and plants to adapt to their new emerging environments, creating many very new and different organisms, mammals, fish, birds, plants, etc and finally us humans. All of the underlying causes of our planets past are still at… Read more »

Eric Hill

Our air may be thinner than you think. Half of our air is in the troposphere which is only 4 to 12 miles thick. The breathable air is below 5 mi high, the so called “death zone” above which you need to carry oxygen. If you could drive straight up you could do it in 5 min. So.. If you don’t believe we can pollute that after years of dumping stuff into it then you probably don’t believe we can pollute a river enough for it to catch fire, or that if you live next to a freeway you are… Read more »

Billy Bob Thorton

Look, enough already. The earth has an uncanny ability to clean itself up. Do you realize the science involved here. I’m sick and tired of the doomsday scenarios. I’ll write the next hoax for you. We are going into global cooling period. The current ” experts” will then need time to write the script, to explain away their collective BS that has been spewed over the last couple decades , that the earth is burning up. All of you readers who are old enough to remember the ” science” at the time, in the 70ties, the earth is cooling. Its… Read more »


It’s “chicken little” syndrome. The plankton in the oceans create more oxygen than any other source. Research how much money is being made pushing this narrative of global warming. The entire earth is cyclic. Go back 100 years and see what the weather was on any given day.


I just wish people would clean up their dog’s poop….

John Fleming

1) the Earth is warming . . . It has been in a warming spell since 1700. 2) Man clearly has some effect, but as yet no scientist has been able to quantified it. 3) Global Warming has many positive aspects: The Earth is becoming greener – 50% of the Earth has shown an increase in leaf cover, lower deaths by cold temperatures (a greater cause of death than warmth), As CO2 is plant food, crop yields are increased from 40 to 75% with a doubling of CO2, resulting in billions in savings from reducing commercial fertilization. 4) CO2 is… Read more »

Mark B

Groan. Why did you ask? You can’t ignore CO2 levels are at the highest level in 3 million years, and they’ve climbed exponentially over and over since industrialization. That fact is not a hoax. It’s a measurable fact. We should be able to agree CO2 levels shot up very fast. It doesn’t prove causality; it’s just a fact. And anybody who visited US/Canada/Europe glaciers 20 or 30 years would be able to agree there has been massive shrinkage in those areas. This fact is not a hoax; glaciers are shrinking dramatically. It doesn’t prove causality; it’s just a fact. Maybe… Read more »


Amen. Sure we contribute. But anyone who has seen the signs on the approach to Exit Glacier that show historic dates and distances to the edge of the glacier knows that the ice age is still receding, and has been for a very long time. What disturbs me, living in a country responsible for roughly 10% of CO2 emissions (contributions) in the world, our politicos and others controlling public purse strings think massive spending in this country will have any significant impact in reducing the global warming already under way and driven mostly by mother nature.

John Fleming

Glaciers have been retreating since 1840 as a result of the warming trend that started around 1700. citation Oerlemans, J (2005) Extracting a climate signal from 169 Glacier records. Science 29 April 2006.


Is the earth warming? Absolutely, and it has been since the last glaciation. Are humans contributing to a changing climate? Almost certainly, to some degree – you can’t believe that 7 billion people (and growing) can live on this planet without having some sort of impact, especially with deforestation and the growth of cities. But there are a lot of natural impacts as well (volcanoes and long-term solar cycles to name a couple) that are often ignored or poorly understood. Personally, I don’t think the world as we know it is ending in 12 years (or whatever the latest deadline… Read more »


Man made global warming is a hoax. The premise of carbon dioxide as a driver of global warming is false. Carbon dioxide increases after temperature increases.

Wayne Caldwell

We (my family) live in Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona. This area is, for the most part, an arid climate. And this climate ain’t gonna change. If I want a different, more humid climate, I’ll move to another part of the country. As it is, I like the climate here.

Dry Creek

Sure, climate change is real.
Last winter it was cold here. This summer it has been hot. The climate around here seems to change almost every six months or so. It’s kinda’ eerie.
Luckily, we have the government to save us. As whatever pollutant de jour rises (as measured by government-funded scientists), our taxes can go up to “combat the problem”.
We’re saved now.

Jeff Craig

The fact that 49% of those responding to this survey don’t believe (or ignore, think it’s a hoax, put their own ‘feelings’ above) what Climate Scientists have been finding for two plus decades just goes to show how incredibly stupid humans are. Yes, that’s a harsh – but you know what else is harsh? Flooding due to increased sea levels, mass migration from land loss, collapsing fisheries, melting glaciers, crop failures due to weather extremes…. All things we are seeing an increase in. Climate change is real. Humans are causing it by dumping CO2, Methane and other heat-tapping gasses into… Read more »

Dry Creek

“do like I do and buy carbon offsets from Terrapass”

I love it! A self-imposed guilt tax.

Just send us your money to battle Climate Chaos (TM), and we promise to do good things on your behalf!


I call it Brain washing. I won’t say which way as I’m politically correct. Lol.

John Fleming

I am gladly and proudly a “problem” for people who carry on with the Global Warming man-made crisis religion. It’s people like you who are the problem because there are issues as you stated but you have no solution except to demonize people. There is no evidence that global warming is the cause of the problems you cite. 50% of the world’s land mass increased leaf cover while only 4% decreased. Your “facts” are convenient lies. You are supporting a fake industry that makes Benny Hinn Ministries look like small change. You do realize that the person who created and… Read more »

Warren Sidney

I agree there is climate change. It has always been and will be until the earth is consumed by our sun. Here is some information NASA has kept secret that supports what I have believed for decades:

Victor Bobbitt

One of my favorite places to take the TT Yellowstone. It has hike to specimen ridge to see standing petrified trees that science tells us is a type that only grows in much warmer climate and that the climate here was much warmer. Than you can look out over the valley from this ridge and see boulders that science tells us were left by glaciers. Question. Could humans have done anything to change either of these climates

Andy Zipser

The four stages of denialism, as illustrated by the comments that follow: a) Deny that there’s a problem; climate change is a hoax. b) Concede that global warming is happening, but that it is the result of larger forces, like volcanoes and sunspots; mankind has little if any impact on the total greenhouse burden. c) Acknowledge that mankind contributes to global warming, to a greater or lesser extent, but that there’s nothing we can do about it; the only “solution” is to adapt to an increasingly hostile environment. d) Take comfort in the long view. The earth was around for… Read more »

Billy Bob Thorton

Let’s analyze this;
a) the earth temperature has always changed throughout it’s history
b) global warming ( oh and cooling i.e. maunder minimum always occur over time, due to the fireball in the sky.
c) the environment has been much more ” hostile i.e. ice age, in past earths` history
d) acknowledge that climate and weather are always changing.
e) teach your grandchildren that junk science is a business a.k.a. Al Gore made millions
f) thank Chuck for the forum to discuss this AND
Keep driving our carbon guzzling vehicles to go RVing. Love that about it the best.

chris p hemstead

a) the earth temperature has always changed throughout it’s [sic] history Not in 150 years. b) global warming ( oh and cooling i.e. maunder minimum always occur over time, due to the fireball in the sky. That’s your opinion. Science disagrees. c) the environment has been much more ” hostile i.e. ice age, in past earths` history Yes it has. d) acknowledge that climate and weather are always changing. Again, not in 150 years. e) teach your grandchildren that junk science is a business a.k.a. Al Gore made millions I will teach my grandchildren to respect science, not deny it.… Read more »


to simplify this whole global thing is to say that its all about money and punishment. Its become a political talking point for those who need something to voice an idea which they know little about. sure there is localized problems which are being addressed but our biggest problems are the volcano and the toxins from tropical forest . search the weather in the 1816 era. Also the big lie is the millions of years which no one has a record of and which no one has any idea of the future. what we have is ungodly people trying to… Read more »

Billy Bob Thorton

And that is why it has become big business. Follow the money, if you want to see who is behind this hoax.

Jeff Craig

Hoax? You’re an xxxxx.

Yes. I said it. xxxxx.

RV Staff

Jeff, how many times do we need to say there will be no name-calling, etc., in our comments? You’ve been bleeped. You would have been deleted, but I wanted to reply to your comment. Knock it off! —Diane at

Dennis Johnson

I think it is interesting with all the comments – climate change has been going on for billions of years, for missions of years or for thousands of years and that is very true. However, that does not sound very educated for the length of any family Grand parents to Grand Children. No one has mentioned the number of and speed of the latest and should be highlighted climate changes, we are in the time frame of decades now, folks that is 10 year periods. I was in the US Navy on USS Saratogo and in the Meteorology department –… Read more »


Hard to believe so many people deny the science and hide their heads in the sand.
Maybe Montgomery will be first in line to execute his plan.
You know what they say about roses and coffee

Michael McCray

I agree. Why do people pick and choose what Science to believe in? Science is what brought us advances in field of medicine. Science is what brought you that miracle cell phone. Science brought you all the Space activities. AND, Science says humans are contributing to Global Warming. If you don’t believe, your are either uneducated or choose to put your head “in the sand” and ignore all the evidence. Yes, I know the Earth’s climate changes over thousands and millions of years. Humans are speeding up that natural process. It will be interesting to hear comments when Florida’s beaches… Read more »

Swabbo King

Science is a method of discovery. If you follow the scientific method and you come to certain conclusions, you can claim it is science. It is neither right nor wrong. It will be accepted until someone disproves it and it only takes 1. Usually a scientific belief lasts for about a generation, enough for the promotors to raise to the top of their field and retire with the accolades.


Climate change is normal. It’s happened since the beginning of time.
That said; yes, we contribute to changes in the global warming and cooling cycles by our very existence. Can we reduce some of that effect? Probably to a point.
I don’t believe there is an easy solution.

I have no plans to stop driving my fossil fuel burning vehicles in the near future.

The large mega billion buck corporations could help reduce the pollution levels they emit but it would affect their bottom lines.

I’ll end this right here. None of the choices on the poll fit for me.


Climate change is inevitable! Are humans controlling the climate? In my opinion, NO! If so, why are we worried about hurricane Dorian? 70% of the earth is covered with water. Everything we, humans, create comes from nature, and some day will return to nature and nothing humans do will stop it.

Billy Bob Thorton

If Dorian hits, we will expend a whole lot of fossil fuels to rebuild. Praying that it turns north and back out to sea. Also praying that if it landfall, the crazy climate nuts don’t launch off it preaching the see, I told you so routine. But, those are a certain breed and yes they will, unfortunately. Cross your fingers on this storm.


There is one type of climate change to worry about. It will ruin our day. Some time in the next few billion years, give or take, the sun will burn through it’s supply of hydrogen fuel and move on to helium and on up the periodic table to heavier and heavier elements. As this happens, the sun grows in size until at some point it’s corona will reach out beyond Earth’s orbit. Before that happens, we will have runaway global warming, as the insolation boils away the oceans and ultimately sterilizes the earth. You”ll want to replace your land yacht… Read more »

Billy Bob Thorton

Buy your tickets from that nut who builds the electric cars that never made a dime in profit. Sounds like a plan to me.

Tim Holcombe

So, I wonder how many comments, besides mine, were deleted.

The Seattle, Starbuck-drinking SJW’s at RVTravel strike again.

Carry on, boys and girls.

RV Staff

Several people are moderating the comments, Tim, in addition to the built-in filters, so I’m not sure what your comment was. But from what I’ve seen today, your comment (whatever it was) was among a very select few to get deleted. If you can make a civil, constructive observation, without slamming anyone (including us) or anything, go for it. I’ll be looking for it. Thanks, Tim. —Diane at

Montgomery Bonner

Ok, just yesterday on the news, scientists found that 3.5 million years ago sea levels were 58 feet higher than today, hmmm, what caused that? About 10,000 years ago, mankind was not alive, no humans on this earth, and the northern hemisphere was covered in ice, and all of a sudden that ice melted, what caused that? Currently, our earth has experienced the lowest level of solar activity in many decades, (and if you don’t think the sun is the largest contributor to our weather, you need your own planet without sun so you get it) which increased solar radiation,… Read more »

Billy Bob Thorton

Excellent information. Unfortunately the hoaxes will think something like ” pass the ketchup”, as they turn their noses high.

Swabbo King

Surely you jest? What sort of deranged monster advocates for a human genocide? If you think there’s to many humans feel free to off yourself anytime you want.

Thomas Becher

I remember going to the Biosphere 2 in Tucson Az years back and seeing a display saying “The Earth was a lot cooler and a lot hotter” . I believe that weather is cyclical. The Earth ? spins on an axis that wobbles. What does a wobble of 50 miles,100 miles do to warming? A lot I bet. I’m sure that ok th co2 contributes but the volcanoes in Hawaii last year dumps tons of ash and co2 into he air. That’s ok, it’s natural I guess

Jane B Cripps

Go outside when it’s 100F and walk on asphalt. Do the same when it’s below zero. The heat and cold retained by all the established transportation infrastructure is a huge man-made contribution to global warming. As are the small through huge concrete jungles (industry, manufacturing, housing, commercial) that have been/are being built. Then take into account the amount of vegetation that has been removed to accommodate roads and buildings as well as huge acreage stripped due to logging, agriculture, etc. and you cannot deny the contribution to global warming. Don’t forget the tons of garbage hauled from cities, every day,… Read more »


No matter how “huge concrete jungles” get, 70% of the Earth is covered with water! Everything we humans create comes from nature, and some day nature will take it back! We can not control the weather, nor climate. One eruption of a major volcano will do more to change “climate” than you ever will. EPA REGULATIONS are killing us. Not climate change.

Billy Bob Thorton

Respectfully, please don’t tell me you drive one of those big class A’s we all wish we could afford.


You are referring to heat islands which do exist. But the increase in temperature is very localized and not global. And the warming is caused by the sun, not carbon dioxide.

Gene Bjerke

Another data point: The late 14th century saw a brief period of cooling called the “Little Ice Age,” Temperatures dropped enough to cause increased sea ice in the Arctic. This effect coincided with a massive drop of population, especially in Europe, caused by the “Black Death” bubonic plague. Coincidence? Maybe, maybe not, but it looks connected to a lot of people.

Paul Relgne

Earth’s weather and the climate have been ‘weaponized’ and ‘politicized’ by MSM and those with an Agenda. These MSM propaganda affects can be clearly seen by the replies of many readers. Earth’s climate has always changed periodically and will continue to do so.. .


I said yes only because of the key word “contributing”. Global warming seems to go in cycles, but I am reasonably certain the population explosion along with related activities (energy, transportation, agriculture – and loss of forests) is contributing. How much of a contribution is human activity? I would answer “I don’t know” to that question.

Michael Fiehler

The climate by definition always is changing. Man can not speed it up or slow it down. If the earth warmed and cooled before we were present by other forces why do you think it would be different now?


I don’t follow your logic, Michael. Yes, the climate is always changing–but how do you conclude that man cannot speed it up or slow it down? Yes, the earth warmed and cooled before we were present–but it’s precisely because we are here that “it would be different now.”

chris p hemstead

Man most certainly can, which is exactly what science is trying to tell us, but many are simply too stubborn to believe it. Yes, climate changes, but over thousands of years, not 150 as we’re seeing now. THAT is the big difference.

Glenda Alexander

I believe that the climate is changing and that human activities are contributing to it. However, I’m not sure it’s possible to place an exact percentage on the impact caused by our activities because the climate has always gone through major cycles. That said, it makes sense to try to reduce our impact in every way possible. I just wish it could be accomplished without so much wrangling and political charges and counter charges! It’s a matter of science — not politics, religion, etc.


I remember when Wyoming was a tropical swamp, full of dinosaurs. OK, I’m relying on fossil evidence for that, but the Bible says one rainy spell lasted forty days and nights, and God told Jacob there would be seven years of plenty followed by seven years of famine. Along about year 6 most people probably had pretty dim memories of the years of plenty. My point is that the climate is always changing, and we need to adapt, as has been mentioned. Whether a 400 square foot motor”home” travelling about uses less energy and other resources than a 4,000 square… Read more »

Seann Fox

Yes Man does contribute to global warming but only a small percentage. this is the third round of global warming our planet has gone through the first two rounds were basically before man was on Earth how do you explain that if it’s man-caused? how much greenhouse gases did the volcanoes that are constantly erupting pump into the atmosphere?

Andy Zipser

The question was whether we believe humans are contributing to global warming–not whether humans are the sole source of global warming, or whether they can or should do anything about global warming. Despite the naysayers, there is no doubt that global warming is a real thing, with worldwide average temperatures up 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit since 1880. Two-thirds of that increase has occurred since 1975. Meanwhile, the greenhouse gas burden on the atmosphere has increased by 35% since 1990, and a significant–if not preponderant–source of greenhouse gases is human activity. Inaccurate arguments about climate do not address these points, nor do… Read more »


You’re asking if people believe a scientific fact. And nearly 50% of your readers don’t. Sad.


Exactly this. ^^^

chris p hemstead

I wasn’t aware so many RVers were climate experts.

Richard West

EVERYTHING revolves around Money and Power, with Emotion thrown in. BOTH sides of this issue are looking to increase their allotment of the first two, by using the third. Realize this and protect yourself.
IMO – Nothing has caused more harm to mankind than organized religion.

dw / ND

Climate change? Of course it is! I don’t know where you are located – but I know a few billion years ago where I am there was a huge glacier. So where did it go? It receded/melted many millennia before man/woman and cars or airplanes arrived on the scene.


We most certainly affect the water quality and the air quality but weather? Not really! We are still breaking records of heat & cold from long before the Industrial Age!

Captn John

Global Warming made Al Gore a billionaire. Then it is proven it is not really warming so put ‘climate change’ in the Kool Aid to keep the money coming in. Well, the climate does change and will continue to do so and not a damned thing people can do about it. Well maybe cow farts can be captured and used to make electricity?

Gene Bjerke

That’s not so crazy. I read about a pig farmer in South Africa that dumped all his pig manure into a anarobic digester, which produced methane. He piped off the methane and used it to run his generator. That’s how he got all the electricity for his farm.

Howard Randol

I thought this was an RV newsletter but recently we’ve done guns and now climate change. What’s next, abortion?

Patrick Granahan

Fact is the media has been pushing the “climate-change” agenda with a lot of distorted “facts”.
The latest wave of “fake news” is blaming cow farts and pushing the idea of everyone eating vegetable
Based artificial meat….even Burger King is offering fake vegetable based burgers.
Weather patterns have always run in cycles…..from ice age to extreme warming….one following the other.
Can’t change the weather……can’t fix stupid.
Enjoy your Vegy Burger…I’ll stick with beef.

Kaeleen Buckingham

I believe they asked for civil comments and no name calling. “can’t fix stupid” is not civil and close to name calling.

Greg Illes

This is what most people know/understand about climate change and global warming: – click-bait media articles – widely-quoted “97% consensus” from the hugely-biased Australian paper (Cook) – daily weather reports and “records” – theoretical extrapolations from dozens of weather/climate models which are in constant change and disagreement – steady barrages of “virtue signalling” from vested interests (political) and the completely uninformed (celebrities) It’s HARD to get to the real science and gain a deep understanding. But it’s easy to see that world governments are not going to act decisively or in unison, and therefore, NOTHING we can rave about or… Read more »


“IT Kim” took away the upvote buttons again… :-S If it were active, I’d upvote Greg as one of the most rational comments. I’ll add… – Human environmental change is mathematically and chemically measurable. If ALL 7 Billion of we hairless apes moved back into caves with no fossil fuels, or ALL 7 billion of us drove our cars everytime we went more than 50 feet, it would STILL only swing the temperature of the planet a few hundredths of a degree. A typical solar flare can swing the average global temperature by several degrees. Does this mean we should… Read more »

Dolph Santorine

Thanks Wolfe. Nicely done.

T Scott Inman

Thanks Wolfe, Your analysis parallels mine. Of the total climate equation, human activity accounts for 2% of it. So this is as you stated, all about control.

We should be focusing on the big Pacific trash circle, it’s cause, prevention and clean up.
Thanks for listening.

RV Staff

Hi, Wolfe. The plug-in which allowed voting was interfering with our website. “IT Kim” is working on it. Patience, Grasshopper. 😀 —Diane at


Another up vote. Thanks much Wolfe.

Dolph Santorine

Nicely Put, Greg. Thanks.


Thanks Greg. Very well said. An upvote would be useful right now.

Bill Brogan

Let’s say it’s both human activity AND planetary climate cycles if that will calm everyone down. That still leaves human and other animal life in serious jeopardy in the short term. Can we be united in a rational response? Can we respond at all? If not, we may be the last species on the planet standing.


Is there evidence that It’s even a problem, assuming there’s something we can do about it? Historically, warmth is better for life than cold. Cold weather creates more severe storms that kill more humans and other species than heat. Is the climate warming? I believe if you look at the raw data, you’d see that 1997 was the warmest year on record. Since then the temperature has receded some, although probably not enough to be significant. Anything less than 1 degree C is well within the error bars. There is significant evidence to suggest that the single most important factor… Read more »


First, it was massive cooling – the on coming ice age. Then when that missed fired because no one told Mother Nature, the liberal politicians changed to “climate change.” The climate changes every day. But, if you want to baffle the long term challenged, just change the name. Either way, you can tax people and live in the big house.
At one time, Saint Al Gore’s electric bill was in excess of $10,000 a month. Just you little people need to sweat.

Terry Moseley

God is the creator of this earth. He is in full control. There is nothing any man alive can do anything about what happens with the climates or this so called global warming. If one reads and believe the Holy Bible which is the book we should pattern our lives after, then U will see that the one that created this world has said that in the last day, many things will change, even man will change. When the end of this age comes to pass, it will all be destroyed by fire. And God himself is the ONLY one… Read more »


to simplify this whole global thing is to say that its all about money and punishment. Its become a political talking point for those who need something to voice an idea which they know little about. sure there is localized problems which are being addressed but our biggest problems are the volcano and the toxins from tropical forest . search the weather in the 1816 era. Also the big lie is the millions of years which no one has a record of and which no one has any idea of the future. what we have is ungodly people trying to… Read more »


Read this book: The Climate Chronicles: Inconvenient Revelations You Won’t Hear From Al Gore–And Others

Stephan Salvesen

Your religion is something you ‘believe in” or not. This is science, and there has been plenty of money put up by businesses that don’t want you to “believe in” Climate change being caused by our human activities.
When scientists tell you a volcano is about to explode, do you decide whether or not to believe their data? When they tell you the earth is round, do you deny that reality too?


Kind of rich Stephan… not realizing that the global warming/climate change/weather weirding followers are on the side of science and how this topic has become a religion to them/you.


Scientist are notoriously wrong about a lot of things. In the 90’s Stephan Hawking declared that there was no God because the universe was going to implode in a big crunch; therefore he reasoned it was just another cycle. Many lost their faith, because after all, Hawking was the scientist of scientists. Later he must have recalculated and changed his mind, and now the universe is forever expanding, but God. .. In the 80’s all the “smart scientists” ridiculed a little known doctor from Australia, Dr. Barry Marshall who claimed ulcers were caused not from too much acid in the… Read more »


As Einstein said,”No amount of experimentation can ever prove me right; a single experiment can prove me wrong.”




Read “The Manic Sun” if you want an explanation of why solar cycles cause global climate changes.


Average age for RV’ers is around 65-70. Therefore, most don’t care about the climate because they will be dead soon enough. If they have grandchildren and their children will be the ones paying for their grandparents failures to the world. Climate change is real. The baby boomer generation accelerated climate change through greed. It has never been enough for them and continues to be not enough based on comments here.

Billy Bob Thorton

Look, I hate to spoil a good hoax but we just entered what is called a solar minimum. That means it is a certainty that temperatures will be decreasing. Oh, and by the way, there has been no appreciable increase in temperature over the last few decades, that was discovered to be the alarmists fiddling with the recorded data. When they got caught, they just came up with some mumbo jumbo cockamamy double speak. You know, unscientific responses. Here is the real story. How will the alarmists spin it to their advantage to keep the funding of studies going. We… Read more »


Read your Victorian literature, where kids were sledding out of second-story windows routinely. Read documents from early American settlers, where they were trapped in their houses by 10′ snowfalls that were TYPICAL. I recall reading about settlers keeping a ladder by the door, so when they tunneled out of their door they would be able to climb on TOP of the snow, and years that winter or summer never came. Modern folks seem to have no idea how far weather trends are SUPPOSED to swing on this here planet… all part of the recent arrogance that we CAN control everything… Read more »

RV Staff

I remember as a little kid in the late ’40s 😯 that the snow was so deep in Seattle that my sister and I could build tunnels through it. 😀 —Diane at

Billy Bob Thorton

Diane, move to the northeast if you miss those good old days. Thanks for hosting this lively discussion.

RV Staff

Ha ha! I said I remember it — I didn’t say I wanted to experience it again, Billy Bob. I’m very happy living in the “mild” Pacific Northwest. 😀 —Diane at


Boy oh boy is there a lot of ignorance in the results of that poll! This is an RV newsletter and 51% of RVers think that humans are causing the myth of global warming?

You 51% need to put your money where you mouth is and sell your RV!

Billy Bob Thorton

Or, insulate it better!


My sentiment, exactly.


Yes, there is global warming. Yes, the activities of people do contribute. However, no government anywhere is going to reverse the process or prevent the change – no matter how much money, how many rules, or good intentions.

The issue is not to prevent global warming. The issue is to prepare to live with the consequences.

Philip Sponable

unpredictable cycle that has been going on for billions of years… Mother Nature will win, Earth will be fine… humans may have to worry.

John Goodell

Can we afford to be wrong about climate change?

Billy Bob Thorton

Climate ALWAYS changes. Which costs money to cool as well as to heat. What we can’t afford is stupidity beyond 50% of the voting public. That we can’t afford long-term.


Yes, climate change is a fact, and humans contribute to it. The ongoing problem is educating everyone about ways to reduce it, and provide more environmental protection, not reduce it as we are going through right now! We can all have input on it, and help save the planet-just VOTE!


More like the voice of denial

Billy Bob Thorton

I own this bridge in Brooklyn, are you interested in buying it. No seriously, please look at the science, you have been lied too, at the expense of the elite. If you do your due diligence and look at science, you will have a light bulb moment.

Arthur Mullis

Climate Change has been ongoing for 4.5 BILLION years, the time our planet has been around since the formation of the solar system! Man has only been around for roughly the last 2 MILLION years (or about .001% of the age of the planet). Who or what was causing the climate change before man came on the scene?


Thanks for your logical comment. Most people are not concerned with truth.

Randy Walker

You are correct. The climate has always changed. It will continue to change. Mankind cannot change enough light bulbs and drive enough electric cars to stop hurricanes, tornados, snow blizzards, flooding, etc. to change weather patterns.
The USA is one of the cleanest countries; if you’re concerned about GW/CC start with China, North Korea and other countries that don’t care and have very little restrictions on bad emissions.
People forget that temps in the summer are hot, and cold in the winter. What’s the temperature supposed to be?

Billy Bob Thorton

Your right on China, they are polluting on a massive scale. N. Korea on the other hand is so backwards unless they do the radiation two step, their imprisoned people barely have enough food to eat each winter. I’d add India and remove N. Korea. Just sayin’


The USA is not one of the cleanest countries. We are second behind China as the worlds biggest CO2 generators, with India at less than half of what we emit.
We are slowly turning a corner, but at 5 billion metric tons of CO2 generated per year, and 7 billion tons of total greenhouse gas emissions, we’re still emitting more than we were twenty years ago.


Let’s forget that carbon dioxide is fertilizer. Much of the planet is greener today than it was even 100 years ago. The areas that aren’t, aren’t because of other sources of pollution, not carbon dioxide, which is not a pollutant, but a natural part of the atmosphere. Our current levels are still within the range of the planet pre-human.

Billy Bob Thorton

You sir are confusing CO2 with pollution. CO2 is a naturally occurring gas that is consumed by trees, plants, etc., and turned into oxygen, which makes up part of the air we breath. You want to see America live and up close back in the 50ties, early 60ties take a trip to China in 2019. The sad part is they should have learned from our path, but they refused too. Western nations are the model of how to treat the environment, take a lesson from us, we have come a long way. I will not listen to those who say… Read more »

Billy Bob Thorton

Ask Al Gore, I know he knows.

Edward Wullschleger

I agree that the climate is always changing (very slowly compared to human lifetimes). It’s also very difficult to be certain about the specific causes because the Earth’s climate is so complex. It’s an interesting topic but annoying that it has become so political. I’m “not concerned about climate change” because I know that it’s always been and always will be with us.