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How far did you travel to buy your present RV?

Did you buy your current RV locally or travel farther away to get a good deal, or maybe a model you really liked?

Please feel free to leave a message if you have something interesting to say (of course, you do!).


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Little H
7 months ago

Driving from Texas to Pennsylvania to pick up my new Prolite only US dealership made in Canada 1500 miles

Judy zumwalt
11 months ago

ABOUT 600 miles: St. George, UT to Phoenix, AZ. We were visiting our daughter in Phoenix and decided to visit Tom’s Camperland in nearby Surprise even though they told us they didn’t have any of the Arctic Fox truck camper models that interested us. Got out of the car and were met head on by the exact model we had been seeking! Turns out the buyer had run into financial difficulties the day before and couldn’t buy it. so we did. Right place, right time!

Steven P
11 months ago

2100 miles from Indiana to Washington

Ron Aiello
1 year ago

1800 mile. Flew to Houston, TX. and drove back to New Jersey. Wonderful time on the road.

Steven Perkinson
1 year ago

1,873 flying miles, 2,200 miles plus driving back home. We flew into Seattle, WA from Indianapolis, IN to purchase a class a RV from an individual and drive it home. It was a wonderful once in a lifetime trip. This is our first class a

Paul Mooter
1 year ago

Yup..over 2500 miles! Flew from Spokane, WA to Greensboro, SC. Did everything wrong, but it’s turned out to be great! We only saw the RV for a short test drive, which ended with a stop engine light, the PO taking it to a shop, and we never saw it again until the shop called 4 days later and said, “It’s fixed!” (Long story), hopped in it, and drove it back to Spokane. NOT WITHOUT SOME ISSUES…but none of them were serious..just due to it being parked in a rain forest and very poor maintenance having been performed. This 2005 Newmar Essex 4502 is a dream to drive AND live in! OH MY GOODNESS THE ROOM INSIDE! Of course we’re coming from a 32′ gas rig with no slides, so this looks like a mansion! Due to the market, we knew we had to act fast, and with unusual characteristics, we did! After we sent a $5K deposit, 1.5 hours later, a guy showed up at the sellers door with a bag filled with CASH! He had to tell’s sold! WHEW! That was a close call. Missed out on many previously.

Perry Butler
2 years ago

We drove from Lanesboro,Minnesota, to Escape’s manufacturing plant in Chilliwack, BC, to Sumas, Washington, over 2,000 miles, to pick up our Escape. Escape brings the camper across the border (Sumas, WA) and handles all the border paperwork. Eazy Peazy!

I can do 90% of the service work and know how to deal with warranty claims. My career involved warranty claims.

Last edited 2 years ago by Perry Butler
Sharon Fierst
2 years ago

Drove from Washington state to Sefner, Florida to pick up our new Tiffin. My husband bought it on line and we would do it again.

2 years ago

WOW – 45% traveled more than 150 miles – that has to make service work a pain! But I suppose if you really like the dealer!

2 years ago
Reply to  Steve

Our warranty work was honored at authorized dealers nationwide.

Perry Butler
2 years ago
Reply to  Steve

There are plenty of mobile RV repairmen available. Plus, you can watch when they’re at your location. No RV dealership that I know allows the customer to watch.

Mike & Cathi Stark
2 years ago

Factory direct from Elkhart, so we drove from Washington to Indiana.

ann m
2 years ago

i flew to ft. myers, florida from rochester, ny to find the model (used) i wanted. drove it home. that was in 2004. i’m still enjoying it.

ann m
2 years ago
Reply to  ann m

it’s a class B american cruiser.

Sharon B
2 years ago

I found my TT on 7 years ago. I first flew to Wisconsin to see it and later after the ice and snow subsided I drove from Miami to Wisconsin to pick it up. Looked for over 2 years to find what I wanted at the price that fit. Still very happy with it.

2 years ago

Drove from west central Ga. to Walcott Iowa saved $5800.00 on identical rv locally! Cheyenne Camper Sales was great!!

John Irvine
2 years ago

2500 from GA to WA to get an ORV trailer, don’t sell them in the East

Jackson Sheesley
2 years ago

We bought our “2016 Gulfstream Gulfbreeze Champagne Edition 30RKS (35 feet Rear Kitchen 2 – Slides)” 8 mile’s from our home… At “Crain RV”,,, Little Rock, ARkansas 72210

Doug P
3 years ago

Travelled from Florida to Indiana, where it was made and saved over $5000

Rick Rund
3 years ago

Drove maybe 8 miles to the “local” RV show. Got a super deal. The storage unit is further than was the show…

3 years ago

Ordered our new Teton Homes back in 2007 by computer; Left Newport, NC and traveled to Casper, WY to pick it up. Traded in our “old” 1997 Teton and switched all our belongings over to the new one. Left Casper and made a shake down trip to Cody, WY, then lit out for North Carolina via Houston, Texas. Both Tetons are/were excellent, Present Teton now has about 90,000 miles on it and we are still happy with it.

Galen L Yoder
3 years ago

In Sept 2017 we drove to Cheyenne Camper Sales in Walcott, Iowa from Quartzsite,Az. And bought a 2017 Rpod 180 trailer. With all the trailer dealers in Quartzsite, we saved $5000 on the sale at Cheyenne Camper Sales . No Gimmics,great sale. Bought many trailers in 60 years of camping, but this is the best Dealer We ever dealt with. Still own the trailer, and travel all summer in it.

Neal G
3 years ago

Drove from Birmingham AL to Walcott IA -about 750 miles one way- to buy an RPod from Cheyenne Camping Center. Saved about $3500 over what the local dealer was asking! Factor in gas/time & I still came out way ahead.

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