Thursday, October 21, 2021


What will today’s high temperature be for where you are right now?

Are you way up north right now and dealing with snow, ice and frigid temperatures? Or are you basking in the sun in the Southwest, Florida, or other snowbird area?

Curious minds would like to know. But remember, it could take a few moments for the poll to load, so stand by.

And please leave a comment. Tell us where you are and a good “weather” story if you have one.


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1 year ago

All I gotta say is this. It will make a great book to write about Iguanas falling from trees. Cold with Iguanas falling from trees weather. Sound like that Meatball book. If it could only rain men.

Carol Forrest
1 year ago

60 today in Modesto, CA is predicted high. Sunny right now for a change. I have lived here for 38 years and winter is usually blah and ugly. Fog and overcast sky is the usual. I would not mind the ugly winter if it rained instead of just being overcast.

1 year ago

69 and sunny here in Austin, TX after a couple days of heavy overcast and rain.

1 year ago

34 at 7:30 here in Utah but they say it will get in the 40’s in the north and upper 50’s in the south
Feels like a heat wave compared to the teens and twenty’s we have had.

Tommy Molnar
1 year ago

It’s ‘supposes’ to be 53° here today in Carson City, NV. Having some work done on our house so we couldn’t head south – YET!

Ray Leissner
1 year ago

I suspect this poll reflects those who did not move south for the winter as opposed to those who did.

1 year ago
Reply to  Ray Leissner

I live in Florida year round. When the weather is finally nice, all the snowbirds are here getting a campsite is almost impossible until April when they fly back home.

1 year ago

Dallas, Texas will be around 52 degrees today.

1 year ago

45′ in Charleston, SC…brrr

Jeff Craig
1 year ago

50F here in Lake Stevens 98258
Not bad considering all the snow we had over the last few days.

Joe Allen
1 year ago

Quartzite, Arizona and should reach 67 to 70 during the day!

1 year ago

Tucson, Arizona – low 70s and clear. One day of rain for January to date. We are full-time RV travellers (43′ 5th wheel), and spend Nov to end-March in Tucson. Basic rule of thumb, when it gets hot we travel north to cooler climes. When it gets cold, we travel south for warmer climes. Simple process that has worked well for 6 years now.

Michael Johnston
1 year ago

Minus 4°F in Wasilla, Alaska

Tom E Barker
1 year ago

10 degrees on the front porch now in central Indiana.

1 year ago

Temp will be around 19 in Troy Mt. tonight. A couple of feet of snow. We are cozy in our rv.

Chris Oosting
1 year ago

It’s 40 degrees out with 16″ of snow on the ground in Chattaroy WA.

Pat G
1 year ago

Santa Clara, Ca, low to mid 60’s.. go 49ers.

1 year ago

Yuma Az 75 degrees and clear!

David Allen
1 year ago

Central Florida with 81 degrees.

Kaeleen Buckingham
1 year ago

Denver area at average in the mid-40s.

Jim Collins
1 year ago

77° today partly cloudy, tomorrow, 65° ,Orlando Florida area