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Sharon Fierst
2 months ago

Drove from Washington state to Sefner, Florida to pick up our new Tiffin. My husband bought it on line and we would do it again.

2 months ago

WOW – 45% traveled more than 150 miles – that has to make service work a pain! But I suppose if you really like the dealer!

2 months ago
Reply to  Steve

Our warranty work was honored at authorized dealers nationwide.

Mike & Cathi Stark
3 months ago

Factory direct from Elkhart, so we drove from Washington to Indiana.

ann m
3 months ago

i flew to ft. myers, florida from rochester, ny to find the model (used) i wanted. drove it home. that was in 2004. i’m still enjoying it.

ann m
3 months ago
Reply to  ann m

it’s a class B american cruiser.

Sharon B
5 months ago

I found my TT on 7 years ago. I first flew to Wisconsin to see it and later after the ice and snow subsided I drove from Miami to Wisconsin to pick it up. Looked for over 2 years to find what I wanted at the price that fit. Still very happy with it.

6 months ago

Drove from west central Ga. to Walcott Iowa saved $5800.00 on identical rv locally! Cheyenne Camper Sales was great!!

John Irvine
6 months ago

2500 from GA to WA to get an ORV trailer, don’t sell them in the East

Jackson Sheesley
6 months ago

We bought our “2016 Gulfstream Gulfbreeze Champagne Edition 30RKS (35 feet Rear Kitchen 2 – Slides)” 8 mile’s from our home… At “Crain RV”,,, Little Rock, ARkansas 72210

Doug P
7 months ago

Travelled from Florida to Indiana, where it was made and saved over $5000

Rick Rund
7 months ago

Drove maybe 8 miles to the “local” RV show. Got a super deal. The storage unit is further than was the show…

8 months ago

Ordered our new Teton Homes back in 2007 by computer; Left Newport, NC and traveled to Casper, WY to pick it up. Traded in our “old” 1997 Teton and switched all our belongings over to the new one. Left Casper and made a shake down trip to Cody, WY, then lit out for North Carolina via Houston, Texas. Both Tetons are/were excellent, Present Teton now has about 90,000 miles on it and we are still happy with it.

Galen L Yoder
8 months ago

In Sept 2017 we drove to Cheyenne Camper Sales in Walcott, Iowa from Quartzsite,Az. And bought a 2017 Rpod 180 trailer. With all the trailer dealers in Quartzsite, we saved $5000 on the sale at Cheyenne Camper Sales . No Gimmics,great sale. Bought many trailers in 60 years of camping, but this is the best Dealer We ever dealt with. Still own the trailer, and travel all summer in it.

Neal G
8 months ago

Drove from Birmingham AL to Walcott IA -about 750 miles one way- to buy an RPod from Cheyenne Camping Center. Saved about $3500 over what the local dealer was asking! Factor in gas/time & I still came out way ahead.

John Zander
9 months ago

My Wife and I saw a model that we really liked but the local dealers marked it way up. Purchased the same model in western Michigan and had a delivery service drive it halfway to where we live and we met in a WalMart parking lot to take delivery from the delivery service. Saved five grand and the after sale service has been great!

9 months ago

About as far apart as one can get within the US. 4000+ miles, diagonally across the country, Alaska to Florida. Well worth it for a great, hard to get RV.. Missed out on 2 others a lot closer but still far enough away that they sold before I could get there.

Dave J
9 months ago

We traveled around western Wyoming, Northwestern Nebraska, and a bit into North Dakota before we ended up buying our first rig about 50 mile from home in Piedmont, SD. It got a bit too small 30 foot TT, (kind of funny how they seem to shrink) so we went looking again. Again back to the same place and found a three slide 34 foot copper canyon set up the way we wanted it. So altho we traveled a few hundred miles looking we ended up buying from what is essentially a local dealer.

10 months ago

750 miles….And I am tickled to death I did.

1 year ago

Drove 400 miles one way to a camping world in N.Y, only to be bate and switched by them. Went 450 miles the next weekend to Connecticut and bought my 5er from a private owner, Got a better deal and couldn’t be happier.

Bob p
9 months ago
Reply to  Mark

Another enlightened almost CW customer. Three years ago we were in FL for a few months. We had a 99 Bounder that looked good but the F53 Ford chassis was trying to self destruct. Our daughter and son in law was with us in the 5th wheel and wanted to go to CW for something so we went with them or they went with us since we had the car. While there we decided to look at used motor homes. My wife was alway talking about class Cs since they had one when her and her late husband were a young family. After being showed several class Cs that looked worse than our class A, and fed a pile of BS from the salesman we decided we had much better than they were selling. Right after then is when all the bad news started coming out about Marcus Lemonis’ business practices. I’m glad we didn’t find anything nice.

Gene Bjerke
1 year ago

We bought our first RV locally. We traded it in on our second RV while we were on a trip at the other end of the country. We traded that one in on our present RV on a trip to Florida (we live in Virginia). I expect to keep this one into the indefinite future.

Jeff Nordyke
1 year ago

I drove 4500 miles round trip from Austin, TX to Quebec City, CA and back. That was after waiting 18 months from placing an order to picking up our new Safari Condo Alto 1713 (teardrop) trailer. It was a long wait and a long trip but well worth it. The design and quality of workmanship are excellent and this trailer retains its value like no other.