Has a mouse, rat or squirrel ever taken up residence in your RV?


By Chuck Woodbury
A rat moved into my RV last year when it was closed up for winter. I don’t know how long it was in there, but when I first noticed its droppings, it grossed me out. I looked around and found a couple little chewed items and spots of urine on couch pillows.

All of a sudden, my little sanctuary was violated and felt very dirty.

I never saw the rodent, and wasn’t even sure it, or they, were still there. But I set a couple of traps baited with pieces of Snicker Bar to be sure. A few days passed, but no creature. Gail and I cleaned up the RV, and tossed away the pillows.

I concluded the rat was gone. Then, a few days later, as I was about to step out the door, I noticed a rodent along the way, dead. It was a small rat. I have no idea how it died, but that was the invader.

Which brings me to our poll question. Has your RV ever been occupied by a rodent, rat, mouse, squirrel or other creature? If so, please leave a comment about what happened, and how you got rid of the invader(s).

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Lawrence Murnane
13 days ago

Used peanut butter and cheese on separate traps.
Mice seem to favor the cheese.

jane shure
13 days ago

Peanut butter and mouse traps works very well

Rory R
15 days ago

I don’t really know what worked. I tried so many things. I’m assuming it was a mouse or rat that came in thru the sewer hose. I tried everything under the sun, I finally tried 3 gals of bleach in the grey tank and 5 gals in the black tank, filled both tanks with water and drove around for a while. Then dumped and flushed both tanks multiple times. After that no sounds of tiny lil feet in the middle of the night.

16 days ago

Our funniest animal/pest was one day while cleaning the floors, my wife screamed and I came running to find a small lizard at one of the furnace outlets. After several hours, we managed to get him out and on his way.

15 days ago
Reply to  dave

No lizards in our RV but find one in the house every once-in-a-while. Live in Central Florida – they were here first. Lots of geckos outside – only on occasion inside. I think GEICO is trying to get me to switch from Progressive Insurance.

16 days ago

While in Valley of Fire State Park a few years ago, we picked up more than one Chipmunks.
At our next stop in quartzite, we removed Everything from our basement and left it out with the doors opened all that day. We seen 2 of the little buggers leave and think they took the rest of the relatives with them

16 days ago

My wife says if we ever get a rat in the rig,I have to set it on fire.
We had mice once and didn’t know it until friends following behind our camper at a traffic light, saw them using our bumper to go out one side of the camper and in the other.

Selene Montgomery
16 days ago

On rodents – We found torn papers in bay of 5th wheel, but no droppings or animals. We found two dead mice in our motor home bay after spending 5 weeks in a corn field.

17 days ago

One mouse, set out a snap trap with peanut butter and he was caught the next day. Never did figure out why he took up residence in the trailer. No food was taken or anything, guess he just needed a nest out of the weather.

Renee Galligher
17 days ago

On our maiden voyage with our fifth wheel, a chipmunk moved in. Every morning he would chatter at us through the fresh air intake! After we got home from our trip, hubby got under the RV and used expanding foam to seal every hole and for the heater vent in the basement, he covered with screen. On another trip, as we pulled into the dump station, I saw a mouse drop from the bottom of the RV and run off! We haven’t seen sign in the fifth wheel of mice, but I think one got in the wall and died due to an awful odor that soon disappeared. With the RV parked beside our house, I check often for any sign and haven’t seen any to date (9 years later). Several years back though we had some major work done to our unit and the tech found a stash of dried mushrooms on the wiring harness! It must’ve been left by the chipmunk.
We also have a popup that we take to remote campgrounds where our FW wont’ fit, and found dead mice and droppings. Cleaned, disinfected, and treated with Mouse Free.

17 days ago

I had a mouse problem once. As near as I could tell it only chewed up one wire. I replaced the wire, set some bait and never saw (or smelled) the critter again. However, a few years ago, I did have to completely rewire a friends trailer. It seems mice Love, Love, Love the insulation on electrical wire. The mice did a really good job of tearing up the wiring.
when fishing in new wire, I pulled out a huge nest in a place that was not normally accessible to humans, under the cabinets. Gross!

Leon Brasowski
18 days ago

We had animal chew the gas line to the generator on our Motorhome. Replaced the line and happily never came back.

18 days ago

Not in our current fifth wheel, but our last one we had a couple that took up residency in the silverware drawer (yuck!). Luckily they were caught early and easily, and had not had a problem again before trading last year.

18 days ago

We are very lucky to say No. And boy have we heard so horror stories! Just early this month friends of ours who have a seasonal site near us had to buy a new Fifth-wheel. One night they thought they heard some noise in between the walls during the night.They woke up the next morning to find nothing until they opened a drawer built into the stairs going up the bedroom, and there was a nest of red squirrels that got in and used the insulation from inside the walls to build the nest.And they also found more areas where they must have gotten in before.And could see where some wires have been chewed on. So that was it for them! Time to buy a new Fifth-wheel.

18 days ago

Just got rid of a mouse family 3 weeks ago. They were in one of folding chair bags. No more found at this point.

Jerry X Shea
18 days ago

5000 miles on my new LTV – UNITY TB on a MB Chassis. Mouse chewed into my gas line (fuel injection line) on the top of the engine. Got towed to a MB Dealership.
Repair guy said “European auto makers use a ‘SOYBEAN LEAF’ compound that mice, rats, squirrels, rabbits and most varmints love to eat.”

18 days ago

Twice for mice, once for ants (had to get an exterminator) and once a squirrel or raccoon (we never figured out which but it came through a vent). The last mouse adventure was horrible. We’ve put steel wool all around. I did see the little bugger but couldn’t get him, but there has been no further incursion, so I suspect that as the trailer swayed down the road he didn’t like it and left. Let’s hope.

Ray Morgan
18 days ago

We full-time all over the US & Canada. We’ve had numerous times with rodents getting in-side our RV.
We have the same manufacturer that Chuck has, & I’ve tried sealing every thing I can. We put steel wool around our water, sewer & electrical connections & still have rodents.
It is long past time for the manufacturers to step up & increase quality control.
Our 1975 quality built American Clipper never had these problems. Come on America, you can do better than this!

18 days ago

Picked up a mouse at Point Magu. Wife bought two tomatoes. Mouse took a bite out of one. Live and let live, I said I’d cut that part off and eat the rest. Wife threw it out. Next morning mouse took a bite out of the other tomato. I said I’d cut that part out and eat the rest. Wife threw it out. I wouldn’t mind sharing, but two tomatoes was one too many. Bought some mouse traps. Used tomato, cheese, and peanut butter as bait. Every morning bait gone, trap sprung, no mouse. In Pismo Beach, son found mouse had eaten small hole in one pack of graham crackers in still-closed box. Didn’t tell wife, enjoyed s’mores with grandkids. One day I heard trap spring, mouse squealed, by the time I got to the trap mouse gone. Went to hardware store, lady said I needed bigger traps. Came back east on business trip, wife said five star hotel would be the result of any mouse sighting. On return found mouse (much larger than I thought it would be) expired in one of the traps. Mouse gone.

18 days ago

Only wasps. get rid of them with a fly swatter and then a stomp.

18 days ago
Reply to  KellyR

When wasps are hit or stomped they give out a chemical signal to their pals and you can get swarmed. Spray them if you can and they are outside. If inside I don’t think it matters how you get them, just go for it. 😉

Nancy Michaels
19 days ago

We’ve had one small hitchhiker in our basement storage. It took emptying the entire compartment and chasing him/her from one side to the other before the poor critter jumped out! Never have we had any other critters in the 5th wheel.