Are we the only intelligent life in the Universe?


What do you think? Are we the only intelligent life in the Universe? We’re not talking about tiny one-celled life forms, but more complex creatures — those who can think, communicate, and perform in a similar way as advanced life forms here on earth?

It may take a moment for the poll to load, so stand by. And, of course, your comments are welcome.


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Check this out if you have some interest in this subject. You might be surprised.

Gene Bjerke

I think that “intelligent” should be in quotation marks when referring to humans. The reason we don’t actually know about other forms of intelligent life may well be because they don’t want to become involved with the weirdos on Earth (reference any daily newspaper).

Gary Swope

I believe there is intelligent life out there, just not so much in congress right now.


I am sure that there is intelligent life out there – just not much of it on THIS planet.

Andre B

I wonder what makes those who believe there is intelligent life above humans think that the life forms would be any less conflicted than humans? I think life would be quite boring if we all thought alike, and since we don’t there are bound to be “issues” to deal with. It is dealing with issues that makes life interesting; humans rising to meet the challenges that present themselves…like determining what “half-ton towable” really means.


Since there are billions upon billions of stars in the universe, the odds that one has a suitable planet that evolved intelligent life is pretty high.


The way things are going, I’m not sure there is any intelligent life in the universe, including us!

Jim Barber

If we’re an example of “intelligent life”… Lemme out of here.


Intelligent? Intelligence? Define!




Who says that we are intelligent?

Fred Gross

I hope there’s more intelligent life out there somewhere. We are short on it here.


I think that if we actually were intelligent, this question would be unnecessary.


Kids that eat Tide pods, and people that don’t know what gender they are,,,,,,,,and WE’RE intelligent?

Diane M

I don’t know which thought is scarier – that there are other intelligent beings out there, or that we are all alone in the unimaginable vastness of the universe.

Leslie Schofield

Many animals are quite intelligent. We are the ones not smart enough to understand them.

Charles Farley

We’re intelligent?

Gallivant's Travels

I voted “yes” because I suspect the intent of the question is “human” life. However, the Creator of the universe also exists in it and is far more intelligent than us.


Some days I don’t really think we are considered “intelligent”.


Just look at some comments on any social media site and you have to ask yourself, “Is there ANY intelligent life in the universe”.