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Do you insure your RV on a separate policy from your other vehicles?

Do you insure your car (or truck), and your RV on the same insurance policy? Or do you have separate policies for each? Some RVers just go ahead and buy one policy that covers all their vehicles.

That may not always be the best way to do it, but that’s what some people do.

What about you – same policy or different policies?

Please stand by. The poll may take a moment to show up.

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Chuck Woodbury
Chuck Woodbury
I'm the founder and publisher of I've been a writer and publisher for most of my adult life, and spent a total of at least a half-dozen years of that time traveling the USA and Canada in a motorhome.


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Bob Weinfurt
3 years ago

All three of my vehicles are old, my motorhome being a 1977. I just carry one policy with pretty high liability insurance on them. Because I have a spotless driving record, the annual premium is $805. The only restriction is I’m limited to 8,500 miles per vehicle a year, something I’ve never even come close to.

3 years ago

RV is insured with our truck and car but it’s with the same insurance company as our homeowner policy. The auto policy has the RV (5th wheel) insured for physical damage with liability extending from the truck while the RV is attached. Our homeowner’s policy extends liability to the RV while it’s disconnected, and covers our personal property. Yes, there are two deductibles but it works well and costs hundreds less in premiums.

Last edited 3 years ago by LiVan_Life
Jimmie Crawford
3 years ago

Both are insured with the same company but each has it’s own policy. The RV has a full timer liability rider and is renewed annually. The car has different needs and coverages and is renewed every six months – why – state laws, I have no say in that.

BILLY Bob Thronton
3 years ago

In general, this is what you will find from State Farm, and here is advice. When your buying insurance certainly shop around, as price can vary considerably on an RV. Factors like the company you have your stable with, might not specifically underwrite the policy. Underwriting is basically assessing risk to premium.

State Farm will punish you, for insuring your RV with another company, as they did me. Made no sense, since their overall liability would be less, if an accident was encountered with the vehicle (RV) out of their stable. Never the less, common sense discussions with the agent fell on deaf ears.

So, I punished them and moved them all. My learning curve educated me in this; if you like your current company, just shop the RV around and compare coverages. Things like glass, out of pocket expenses covered if you get in a smash up (hotels, pocket money etc) vary widely from the companies underwriting. Insure with that company and be smart. Insurance is very fluid.

3 years ago

When we bought the used RV, FMCA recommended Progressive. 2 years later when we had not switched our other cars to Progressive, they raised premiums 30%, $750 Progressive, $600 CSAA with our cars, so we switched. No claims on either.

Joe & Helen
3 years ago

We have used USAA for over 65 years and our RV & Auto are still on the same policy. Apparently they did not switch every one to Progressive. We also have our Homeowners with USAA. No major RV or auto claims but several on Homeowners and their service has been outstanding.

Gene Bjerke
3 years ago

Up until this Spring, I had my wife’s car on the same insurance as the motorhome (multi-vehicle discount). When she traded in on another car during the beginning of the lockdown, there was apparently no one at the insurance company to make the change; so I bought a separate policy for the new car. I may change the situation in the Fall.

3 years ago

When we went full time we started with a single policy that covered both the trailer and the truck through Good Sam. After a few years of no claims and exploding premiums we found an agent through the Escapee’s Insurance Exchange who helped us find the most cost effective solution for the same coverage. Ended up with Progressive for the RV and Travelers for the truck. Same total coverage at a better price. Have only had one claim with Travelers when a deer ran into the side of the truck. Was handled quickly and easily with no increase in premium. We check it each year and make sure it is still what we need at a competitive price.

John Koenig
3 years ago

FCIS Agency placed me with Progressive; separate policies for my Super-C and Prius.

3 years ago

Insurance? We have had USAA for several years on two cars, our home and initially and a few years our motorhome as well. However, like Tom below – USAA moved our Rv coverage to Progressive. We have never had an insurance claim. We still maintain our coverage’s with USAA and Progressive. (Cars at 6 mos. home and motorhome are annual policies). Premiums are competitive.

3 years ago

Car policies are insufficient for a TT. They don’t cover as much as a separate special policy. A car policy will only cover a TT for minimum liability, not anything else.

Marianne Fisher
3 years ago
Reply to  Cindy

Our policy gives us full coverage-since we are still paying on it and we have extra to include contents

3 years ago

Mine is same as Tom below said. Same company, different policy. I’ve always believed that’s what they require since their RV policies have very different coverage than their auto policies..

3 years ago

We separate everything. Years ago we had everything lumped together. Our insurance company folded and with our policy being shifted around to other places, ultimately we were dropped which left scrambling to get coverage again. A perfect storm that probably will never happen again but I refuse to allow the opportunity regardless of the “bundled” savings. Just like investments and retirement, not all in the same basket.

3 years ago

Same company but separate policies.

Marianne Fisher
3 years ago

Our 2018 Sportsmen LE is covered under our auto insurance policy with an SUV and a truck thru Erie in PA . We had 1 claim in 2019 to repair poorly installed water & drain lines that service the outdoor kitchen- because our rig was out of warranty. They paid for everything minus the $100 deductible,without a rate increase.

Joe Schroeder
3 years ago

Our class A is insured by same company, Allstate, as our cars but on a separate policy. Car policies do not cover the contents so if you have an auto policy on the RV check with your agent about content coverage.
When an uninsured airplane (yes) crashed into our 5th wheel we had to claim the contents against our homeowners policy. All 3, 5th wheel, truck & house were with State Farm at the time & the trailer was on the same policy as the car & truck. PS: State Farm did go back on the pilot’s estate to recover the claims & deductible but we had our rates raised for the next 3 years.

3 years ago

I have three separate Progressive policies, one for the coach (yearly) one for the car (6-month policy) and one for the motorcycle (yearly).

Kaeleen Buckingham
3 years ago

It is the same policy but each vehicle has its own separate items for its coverage. At first we were taken in by CW and took the Good Sam coverage. One claim that was not even collision related and they really jacked up our premium. Had no problem telling them goodbye!

Ron T
3 years ago

My retired insurance agent wife informs me that our MH has a separate policy but with the same company as our other vehicles. That’s because of different coverage and limits.

3 years ago

I have State Farm for house, cars and class A. They’ve been great over the years for any claims we’ve had (house and rv).

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