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Are you putting off routine doctor and dentist appointments these days?

Are you putting off routine medical appointments these days? Maybe you feel there might be germs lurking there that could do you harm, and that’s not good in today’s pandemic world.

Or perhaps the doctor’s or dentist’s office is closed for now.

We’re curious to know. Please answer our poll, and leave a comment if you wish. As we always advise, it may take a moment for the poll to load, so stand by.

Chuck Woodbury
Chuck Woodbury
I'm the founder and publisher of I've been a writer and publisher for most of my adult life, and spent a total of at least a half-dozen years of that time traveling the USA and Canada in a motorhome.



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Suzan Dowell (@guest_79725)
3 years ago

I wear a mask not to protect me but to protect you. I wear gloves to protect me. The only normal appointments I keep are for my animals. Thank goodness for my Vet who also takes precautions. For as long as it takes, please, everyone stay safe.

Tom Smithbrother (@guest_79625)
3 years ago

I would just like to remind everyone that the virus is 1/2 the size of the best N95 masks and even easily pass through N98 ones, These are particulate masks. The virus is NOT a particulate, it is a virus far smaller than a particulate. The whole mask wearing thing is a Make you FEEL safe. Yes I will continue my constitutional right NOT to wear one but I will keep my distance for you so you can feel safe from me.

Rory R (@guest_78897)
3 years ago

I responded o, keeping up my normal routine to the poll question. That is partially true. I have been one of the lucky ones who can have online appointments with my doctors. If I had an emergency, I could go, but I must wear a mask and wait in the car on the parking lot until they call me in.

Dawn Feska (@guest_78625)
3 years ago

well now that I am on call and getting extra money I desperately need my dentures replaced and 3 extractions before I get called back to work as I broke my dentures just A week ago beyond repair I have cash no insurance and I can’t find anyone ivy and college of dentistry School nobody will help me

Elaine Ashton (@guest_78624)
3 years ago

Maybe I’m cheating — I don’t play the doctor game anyway — go to the Chiropractor every two weeks and will go to the dentist in a few months when I feel it’s a good idea

Specie (@guest_78507)
3 years ago

I’m a snowbird, and my dentist is in Los Algodones. Not sure if the border will be open next winter. We hope it will! No dental insurance since retirement and can’t afford US dentists.

G,F,Curl (@guest_78405)
3 years ago

My doctor and dentist have called me and talked. As I was OK they did not want a visit

Mike Walters (@guest_78346)
3 years ago

Virtual visits are da bomb! Keeps my docs up to speed on me!

Jerry X Shea (@guest_78344)
3 years ago

Great survey that shows (at this moment) that 24% of the voters are the reason we have a national epidemic. How the hell can those people think they are “Keeping up their normal routine” when the Dentist & Doctors offices are closed?
Unfortunately these are the folks walking around without masks because they think “they have a Constitutional Right” to do what they want.
They are the #1 problem in fighting Covid-19.
It’s all about me, me, me, me, me, me, oh yea, and ME.

Peggy (@guest_78395)
3 years ago
Reply to  Jerry X Shea

My doctors offices are open. According to my doctor the media and politicians are pushing this pandemic for political reasons not health. If this were as severe as they say they would have immediately stopped air traffic, all public transportation and not held news conferences in crowded rooms. The most vulnerable should be quarantined, not the healthy whose immune system can fight the virus. We are traveling as normal and will not be held hostage by the politics or the sheeple who blindly follow them.

Mike & Cathi Stark (@guest_79681)
3 years ago
Reply to  Jerry X Shea

Or their normal routine is to see doctors annually, and they haven’t missed an appointment yet.

Russ (@guest_78320)
3 years ago

Keep practicing social distancing, masks on!

When hospitals open to visitation you’ll know it’s ok! JMO

David Sartorelli (@guest_78309)
3 years ago

We’re in a section of the Florida panhandle where Covid cases aren’t horrible. It was a little unsettling when I had to make two visits to the dentist for a root canal. I mean they are right in your face and are exposed to a lot of people.

We went to the local Quest Diagnostics office to get blood drawn for our annual physical, but our doctor’s office wants to do the follow up on Zoom. OK by us.

Cindy (@guest_78301)
3 years ago

I injured my knee just when all this started. I went to emergency room and after pestering my Dr. finally got to see her for Xray (which showed no breaks). Horrible pain but no way to get MRI. After 2 months of pain I am now scheduled for an MRI (I had to keep pushing for it) on June 2. It will be nearly 3 months by that time. I’ve been unable to walk or care for myself. What if I lived alone? I don’t see why some of these things couldn’t have been handled as our hospital was empty.

Captn John (@guest_78299)
3 years ago

Dentist finally making up cancelled appointments at the VA where only emergency are done in person.
Too many are happy in their safe space. Many now receiving more not working than going to work. MM is feeding the frenzy. The comedian on tv from his basement isn’t helping. Two choices, remain in fear the rest of your life or live your life .

Ed Step (@guest_78253)
3 years ago

Dental offices were closed for a while. They have reopened now. As far as normal visits , both my wife and I have and cleanings this year and both have had work done that was not routine. Not worried about our normal life on the home front.

Kaeleen Buckingham (@guest_78251)
3 years ago

Our doctors and dentists offices are back open but doing a LOT of precautions. I held off at the beginning and then, of course, they were closed. After knowing their precautions I started back up again.

Phil (@guest_78245)
3 years ago

Our doctor is in Nebraska, where covid19 has not hit as hard. I scheduled yearly checkup and went in for bloodwork seeing my doctor in person. They have a situation where they have 2 clinics……all covid patients go to one clinic and those without symptoms go to the other. I felt safe and will have a colonoscopy done in July.

William Lefler (@guest_78237)
3 years ago

My last “visit” was done over the telephone, as they offered that in place of an office visit for routine checkups. Since I live 45 miles from the office, it was nice not to lose an entire morning!!

Patrick Granahan (@guest_78236)
3 years ago

My dentist called to try to set up an appointment…..strange request considering my
barber shop is still shut down and he doesn’t put his hands in my mouth.
I need a hair cut far more than a dental cleaning !

Dan (@guest_78231)
3 years ago

I’ve got one doctor appointment at the VA that’s still viable. I’m calling my dentist’s office tomorrow morning to try for an appointment as I’ve had two teeth break. Hopefully I’ll be able to get in.

Jeff (@guest_78221)
3 years ago

I’ve had shortness of breath the last few years. Went in two different times and nothing has helped. The clinic gave me an inhaler. That did not help. I have a hard time getting rid of congestion. On my dad’s side of the family there is heart issues. They put me on a stress test and my stress test was fine. I am always tired. I am only 54 years old. I have worked in a foundry and the wood industry.
On the weekends when we have our grandson I stay in my bedroom until the grandson wakes up. I do not want to wake up grandson with my coughing.

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