Tuesday, December 6, 2022


Will you have a Christmas tree this holiday season?


Do you plan to have a Christmas tree this holiday season? It could be a big tree for your home or a small one that fits in your RV. It can be a real tree or an artificial one.

What are your plans?

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2 years ago

I stripped down our artificial tree of its lights and bought battery lit candles for the tree. I got the battery candles on Amazon. The only place I could find them. Then put them on the windows what was left. Looks really good. I don’t decorate as much any more since we are way too busy or not home on weekends as we use to be. Once our daughter moves out and into her own home we will end Xmas here at her house. Then she carries on the tradition. I know my cousin said after 38 years of Thanksgiving dinners she is done. Someone else in charge. I don’t blame her. The holidays are way too much work.

Mike & Cathi Stark
2 years ago

I have a small tree that sits on the dashboard. I look for tiny ornaments.

Johnnie L.
3 years ago

I crocheted a small tree for our RV. It sits over a Styrofoam cone and I decorated it with beads and a tiny string of lights. We love it.

Jeff Craig
3 years ago

We have an artificial tree in our stick house, but with three cats and heavy furniture it’s just not worth putting up for the two of us. We have a small LED dashboard sized ‘tree’ that we set atop our wall mounted flat screen TV as a cheater. I’d rather take the money from buying all the holiday trappings and use that for our annual vacation to the NASCAR race anyway.

3 years ago

Have not had a Christmas tree since 1983. I consider it being an enormous waste of a good and clean resource for just a few weeks every year. At times we put lights on an outside tree or bush.
We just decorate a small table inside the house. That’s just fine for us.

Carol A Forrest
3 years ago

We are not in our trailer for Christmas this year, but our tree is in the trailer. Have to go get it and put it up in the house for this year.

3 years ago

Palm trees of various variety. Key West for Christmas😎

Kenny Goss
3 years ago

We put our tree up last Sunday because there’s such a short time between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year.

3 years ago

Our little artificial tree works for us. We take it out of the box arrange the branches, it’s already decked out with lights and ornaments. It’s about 20 inches tall and sits on our steering wheel table. At this age keep it simple. Merry Christmas to all.

Ridge Gardner
3 years ago

Just put it up yesterday

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