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Drove 400 miles one way to a camping world in N.Y, only to be bate and switched by them. Went 450 miles the next weekend to Connecticut and bought my 5er from a private owner, Got a better deal and couldn’t be happier.

Gene Bjerke

We bought our first RV locally. We traded it in on our second RV while we were on a trip at the other end of the country. We traded that one in on our present RV on a trip to Florida (we live in Virginia). I expect to keep this one into the indefinite future.

Jeff Nordyke

I drove 4500 miles round trip from Austin, TX to Quebec City, CA and back. That was after waiting 18 months from placing an order to picking up our new Safari Condo Alto 1713 (teardrop) trailer. It was a long wait and a long trip but well worth it. The design and quality of workmanship are excellent and this trailer retains its value like no other.

Cheryl Carr

After years of research we decided on a used 30 foot Airstream Classic to use when we went full time. It took about 2 months and 3 trips to find a trailer that was in good condition. We went from the Seattle area to Reno to pick up our 2010 Airstream Classic. We picked it up in December of 2016. We have Lived in it since then, traveled over 20K miles and only have had a few minor problems.

Tom Burns

Travel 20 miles, our RV was totaled and we wanted to replace it soon ( Michigan does not allow the sales tax to be paid unless you purchase a replacement vehicle within 30 days> about $2500). I looked on line found what I thought my wife would like, we visited the dealer near by. Dealer price was in line with on line pricing. He had a unit that had features we liked, financed through credit union for best rate. Did not by the extra packages the dealer was selling of course (always cheaper else where). I guess we where lucky to get our old RV total, as we like the new unit a lot better.

len clancy

we are fortunate to live less than 80 miles from cheyenne camper sales and do all our shopping there and you are right they are the best!

Gary Sykes

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We traveled over 100 miles to attend the annual Hershey RV Show, where we bought our first travel trailer.

Pat Greenwood

We drove from Colorado to Indiana to buy our camper. Saved $8000. We found buying one closer to manufacturer saves on the delivery fees and the dealers around the manufacturer seem to have better deals than Colorado. It was a long drive to buy a camper, but don’t regret it all. Did some camping on the way home!


We traveled from Northern New England to Colorado to purchase my Lazy Daze. It was well worth it.

Dennis H Gregory

4 miles from my house, I go to RV Connection in Auburn, CA. If you are looking for a quality, used RV, Glenn (the owner) sells only “top shape” RV’s and they go quickly, sometimes the same day he gets them. And, he stands behind every one he sells. I looked out to 100 miles at big-name RV dealers and ended up in my own town. RV Connection gets my highest recommendation!

Rob Fike

650 miles from southern Indiana to Danville Pennsylvania. 1300 round trip.
Worth the trip to get our absolutely beautiful 1999 Airstream Land Yacht diesel wide body!

Bob Stubbs

We were willing to travel more than 500 miles to find a good deal on what we wanted, found exactly what we wanted less than 5 miles from home.


Our Phoenix Cruiser was purchased used, at the factory. Previous owners traded it in for a new one.
Factory techs went through the coach and put new tire on it. No problems that I have not caused have shown up in the 2 1/2 years and 20,000 miles I put on it.
It was about a 800 miles drive.


We traveled 1300 miles last June from So. California to British Colombia to pick up our Escape 5th wheel (molded fiberglass) which we had ordered the previous September. We then spent the summer traveling 8000 miles with our 9 year old grandson to the east coast and back. The build quality is unbeatable!! We are absolutely thrilled with our purchase!

Jim Langley

You can only buy Lazy Daze RVs from the factory that makes them in Los Angeles one by one, so we drove down there, about 8 hours away. Well worth the drive to get a hand built reliable Class C.


938 miles to buy a new-old-stock trailer equipped exactly the way we wanted at a great price


I checked over 300 miles, but we didn’t travel specifically to buy the RV, we were already travelling when we came across one we wanted. In one case we went back later to buy an RV we had seen on a trip, the others we bought while on a trip.

Joel and Betty Hagler

We live in Huntington Beach, CA and drove 3 miles to Westminster, Ca to buy our latest new Winnebago RV……but flew 500 miles to pick up a used Class B 15 years ago.


We were not looking for a new RV at the time and had just completed a lot of repair work on the one we had. But while at a GoodSam state rally, wife found a newer used one for sale that she really liked. So traded for the new to us 5th wheel and our chapter member friends helped us transfer stuff from one rig to the other. Still enjoying our SunnyBrook.