Would you bend over to pick up a dime?


Would you bend over to pick up a dime? In the past we’ve asked you if you would pick up a penny and then a nickel.

So what about a dime? Would you go to the trouble of bending over to pick it up?

Curious minds truly do want to know.

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Late to this party, but what is with the poll requiring an email before you can see the results? I’m not a fan, and I’ll probably stop participating in the polls entirely if this is the new normal.

Gene Bjerke

I had always heard that it was good luck to find a penny (probably from the days when a penny was worth something), so it would be ten times good luck to find a dime.


Found a dime just yesterday. Picked it up and gave it to my friend with the intent of passing her good luck.


When I see a dime on the ground, I drop a 5 dollar bill next to it and then pick them both up. I’m not bending over for no dime!!! LOL!

Eric M.

I got a popup when I voted, asking for my email address to view the results (they were covered by the popup). I closed the tab and re-opened from the newsletter again. The results were there. I don’t know who the popup was from but they wanted me to OK emails from them. It looked like it was RV Travel, but I don’t think so.

Thomas Becher

A friends wife bent over to pick up a penny,got dizzy and fell into a clothes rack while shopping. Broke her hand near the thumb. Medical bills exceeded $35 k.


At the end of the week, most of my change goes into a pot for charity. So yes, every dime and even penny is saved.


If I see a dime it’s just not worth picking it up with my bad back so I simply drop 3 quarters next to it and pick up 85 cents.

Vanessa Simmons

Even for a penny. I have a 1 year old granddaughter and I keep every penny I get or find; facing up of course! Those not facing up i’ll kick to see if it flips. When she turns 5 i’ll keep every nickel, 10 every dime.

Dave Dobesh

My brother actually did an experiment and determined with the time it takes to pick up a penny, you are making $14 per hour. Picking up a dime, you would be making 10 times that or $140 per hour.

Diane M

Of course I would pick up a dime, a penny, a nickel, any of them. When you’ve been raised poor, even a penny on the ground feels serendipitous!


I’m one of the 4% and I appreciate you being a thorn in the RV industry’s side.

Captn John

I metal detect and pick up trash I dig as well.

Joe H

For many years I have picked up any money I see on the ground. I have found everything from pennies to twenty dollar bills. All of it goes to charity.

Marilyn M

For my first 19 years my parents who immigrated from Holland taught me to pick up a penny. Then for almost 29 years the Military drilled into me to keep my head & eyes ups up as they had already picked up all the money on the ground! So I got really good at keeping my head up but scanning the ground ahead of me for change. Not very many pennies around in Canada any longer so glad to be in USA where I can find pennies to my hearts content.