Wednesday, November 30, 2022


Have you ever stayed overnight in your RV in a Cabela’s parking lot?


(We’re rerunning this poll this week because there were technical difficulties with it last week.)

Many RVers routinely spend the night in their RV in a Walmart parking lot. But many report they also stay in Cabela’s parking lots. How about you?

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Gail Jahn
2 years ago

We have stayed at Cabelas in Pa. many times on our way south. We feel safer there than WalMart. They even have water and a dump station, at least they did last time we stayed there.
Staff is very friendly.

Michael Gregg
2 years ago

We stopped overnight at the Cabela’s in Mitchell, South Dakota in August, 2017 . There was no RV Park spaces available for 100 miles. The staff was very friendly and they have a large lot we shared with 10 other RV’s. The Cabela’s Lot has cages for animals if you are transporting dogs to horses, free water and a dump station. In the morning we awoke to the sound of gunfire. We discovered an Old West, Fast Draw Contest was being held adjacent to the parking lot. So not only did we have a free nights stay, in the morning we were treated to Free entertainment. We truly appreciate Cabela’s allowing us to stay when we couldn’t get in anywhere else.

LB from dabronx
2 years ago

We stayed at the Anchorage Cabela’s when we were in Alaska 5 years ago – very friendly and welcoming. We’ve used the one in Hamburg PA many times. As with Walmart, I go in and clear with the store and buy something, even just a snack.

One time in the Hamburg store I was told ok to stay, but no fires. Fires? In a parking lot? Well, it seems one night some genius decided to start a campfire. Someone in a nearby house saw it and called the fire department since it was after store closing. There was much ado after that but last time we were there they still allowed overnight. But you see this is why we can’t have nice things.

Matt Colie
2 years ago

Cabela’s has been one of our favorite ONP places for a long time. They seem to be quieter than Walmart, but the merchandise selection is not as wide. Many have an RV area, and most have potable water available. Many of them also have a dump available for customers. They also all have grass that our dogs like.
One of our favorites was Hammond IN, but last time we were chased out by the local LEO. Shame, we liked shopping there too, but Hammond is now a By-Pass city.

RV Staff(@rvstaff)
2 years ago

So full-time RVers who may overnight as a convenience, or necessity, in a parking lot are all “homeless transients” (EG said with a very negative connotation)? That’s harsh (especially as you intended) and very inaccurate, EG. —Diane at

2 years ago

On the Overnight Stay at Cabela’s, I would like feedback on Cabela’s vs. Walmart. We are taking a 5 week trip to the Northwest late May til late June. A mix of reservations and some overnight, on the road, stays at Walmart. But I see from Cabela’s map, at least a couple nights could easily be changed to Cabela’s. So I wondered what folks thought.

RV Staff(@rvstaff)
2 years ago
Reply to  John

Read the rest of the comments on this article, John. It looks like Cabela’s generally gets very positive reviews for overnight stays. Have a great trip! 😀 —Diane at

Dick Z
2 years ago
Reply to  John

Based upon dozens of Walmart overnights and only three Cabela’s, I would pick Cabela’s every time.

2 years ago
Reply to  John

Cabela’s “feels” safer due to less traffic all night.

2 years ago

At Cabela’s in south Denver. Signs say no overnight parking but I asked inside. I was directed to a manager who said it was okay if we didn’t cause any problems. My wife and I are both seniors and haven’t caused any problems in over 40 years. Manager said if the Lone Tree police come by at 2 in the morning just say we had a manager’s okay to stay. Slept uninterrupted until 7. Very quiet location.

RV Staff(@rvstaff)
2 years ago
Reply to  Impavid

“[We] haven’t caused any problems in over 40 years.” At least that you got caught at, eh, Impavid? 😆 —Diane at

2 years ago

Good to know I won’t have you as an overnight neighbor when I am pulled over for 1 night!

Joe Allen
2 years ago

Our only stop at a Cabelas was in Anchorage, AK. Clean, quiet, dump station and the next morning , we went inside and purchased 2 nice shirts and thanked them for their hospitality! The Walmart was banned from overnight parking there, even though we purchased our weeks food supply there at well over $100. Not happy, as we always ask about where to park and if it is okay to stay overnight.

2 years ago

My wife and I have stayed at three Cabelas, Billings Montana, Rapid City South Dakota and Missoula, Montana.
Two of the three were exceptional while one was the lesser of the three.
We first stayed in Billings and were rewarded with a very helpful staff and very nice parking area, with an RV dump and fresh water supplied! The dump station charged $5 but if you made a purchase it was waived or if you have a Cabelas Card, which we do, it’s free.
They also allow your pets to shop with you and most cashiers and salespeople have treats for them.
We then stayed in Rapid City during the 4th of July Holiday and were treated to quite the light show across the freeway when just after dark the fireworks show started, followed closely there after when Gods natural fireworks began! There was a thunderstorm with wind and rain the likes of which I had never seen before! Quite a night!
Which leads me to our last encounter at a Cabelas … in Missoula we had driven all day and expected a nice respite in their lot and after driving around for a bit we could not find the designated area to park, when we did we found the RV dump station had been cemented shut and was no longer in use. We called customer service to see if it had been moved but were informed it had not, we asked why no one had upgraded their website to that fact but no one could say why it hadn’t.
We found a place in the outlying parking lot away from the store and settled in for the night. Just before dark another RVer showed up and set about setting up his site and started a Very LOUD generator which he ran all night and all the next day. We asked management if they could ask him to shut it down after 10pm and they said it was none of their business, so it went on through the next night. We had planned on moving on so the next morning we did so…
All in all Cabelas are a great place to stay short time to visit the local sights and feel secure about leaving your RV unattended(the parking lots are watched by security cameras) and we will do so whenever we are close to one.
HAPPY RVing all!

Two Buck Chuck
2 years ago

We tried to stop at a Cabellas but the local city council had closed their RV spots.

david shipp
2 years ago

I have stayed in church parking lots, Lowes, you name it. My favorite is for when we decide to eat out. Ask the restaurant before you eat, if we can leave our rig parked there over night. Most Restaurants close by eleven, so the lot is unused after that. We have never been refused.

Phil Atterbery
2 years ago

For my travel dollar, I’d rather parking lot dock in a Cracker Barrel lot. They open earlier & the biscuits and gravy can’t be beat.

2 years ago
Reply to  Phil Atterbery

With our 40′ motorhome plus tow car we dont see enough space at Cracker Barrels to stay. Maybe that is location dependent because we stopped looking and trying.

M. Will
2 years ago

You sound like a highly intelligent individual!!

John R McConnell
2 years ago

Other than Cracker Barrel, Cabela’s is my favorite place to stay for an overnite. They have a dump site on location and level sites. Good place to stay.

2 years ago

Yes recently near Nashville Tennessee. It was very pleasant. We love Cabelas and shop there often.

Gary L Bloomfield
2 years ago

I answered no. That just means not yet…

David & Linda
2 years ago

I said ‘no’ but we stayed in their campground in Sydney, NE. It is a nice place.

Ron Twellman
2 years ago
Reply to  David & Linda

I’ll second this one. Stayed there two years ago and it was very nice.

William Fries
2 years ago

On our return north, we stayed at three Cabela’s. They are a well-kept secret since we regularly find them underutilized. A joy.

2 years ago

No, there aren’t a lot of them around and none where we’ve needed to stay. Otherwise, we certainly would.

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