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If someone offered you top dollar for your RV, would you sell it?

Let’s say an honest-looking guy walks by where you keep your RV – in your driveway, for example – and he looks at it and says, “Wow! That’s one great-looking RV. I’ll pay you top dollar for it if you sell it to me.”

If you think he’s honest, and he means it, and he’s absolutely not pulling a con job, would you quote him an absolutely top dollar price and say, “Pay me that and it’s yours.”

Remember, we’re talking about top dollar – more than anybody would normally pay!

Would you do it? Or would you say, “No way, I love this little rolling home and I’m not giving her up for a gazillion dollars until all her construction glue melts, her roof peels off, and all the staples that hold her together pop out!”

Again, assume the person making the offer is totally legit. What would you do? Sell or not sell? That’s the question. Remember, the poll could take a few moments to load, so hold your horses while it does its thing.

Chuck Woodbury
Chuck Woodburyhttps://rvtravel.com
I'm the founder and publisher of RVtravel.com. I've been a writer and publisher for most of my adult life, and spent a total of at least a half-dozen years of that time traveling the USA and Canada in a motorhome.



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jillie (@guest_85604)
3 years ago

I am seeing models like ours with a bathroom that has a sink, toilet and shower. Ours is just toilet and shower. I would remove the toilet and add the sink. I just cannot bring myself to do that black tank.

Jim Collins (@guest_84742)
3 years ago

Because of health concerns , ours has been sitting in storage for almost two years, and with this covid we haven’t been able to use it, we have only put 6000 miles on it, 2017, Jayco 29 ft. On a E450 Chassis

bounder (@guest_84714)
3 years ago

Everything is for sale…. at the right price

Lin Watts (@guest_84646)
3 years ago

It’s almost perfect. Close but no cigar. We love the floor plan, but need just another 1-2 ft of leg room in dinette sleeper.

wanderer (@guest_84640)
3 years ago

Heck no! Spent months and miles finding the perfect unit for me. You can pry the keys from my cold dead hands. And no, it is NOT perfect, but that’s par for the course, unfortunately. If I were in sticks’n’bricks there would be ‘issues’ too.

Roy M Luchtan (@guest_84498)
3 years ago

1969 Nomad, J ust what would be “TOP DOLLAR”?

Captn John (@guest_84402)
3 years ago

Only a year old. Wife said we had to have a new one. Great shape, lots of mods, paid for, and well taken care of. CG availability and ‘tude of many new owners its time to find a new way to relax. May build an open a new indoor gun range instead. It was a great ride but like every good thing it comes to an end.

Ray Leissner (@guest_84394)
3 years ago

I’m guessing the percentages seen in the response is a reflection of the degree of satisfaction derived from their RVs. Or, to take it a step further, the percent of junk RVs. Those that say No are satisfied with what they own, want to continue RVing and think its better to know what they have than find the replacement wanting.

KellyR (@guest_84336)
3 years ago

Our Roadtrek is the first “new car” we ever bought in 50 years of marriage. If I were to sell my wife’s “little house”, I would be kicked out of the big house. We spent 10 years looking at RV’s and saving for it. YOU CAN’T HAVE IT!

Cindy (@guest_84329)
3 years ago

Sure, IF the person is willing to take a old, leaky (fixed to our best ability), spongy-floored trailer, I’d sell it. It would be hard to find one with better storage, though.

Jerry X Shea (@guest_84300)
3 years ago

With my 1st & 2nd motorhomes, Hell yes. With my 2018 Class B+ Lesures Travel Van – Twin Bed, NO. This is my last and final RV. NO intentions of selling it or getting out of RVing.

Wayne (@guest_84281)
3 years ago

Too many upgrades and installed accessories to have to do again on a new RV and my 8 yr old RV which is garaged when not in use is in perfect condition except for minor “patina”. No one would likely offer enough to get me to sell. Certainly not for high book.

Thomas (@guest_84277)
3 years ago

If I was truly offered ‘top dollar’ I would sell but I doubt the offeror and I would agree on what the top dollar amount would be.

Robert Bower (@guest_84262)
3 years ago

In a heartbeat.!

rvgrandma (@guest_84253)
3 years ago

I have a 2000 36′ Sea View. Have lived in it since 2004 so the inside shows it. We had all sorts of dreams of our golden years and remodeling the inside. But Alzheimer’s disease changed our plans. I love living in it but if someone offered me a good price I think I would jump at it. I love the layout but not knowing how much longer before my husband passes and whether I would still be able to travel, I would sell it.

Denny (@guest_84232)
3 years ago

Well yes! Umm probably! Guess I should.
How much time do I have to think about it?
I can still drive this one / don’t need to downsize /been every where almost/did put out MH on a flat car into Mexico /wanted to do the Mississippi trip with MH on a boat but it’s not offered anymore/ want to do Nova Scotia so should sign up Before I can’t drive….
Well on second thought NO!
N-O! NO.
Never driven to

Gerri (@guest_84223)
3 years ago

Getting too old to RV. Hubby 87 and I am 76. When we have mechanical problems, or even flat tires, it’s so frustrating not to be able to fix it ourselves as we used to. Now we have to wait hours for roadside assistance to get to us. Making reservations months ahead takes the fun out of travel. New rvers have no clue that they shouldn’t walk across someone’s campsite. So yes I think it’s time to hang it up.

Clayobx (@guest_84214)
3 years ago

I would hate to part with our Class A. It is far and above std. OEM from the roof to the rubber. But, we are now into our seventies and downsizing into a small 5’er or class c would make our travels easier for us. Time waits for no one.

TravelingMan (@guest_84213)
3 years ago

Too many variables with this question…

Is the rig I own a piece of junk? (aren’t they all?)
Does it have more problems that I care to fix? (and whose doesn’t?)


Is it a one of a kind cream puff? (one in a million)

What could I even consider buying that is equal to the same rig?

But perhaps it’s a chance to get out of a less-than-quality RV…

Hmmm…. Which way would we go? Obviously, that person making the world class RV knows nothing about RV’s or they would not be making that offer to begin with!

Maybe it’s a master plan by the RV industry to build junk so that you will get out of RV’ing in a short period to make room in the RV camp for someone else? That way, we won’t need more RV camps. I really don’t know…

LizW (@guest_84205)
3 years ago

I couldn’t replace our RV. It is an incredible build and the components are top of the line. The interior wood is wood, not ply. She’s a beauty as well.

TravelingMan (@guest_84490)
3 years ago
Reply to  LizW

You say that now…Give it time…

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