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Brian Moore
1 month ago

I had a motorcycle hitch carrier stolen off the back of my class A. I didn’t take the necessary precautions. We can’t stop a determined thieve but take it from me – take the time (for your sake) to make it more difficult for opportunist.

Leon and Patti Schneider
2 months ago

Only while sitting in storage. All the rv’s inside our bay were broken into. Most had doors pried open. We had a window partially open to vent (it was very hot) and the thieves pried it open the rest of the way, thankfully not breaking it. All they took from us was our handheld vacuum cleaner motor (not the nozzle or wand) and a mobile GPS.

6 months ago

Our bicycles were chained to the picnic bench overnight. They were gone the next morning, but the bike lock chain (which was supposed to be very tough to cut) was cut through. Lesson learned.

Bill Semion
6 months ago

An old, raggedy boat cover stoats still worked, but I’m sure the thief was surprised when opening it. Another issue: the cover was custom fitted to my boat. Why would they want it?

7 months ago

Y es, in Sioux Falls some pranksters pulled up as we slept and they removed our camper ice box. Kids….watchagonado?

8 months ago

At Oasis (outside of Las Vegas), as the owner of a new rig that I was in the process of fixing up, after I replaced its ugly bathroom door with a nice curtain, I left the pleated, plastic door on my site’s picnic table while I went out for lunch. This was both to deter people from taking my site and also because I was still in the process of figuring out how (or whether) to store and possibly re-use this door later on. That question was quickly answered for me because it was gone when I got back. Possibly the maintenance staff thought it was trash?

5 months ago
Reply to  Jean

Oasis is a top notch RV park that when you arrive you drive through a gated area and then greeted by a guard directing you to where you need to go. All sites are assigned and there are no people driving around looking for sites. The help that work there saw your trash on the table and removed it probably think some lowlife left it there.

9 months ago

We were camped at Grand Canyon in our first travel trailer 10-15 years ago and had a couple of nice reclining camp chairs stolen at night. The only thing that stays outside would be the Harley and it’s normally cable locked through both wheels!

1 year ago

In ‘95 we visited Carlsbad State Park In So. Ca. on the first trip in a brand new motorhome. As we checked in, the girl at the gate told us to put our bikes in at night. I questioned her, and she said yes put the inside your motorhome at night. I thought that’s crazy, I’m not putting bikes inside our brand new motorhome. We left our bikes clamped and locked on the bike rack that night. Sure enough, we got up to discover the lock had been cut, hardware removed and one bike gone. We’ve never been back.
We were at Yucaipa Regional park in So. Ca. when it was obviously neighborhood residents, that roamed the campground and took ice chests, skateboards, bikes, and anything that wasn’t locked. The sheriff said it had been going on and was the locals. Now there are signs advising to lock things and get to know your neighbors.

1 year ago

Towels that were drying on the picnic table

1 year ago

Had our extended mirrors taken right off truck! Only been in camp for an overnight so we didn’t bother to take them off. Learned that lesson

Carolyn Watkins
1 year ago

Yes, in a campground in Central California. Someone stole both of our dog tie outs.

1 year ago

Yes we had a lawn ornament stolen. Even had one “exchanged” for a broken one!

1 year ago

I was camping with a friend in the Thousand Islands area of Canada at a family owned campgrounds. Where I have stayed many times and it was not to far from where I lived in Upstate NY. We had gotten there early on a Friday and gotten everything set up and headed to town to go to the store and pick a few things up. When we got back there was a young couple with two small kids setting up their tent on the site next to us they were having so trouble with the tent so we gave them a hand. They told us that they made plans to on a tour boat ride for three hours of the Thousand Islands on Saturday. I had done it before and told them it was lots of fun. We rented a boat for Saturday and were going out fishing. We headed out early Saturday to go fishing and they were having breakfast. They wished us good luck fishing and we told to have fun on the tour boat. When we got back in the late afternoon their campsite was empty all packed up and gone? We thought that maybe one of the kids got sick and they left and went home or something? About an hour later around 3 in the afternoon they pulled in from their boat tour and everything was gone stolen!

Bill Mullinax
1 year ago

Last year someone took my 30 amp electrical cord and 50 to 30 amp electrical connections cord. I learned to keep the compartment doors locked.

James Teal
1 year ago

Small fridge we used outside, two coolers

Rita M. Black
1 year ago

The only time I can remember something going missing was about 50 years ago. It was a fancy citronella candle that was on our table. We believe some child took it.

Ted Werner
1 year ago

I apologize to those who are offended when I lock my rig up as we head to the clubhouse. It is not my neighbors who I am locking out; it is someone who may be wandering through and is looking for an “opportunity”.

1 year ago

Foolishly left my propane stove out on the picnic table at Grand Canyon. Stolen.

Jim Roberts
1 year ago

I had a new unlocked folding bicycle stolen at a big RV Rally in the fair grounds in central Orlando about 10 years ago.

Steve Nelson
1 year ago

Approximately 3 years ago we had 1 folding camp chair stolen from our campsite. We had two chairs out but they took only one chair, go figure