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Have you ever moved from your campsite because of a bad neighbor?

Have you ever voluntarily moved from your campsite because of a neighbor who for one reason or another was so objectionable to you that you felt you had no choice but to move away?

Face it, some people are just plain rude or disrespectful of others. They play their music or blast their outdoor TV so loud you can’t hear yourself think. Or they get so drunk they become downright scary. Even if you ask them to cease the objectionable behavior, they may just keep on doing as they wish.

For the record, we do not track your responses or even know the identity of those who participate in these surveys. We’re just curious about what RVers think about a variety of issues.


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Paul Mooter
1 year ago

We were in Fort Worden SP (near Port Townsend) and were on our way out to eat when our neighbors started fighting with each other. As we looked out our window, it was clear to us, these were not your normal couple having a spat…these were two meth-heads (no teeth) yelling at the top of their lungs about nonsense. We drove down to the office to complain and asked to be moved, AND that they needed to call the police as it was clear it was about to get physical.

We went back, packed up the RV, and went into town with it. While at dinner we got a call from the park saying the issue had been resolved. How, I asked? They said the police came and talked with them and they calmed down. I said, fine..but I still want to be moved.

They put us in a much better area. Turns out the police were called again! LOL!

We’ve been full timers for two years now and that’s been the only time we’ve had to move. Normally, if there is any kind of an issue, we would just go talk with the neighbors.

1 year ago

Had an interesting experience seeing Homeless junkies rent camp sites. Very strange dynamics. Someone rents the campsite, then they move 3 to 4 people into the site. The music and loud behavior is what you expect from people under the influence. Strange behavior as they “lurk” around our campsite in the wooded area, checking us out. Sent someone over with an obvious “story” about being a rock collector, as they went through peoples camp sites.

Camp ranger and police visited their site. Something about stolen property. We were asked a description of the person that dropped them off. The Ranger said that the Police know this group well.

That was the closest we have been to feeling any risk from other campers.

Marion Runcie
1 year ago

We have moved a couple of times. Once people on both sides had large campfires with wet wood. The enormous amount of smoke was too much for my asthma so we parked the rest of the night in the campground parking lot.
Once in our first days of rving, we were almost set up at a BC Forest Service site, when we heard gunshots. The other end of the row was a collection of bikers, pitbulls (running loose) and several guys had empty beer cans set up in their sites and were doing target practise (against the law). Later, our more experienced friends told us that Forest Service sites (that used to be free) often attracted rowdies IF the FSS wasn’t too far from a city.
Since that day we have several times run into small groups of bikers who were peaceful, middle aged dentists with their spouses!! Why dentists? My husband says maybe it is because those big bikes are expensive. My dentist says it is also because patients so often cancel in summer, he keeps only a small emergency staff.

Brian Holmes
2 years ago

yes we have moved in a campground because of this. and we are trying to sell our current house because of the clown next door is throwing fist size rocks over his roof to our driveway trying to hit my new $75,000 dollar truck. Police were no help and said no witness no arrest. They are every where now and getting worse.

Mark Walker
2 years ago
Reply to  Brian Holmes

Went through the psychopath neighbor thing in 2012 and also had to move. Get away, don’t confront, they are NOT worth going to jail for, and that is their goal. They are jealous of your new truck. Read the book “the Psychopath Next Door”. Good Luck.

David A.
2 years ago

We had met in the middle, our friends came up from Petaluma, and we came down from the Seattle area. All set up and moved in. Group comes in to site behind us, loud kids, louder parents, cussing from all parties. Our solution….set up a Bible study lesson with the kids, complete with props, and a cassette playing music, quietly. Because we had quite a range of ages, the older ones helping the younger, it went on about 2 hours, with breaks for snacks, and invites to the loud kids to join us. They were packed up and gone by dinner time.

1 year ago
Reply to  David A.

Great! God Bless You!

Tom Wenzler
3 years ago

We moved only once in 50 years of camping and that one was 45 years ago. We were young and I was seriously concerned about the integrity of someone on a site next to us. He was very disrespectful to women and had a very disturbing attraction to my girlfriend, he also had a mean dog so we packed up and left right away. We found a better campsite anyway and had a great trip from there.

3 years ago

Several years ago we were staying at campground in Bishop CA and a rally was taking place. Several people decided to have a camp fire one evening and I watched in horror as one guy (he had a few too many) decided to use gas to get the fire going. Flames were about 10 ft in the air and lite up the night. I could feel the heat where we were parked. We packed up and left the next morning.

David Barnett
3 years ago

I actually left the entire campground!! Little did I know when I booked the stay, the local Hells Angels had also booked a number of sites for a weekend get together. Loud exhaust pipes, loud people and non-stop loud music (if you can call it music), drunkenness, walking through campsites with no regard for the other people staying there.. I went to the front office to speak with the manager and was told they were friends of the group, and it was an annual event! That was all I needed to hear and packed up and left.

Sink Jaxon
3 years ago
Reply to  David Barnett

ooo rotten luck!

3 years ago

It’s happened a couple of times over the years. I don’t tolerate bad neighbors and I don’t make a stink. Making a stink just makes it uncomfortable for everyone.

That’s why we boondock almost always. No issues.

Gary Smith
3 years ago

I’m unable to figure out why your reader polls will display on my iPad Pro but show only a blank space on my iPhone X which I prefer to use to read your newsletters. Any ideas?

RV Staff
3 years ago
Reply to  Gary Smith

Hi, Gary. I’m sorry you’re still having problems with the polls on your iPhone X. Here’s my response on Oct. 16 to your previous question (on Oct. 16) about this:

Sorry you’re having problems, Gary. Here’s what Jess, one of our experts, says: “We’re not having any other issues with the polls. Maybe you have an adblocker on your phone that is preventing them from displaying correctly. I would try adjusting your settings to see if that helps.” She also asked Emily, who has the X. Emily said they work fine on her phone, so she thinks it’s probably just a setting on your phone. Good luck! 😀 —Diane at

I don’t know anything other than that. Sorry. But I hope that helps, and that you just hadn’t seen my previous reply. 😀 —Diane at

Tom H.
3 years ago

I have never changed sites, but have come close to doing it a few times!

3 years ago

We had a neighbor who had what he said was a “service dog” He left it tied outside and didn’t clean up after it. The final straw was when the dog bit my husband. The owner said nothing and the campground managers did nothing. We asked to move and were told no because they had to leave a site open. We said they could leave our site open. They reluctantly agreed.

2 years ago
Reply to  Jan

Jan, how CLOSE was your hubby to the dog? Wondering cuz everyone knows to NEVER approach a dog that’s tied up; even “docile” dogs can bcome very aggresive when tied up…

It may sound like I condone the JERK’s behavior (I am NOT!); We have 2 sm dogs & still NEVER leave them alone outside in their pen, or tied up!

One last thing – if u read paperwork you may have rec’d (or may not have) when u checked in, u’ll prob learn that the campground has noted they’re not responsible for literally anything! Theft, vandalism, etc… Sad, but true…

3 years ago

We were staying at Dead Horse Ranch state park in Cottonwood Az for a week. Two ladies moved in next to us with a tent and came over and introduced themselves. Later on around 10 pm 5 people shows up and they began bbqing and drinking. We were enjoying our campfire and soon turned in for the night. All of a sudden they all began shouting and screaming because a whole family of skunks came to their site because they had a bunch of food laying around. After the skunks left they started whooping and hollering again. I went over and asked them to try to keep it down…..they laughed. I went to one of the 3 camp hosts and complained and they told me to close my windows. So I called the local sheriff and they kicked them out. There was so much food and garbage in the site that we had to move across the park so that the skunks wouldn’t bother us. The camp host didn’t bother to clean up after them the next day. We have been hosts in our state of Montana and if someone complained of too much noise or whatever we would go talk to them and if that didn’t do it we called the LEO (law enforcement officer) of the area. They were a big help to the camp hosts.

3 years ago
Reply to  Barb

If they were drinking, then kicked out of the park, they driving intoxicated?? Much larger hazard then telling them to be quiet, sleep it off, and then leave the next morning.

Sharon B
3 years ago
Reply to  Barb

That is not acceptable for a camp host’s behavior. They should have done something about the noise and then have them ticketed for litter.

3 years ago

our campsite had a 50amp pedestal —the outlet at the site next to us was not working….we left for the day, slides out, a/c running…when we returned late that night, someone had pulled into the adjacent site, unplugged our cord and plugged theirs in….the shutdown caused a fuse to blow, we could not move to another site because the slides would not retract….spent over an hour on the phone with the tech rep trying to get to the fuse (inside the storage compartment) in order to reset the power……neighbor came over the next morning and asked why we had been making so much noise in the middle of the night!!!

Bob Gray
3 years ago
Reply to  SDPeg

I would have contacted the camp host or the park ranger. They won’t stop their bad behavior unless they are told by law to do it.

Donald N Wright
3 years ago

At Garner State Park we had the classic bad, drunk, loud neighbors across the way. As the music blasted into the dark, at ten pm the Park Ranger showed up and I believe a Texas Ranger visited too.
The campsite was silent & dark til sunrise, and then they went away…

3 years ago

Three ways to handle a bad neighbor: 1. Go talk to them. 2. Report them to management. 3. Ask for a different site, across the otherside of the campground or leave and go somewhere else.

Cary Nickel
3 years ago

No. But we did have a fellow show up around midnight in a BLM campground in Nevada once, who then went on about setting his aluminum boat up for fishing, apparently so he could get out to the nearby lake before day break. He was banging an clanging away for a couple hours and it was like ringing a gong 15 feet away. We were leaving in the morning anyway, so there was no sense moving.

We could have easily moved, though. Until he showed up, we had the entire campground to ourselves. He could have picked any spot in the whole place, and chose one as close to us as he could get.

chris p hemstead
3 years ago
Reply to  Cary Nickel

and I thought I was the only one who acted as a magnet for other campers in an otherwise deserted campground. Hate when that happens

Nancy Michaels
3 years ago

I said ‘no’, but that being said, we DID move our RV to a different campsite in a ratty RV park in North Dakota because of the proximity of an overflowing, stinky dumpster belonging to a BBQ place just behind the site we were assigned to! Needless to say, this was a ‘one and done’ night for us!! Sometimes the neighbors who are objectionable are NOT the ones with the RVs!

3 years ago

Yes it happened once in Manistee MI at a fish camp where we were to stay for two weeks. On day four a group of about seven men came in for a week of fishing. They brought with them cases of beer and used the cases to start fires outside our living room window, within five feet, and party every single night until the wee hours. As if that wasn’t enough, the language out of their mouths was bad, even for me with my gutter mouth it was bad. At first we tried talking with them during the day, but it only made it worse. Talked to the manager and he said they come every year as a guy getaway but he’d talk with them, it only made it even worse. Manager would not move us or refund our last week so we decided to move on in spite of losing the week fee. Two lessons learned, don’t pay fully in advance and stay away from a group of grown a** men that are away from their wives on a fishing/drinking trip. Not bad considering we’ve been tent and RV camping for 36 years together.

3 years ago
Reply to  LindaH

Big clue….camping at a fish camp.

3 years ago
Reply to  PeterD

So true.

Rod Humphrey
3 years ago

WE were at a Horse rally in Central Pa for about 10 days, and the neighbors wouldn’t clean up after their “3” dogs.. In a few days it was unbarable! 4th day we left and moved about 15 spots away!
We even left a roll of dog bags on their step the day we left as well and a note stating they’d get fined for each deposit $25 from the management, but we didn’t stick aroud long enough to find out if they took the HINT!

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