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How much do you pay to store your RV when not using it?

If you’re not a full-time RVer, then you need to store your rig somewhere when you’re not using it. Some lucky folks have room on their property. But others, probably most RVers, need to store it somewhere else, and often that involves a fee.

So our question today is, how much do you pay to store your RV?

Chuck Woodbury
Chuck Woodbury
I'm the founder and publisher of I've been a writer and publisher for most of my adult life, and spent a total of at least a half-dozen years of that time traveling the USA and Canada in a motorhome.



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Denny Wagaman (@guest_88607)
3 years ago

$385/mo for multi yr lease. includes heat set to come in at 40*, 30 amp electrical. This past winter heat was set at 65* so we can work on our MH. we will pay for the extra cost of heat. Metal building, roll up door, people door, wide enough to extend slides, concrete floor, overhead ceiling lighting. Garage contains 8 RV bays separated by 8’ high metal walls, each bay separately a accessed. Bldg compound cyclone fenced, exterior asphalt accessed including turn arounds, dark to dawn exterior lighted one exterior city water spigot for all bays 55’x20’.

Dave (@guest_58708)
3 years ago

We built a bus barn 54 x 20 x 16 feet tall. Pole barn construction, steel sided and roofed, concrete floor, fully insulated, heated, 50 amp electric, water and floor drain, attached to my existing 40 x 30 garage barn building. It cost $50K, but it will appreciate over time and my rig is secure and protected on my property, and will be a good selling point for a potential buyer when we sell our property.

Karen (@guest_58289)
3 years ago

We put our 38′ class A in an underground former Mushroom cave in Wampum, PA $410 for 5 months

Randall Joe Davis (@guest_58283)
3 years ago

We rent a 12×50 storage unit just outside of Farmington, MO with a 14 ft tall door and concrete floor. $175.00 per month includes electric with a 30 amp hookup. That keeps the batteries charged and one of our heat pumps going on our 2019 Tiffin Allegro RED 37PA. Quite worth it as it also keeps our rig protected from the elements.

ThreeQuarterTon (@guest_58245)
3 years ago

$3.25 per foot X 55′ per month. 38′ 5er and crew cab extended bed 1 ton dually. Indoors, winter storage . In our driveway during season (late Mar’ to mid Nov’). Secure, dry, 50 Miles away but definetly worth it ! This year they are washing both units also.

Sink Jaxon (@guest_58121)
3 years ago

We live on 35 acres about 3 miles from town, and have an RV garage. There’s electricity to it…Not insulated, but it keeps the critters out and the snow off!!!

Ivor (@guest_58068)
3 years ago

We are Fulltimers, only store our coach for 2 months every 2 years while traveling overseas.
Am prepared to spend big bucks for safe, secure, indoor storage for that short period.
As the storage is air conditioned and coach plugged in, it’s well worth it.

Joel and Betty Hagler (@guest_58067)
3 years ago

We park our 28′ footer in the driveway. Easy to
load and unpack. We are out 3 or 4 days every
month so charging is not a problem. We dump
at the RV parks where we meet with our 30 or 40
friends each month.
You ignore all of us local club people who prefer
to be friends rather than be solo.
City folks in Huntington Beach, CA

Rory R (@guest_58060)
3 years ago

When not traveling, my RV is stored under a canopy that has a 50 amp power stand. so other than the cost to purchase it 4 years ago, it’s free plus the electrical draw. It only adds about $5.00 to my month to my power bill….

Rita M. Black (@guest_58045)
3 years ago

When I lost my husband and decided to move in or near my daughter to help my grandson, I made sure I would be able to keep my TT on my home site. We now have a duplex home where it is allowed as long as it is registered and has insurance and no one lives in it.

Diedrich Elias (@guest_58030)
3 years ago

I rent a spot for the whole year as I am not a full timer and live in a condo where I can park on the street for just one night. When I need it they bring it out and when I put it back I unhitch in the parking lot and they put it back in storage. It is about $550 a year |(Cdn$) and works out real well. One draw back is they are closed on Sundays.

Henry Blosser (@guest_58019)
3 years ago

We leave ours at an RV Storage Facility (Covered) for $150/month.

tom (@guest_58018)
3 years ago

Although we have an HOA, it will never curtail the parking of RVs, boats, etc beside or behind your personnel property. Here, it would destroy the resale immediately. The majority of owners fish and hunt. They will not put up with uppity outsiders tells them they cannot have their toys accessible.
Today, the outside temperature is approaching 70’s.

Debbie Peterson Jenson (@guest_58013)
3 years ago

We have a shop it fits in perfectly

Ed D. (@guest_57998)
3 years ago

Due to HOA restrictions, I store my travel trailer 3.6 miles away , outside, on a gravel fenced in area for $40 per month. Acess is 24/7.

Geoff (@guest_57979)
3 years ago

My storage is only $25Cdn per month!

Marty (@guest_57972)
3 years ago

We live in a gated community which allows you to have your RV at your residence for 48 hours to load & unload, however we have 2 storage yards in the complex which costs us $20/month to store our RV.

Irv (@guest_57969)
3 years ago

I pay $25 a month and thought that was expensive before reading the survey and comments.

Matt Colie (@guest_57967)
3 years ago

My (vintage, classic,antique) coach is either in the back lot or in the barn when not is use. Though I checked off “I don’t pay anything” I can also assure you that while that is the closest answer, it is also patently false. Ok, so we live on a 5 acre lot and I have a barn, you have to know that I both paid up front to buy the place and continue to pay for it in local property taxes. So, while there may be no clearly defined cost, I can assure you that it is there.

Matt C in SE Mi

Pat (@guest_57988)
3 years ago
Reply to  Matt Colie

Although we are permitted to park our 5r on our property, we would actually pay the exact same price for our property and taxes with or without an RV sitting on it, so I feel we are actually storing it for free…otherwise we would not probably even own an RV.

Drew (@guest_57963)
3 years ago

Looks like most people live in more rural parts of the country….or maybe closer to the interior parts. We store our rv and boat in an enclosed storage place just outside the Bay Area in Ca. We just got notification that the rent was going up 30 bucks (now it’s $215.00 per month). The facility is just 3 miles from where we always camp, but it’s about 35 to 40 miles from home. At least we pay practically nothing for gas and very little to nothing on roof maint. or repairs from water and weather damage. I have to look on the bright side.

Jonathan Miller (@guest_58071)
3 years ago
Reply to  Drew

$215 a month is pretty low for enclosed storage anywhere in the country, let alone the Bay Area.

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