Saturday, December 2, 2023


Are you spending this Memorial Day weekend in your RV?

Are you reading this now in the comfort of your RV? If so that likely means you’ll be answering “yes” below — that you are spending this weekend in your RV. Lucky you!

The news media is reporting that campgrounds and RV parks across the USA and Canada are filled up except those in states and provinces where they have been ordered to stay closed.

So what about you? Are you in your RV this weekend? Or just staying somewhere else, like a regular home that doesn’t even have wheels (what fun is that?). As always, your comments are welcome. Just be nice!

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Chuck Woodbury
Chuck Woodbury
I'm the founder and publisher of I've been a writer and publisher for most of my adult life, and spent a total of at least a half-dozen years of that time traveling the USA and Canada in a motorhome.



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Victor Short (@guest_79912)
3 years ago

Driveway camping until safe to be out. Don’t do much traveling on busy holiday weekends.

Rory R (@guest_79822)
3 years ago

This is a holiday weekend, The plan is to BBQ @ home in the backyard, and then continue to camp in the RV. That is one way to finish cleaning and getting it set up for our regional trips. We do our best not take trips on holiday weekends, unless we arrive on Mon or Tue before the holiday and stay at least a day or two past the holiday. Less traffic, fewer people, and a much more relaxed drive…

Troy (@guest_79808)
3 years ago

We live fulltime in our RV, so we spend every weekend in it LOL. We are at our home base though.

Pat Jennette (@guest_79793)
3 years ago

We live in our RV full-time, currently staying in an RV park north of Los Angeles. We’ve been here since November and will stay until we feel it’s safe enough to move on. As for this weekend, we’re enjoying a very relaxing three days right here at our RV. Outdoor TV for movies, grill, firepit, great weather. All we need right now. The travel will be there when things calm down, and the antsy crowds will hopefully have waned.

Renela (@guest_79791)
3 years ago

Yes. Living in my RV full time. Avoiding crowds during the holiday weekends. Stay safe and healthy, everyone!

Michael (@guest_79787)
3 years ago

The poll lacks some categories and so can be misleading. Full-timers would spend the holiday in their rigs anyway, which makes it look like more folk are heading out in their RVs.

Bonita (@guest_79752)
3 years ago

I got home Monday from a trip to Illinois, and my wife is high-risk, so I’m self-quarantining at home in my garage in my camper!

Rammer (@guest_79747)
3 years ago

We NEVER go out on holiday weekends, to much of an uncontrollable crowd. This year Minnesota State Parks are still closed because of Covid-19 so those private campgrounds that are open will be jammed!

Tami Miller (@guest_79740)
3 years ago

We live in Phoenix. For the past several years we drive 2 1/2 hours Northeast.
My husband and I and our two dogs cannot handle the summer heat in the valley.
We have a 5th wheel and leave it in the RV park year round. Occasionally we have to head back down the valley if we have Dr, appointments. When our house is ready to sell we will be getting a nice used Class A and travel the states. We will be full time Rvers in a year or so.

Bob and Charlotte Champlin (@guest_79738)
3 years ago

Yes, we are. We’re full timing and are workampers at Old Mill RV Park and Event Center on Tillamook Bay in Garibaldi, OR. Just arrived yesterday after a trip from our winter gig in Mission, TX.

BrianR (@guest_79709)
3 years ago

Spent Tues-Fri in the Poconos and moved Friday to the Jersey shore until Monday.

Hook-n-Haul (@guest_79707)
3 years ago

We spend every day in our RV. It’s called full-timing. 24/7/365. Have been for 18 years.

TravelingMan (@guest_79733)
3 years ago
Reply to  Hook-n-Haul

In fairness, the poll is probably intended for those that don’t full time because full timers like us already spend all our time in the RV (:

David Totten (@guest_79706)
3 years ago

This weekend is the start of our yearly four month long travels!

rollin (@guest_79817)
3 years ago
Reply to  David Totten


We did that once, a three month trip from Colorado to the Northwest, we called it the Great Western Adventure……

And then the 08-09 Recession caught up with us and we’ve been stuck in SC ever since.

It would be a dream to do what you are doing!!!

Happy Trails!

Steve - Alaska (@guest_79699)
3 years ago

YES! We are currently in Kenai, Alaska and headed down to Homer for three days then to Seward Alaska for three days!! Being retired means we RV not only on holidays! Campgrounds are full of locals wanting to get out and celebrate, but not noisily. Drove down to Homer yesterday in our TOAD to see how busy the “Spit” was and it is packed with Alaskans! Very few, if any, tourists around this year so far. All cruise ship tours have been cancelled and borders are shut down to all but “essential” travel. Looks to be a great year to travel for locals, but not so much for businesses who depend on the tourist industry. But Alaskans seem to be trying to make up the difference which will be difficult!

Pat Jennette (@guest_79792)
3 years ago
Reply to  Steve - Alaska

Thanks for this info, Steve. With no cruise ship traffic, would this be a good time to head to Alaska? Are there sufficient stores open for food and gas stations for fuel? Would this be considered an optimum travel year there? Are there any RV crowds?

Steve - Alaska (@guest_79902)
3 years ago
Reply to  Pat Jennette

Pat, As of now, the borders are still not open for anything other than “essential” travel. We have had friends make it through to get home from outside, but coming up for recreation is a no-no at this time. The border closure has been extended until the middle of June, so check in with Canadian border security agency after the current June 21 date.

Mike & Cathi Stark (@guest_79685)
3 years ago

Yes, since our RV is our home. We are in an RV park in Vacaville. There was a big influx of trailers in the last two days. The place is not full and everyone is being polite. Not so sure that everyone is practiceing social distant protocals.

Ron L (@guest_79676)
3 years ago

We are staying home until they get a handle on this virus. All summer plans have been cancelled.

Sink Jaxon (@guest_79669)
3 years ago

We just got home Friday from a week at the lake! We always plan our trips to avoid the holidays. WAY too many people.

Kaeleen Buckingham (@guest_79666)
3 years ago

I answered NO because we are going to start our 3 day weekend on Memorial Day.

The Cases (@guest_79661)
3 years ago

Definitely!! It’s pretty crowded actually but we expected that with covid and first 3 day weekend! Enjoying every minute.

SURFSIDE golfer (@guest_79653)
3 years ago

Yes. I live at the beach with RV on permanent mountain lot. Since Beach is so miserably full on the big 3 holidays, I run to the RV. July and August in the RV are especially nice too.

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