Tuesday, September 27, 2022


At this very moment are you in your RV or somewhere else?

Where are you right now – at this very moment, as in RIGHT NOW? Are you in your sticks and bricks home, maybe having breakfast with your special (or not so special) someone? Or maybe you’re enjoying a cup of coffee outdoors at your favorite coffee house, reading this on your phone. Or maybe you’re flying at 35,000 feet in an airliner (too bad for you), using the onboard WiFi.

Or maybe you’re in your office and reading our fabulously interesting newsletter while your boss is out to lunch enjoying cocktails with his millionaire buddies.

But maybe you’re one of the lucky people who’s reading this inside your RV, whether you live in it full-time or are out camping in the woods or by a beautiful ocean shore for the weekend. (Geez … can our staff join you? We promise to wear masks!)

Please let us know. And remember, it can take a few seconds for the poll to load … so stand by there, pardner!

And if you are reading this in a very unusual place, by all means tell us about it in the comments section below. Where are you? Are you on the space station? Aboard a ship at sea? Are you serving in the military in some exotic location? Please tell us.


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Darlene K
2 years ago

Currently seasonal site in Waupaca, WI. among the trees and lakes. Will begin traveling through the south and southwest beginning in October. 3rd trip. Began full-time in January.

2 years ago

Tomorrow we’ll be in our RV for two weeks in Colorado!!

2 years ago

In my RV in the Fl Keys.

Donald N Wright
2 years ago

As usual, I am working on the Aliner. I can only wax in the cool part of the day, under eighty degrees.

Leslie P
2 years ago

We live full time in our 5th wheel currently Moochdocking in my sisters front acreage in Ferndale Wa. Both my husband and I were born/raised here. We travel all year but reserve summer to come home to see our son and grandchildren. In early September we will move on.

2 years ago

Friday morning through Monday afternoon in the RV😁

Rita Rosson
2 years ago

I’m in a rented house where I intended to leave in early May. I’m stuck now but in SoCal near the ocean, so not so bad.

2 years ago

Sitting beside our motorhome in Farragut State Park in northern Idaho reading RV Travel newsletter. On a month long trip around Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming. On this trip my Wife and I will complete our goal of driving EVERY Senic Byway in Idaho! We are lucky enough to call Idaho home.

Wray Tsuji
2 years ago

Camping in our RV in the Ft Steele Resort in SE British Colombia, Canada.

2 years ago

I live full-time in my 5th wheel in a 20-space RV park on the Oregon Coast. New rules are in place — and enforced — to protect short-term guests and full-time residents alike. The public bathroom/shower building is closed, so guests have to be self-contained in an RV, no tents. Guests are mostly keeping to themselves, and practicing the covid guidelines when interacting with others. So grateful I’m not in Florida, Texas, Arizona, or California; praying for those people!

Victor Short
2 years ago

Need more options. At work right now

Steve and Susan N.
2 years ago

My wife and I are having morning coffee , in our RV. We are boondocking for the first time on the rim in Arizona.

GG Gwen
2 years ago

We are in a Fam Camp in Mountain Home Idaho.

Bluebird Bob
2 years ago

Presently sitting in an rv park on the Washington coast outside of Westport. We will stay here for a couple of months then head for the Oregon coast if we are able to get into Oregon. Will stay there for a month, then head for Arizona, if is open for rvers.

2 years ago

Yellowstone NP for the summer!

2 years ago

In my RV in-laws driveway.

2 years ago

We are in our RV just outside Dalhart, Texas. We are at a county park with a lake (hard to find up in the panhandle of Texas. It has 8 full hook up sites, 50/30/20 amp water and sewer connection! It’s tough to camp here 🤣😂🤠, as Weare the only ones here and it is great. I just finished grilling a Ribeye steak for dinner. And it was good! Baked potato and broccoli! Yum! I posted pictures on RVillage and Facebook to view! Basically nobody here. We have seen a few daytime visitors but not many. Lovin’ it! A few RVillagers to visit with would be nice! Btw, poll never opened up at all. The last 2-3 have not as well!

Vanessa Simmons
2 years ago

I should be in it in Montana instead of in the 110 degree heat of the desert (thankfully in my house) but my son and pregnant DIL think with Covid flaring up everywhere it isn’t a good time…maybe in a few weeks.

Edward Wullschleger
2 years ago

Yesterday, my wife and I were in our RV (travel trailer). Today, we’re in our sticks and bricks home.

2 years ago

Just returned home from motor home storage. We did maintenance, cleaning, installed a new bedroom TV, removed the old sleep number bed and replaced it with a new queen mattress from Costco. Before closing the slides and heading for home, we sat inside & enjoyed a cold beer. I guess a day in the motor home doing chores is better than nothing.

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