How long ago did you buy your first RV?


How long has it been since you bought your very first RV? Decades? Or maybe you just bought your very first one only weeks ago? If so, welcome Newbie!

RVs are selling like hotcakes right now, so maybe you’re among those newbie buyers who are chomping at the bit to get out there on the road and see the good ol’ USA (or Canada) without any nasty germs sneaking up your nose and doing you harm. Really, who wants to stay in a hotel right now when the guy or gal who slept in the bed the night before was up all night coughing, sneezing and wheezing, spreading germs every which way?

“No way!” a lot of people are saying, and so they say to themselves, “I think I’ll buy me a recreational vehicle and not have to worry about sick people with germs!”

But wait! Maybe you’ve had your RV for decades and the coronavirus threat had nothing to do with your purchase. So go ahead, take our poll.

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David Schmidt
20 hours ago

I just bought a 2006 Chalet A-frame camper bought it on consignment has a bathroom with a shower heater air conditioning and an awning and a battery operated lift the unit needs some TLC looking so forward to my first trip and plenty of boondocking

Rory R
1 day ago

Our first RV was 1978 class C 20′ that we bought in ’78 and sold in ’81. Realizing we made a mistake, we made plans to purchase another rv a least a year before retirement. Time and circumstances changes plans. But we did finally buy another rig in 2003, a class A gasser, and in 2015 we upsized and got a class A dp 45′ Mountain Aire. We were planning on upgrading to a new New Aire 35′, but with the current uptick in sales and pricing, I will keep what we have and see what happens with th market….

Firefighter Tom
1 day ago

First RV was a 1975 Bethany that was used only two weeks. Wife refused to get in it again. Stored in a barn for seven years. Was like new when I bought it in August 1981. Now in my 40th year and still going.

Montgomery D. Bonner
1 day ago

The first one was a used 1958 Oasis Travel Trailer, with a recirculating toilet, and a propane heater, instead of a furnace. Then the 88 Lance Camper, then the 88 Western Wilderness Camper, then the 2004 Alpinelite 5th Wheel, the APEX Motorhome, and my Ventana now. Getting too old for another one, keeping this one until it’s time to hang up the wheel.

1 day ago

Bought our first one (used) in May 1972, that would make it a little over 48 years ago.

1 day ago

50 years ago (1970) bought a 1963 VW Westfalia. We had more fun in that 36 hp camper than we ever had. One summer we went from Key West to Canada taking Rout 1 as much as we could. One flat tire in Rhode Island – even that was fun. lol

Donna W
1 day ago

Our first RV was a used Chinook on a one ton GMC truck. Don’t know what year it was but we bought it in 1981 as it was a good way to travel with three daughters.

1 day ago

Does my 1965 Volksie bus count? Bought it “plain,” nothing behind the bench seat (which had no seat belts until we requested). Put in plywood bed, shelves across behind bench seat, Coleman icebox (great) and Coleman stove under bed. Drove from Bay Area to Fairbanks, El Salvador, Montreal, Key West–over 250,000 miles. All we needed in those days.
Now full time in Winnebago Navion for 4 years. All we need.

Bob a.
1 day ago

I bought my first motor home in 1967. It was a 22′ Winnebago. Best of times and we loved it.

Bob p
1 day ago

1978 TEC 24.5’ bunkhouse that slept 9, so our 5 didn’t hurt it, I would’ve hated to have 9 people in it, sticks and aluminum construction 5000#

Glenda Alexander
1 day ago

I bought my first motorhome in 1986, a 1983 Dolphin on a Toyota 6-cylinder pickup chassis. I kept it 5-6 years and thoroughly enjoyed it. One time, though, I did get frustrated when I tried to drive to the top of Mount Mitchell in North Carolina. That little engine just couldn’t work up enough power, so I reluctantly turned around and went back down the mountain without any strain. :>)

Lew Anderson
1 day ago

In 1972 Serro Scotty came out with their 18′ single-axle trailer. We bought one in Albuquerque and paid $2500 for it brand new! Stepping up from tent camping, it was like moving into the Taj Majal! Great memories in the little trailer!!!

Robert Snideman
1 day ago

I was given an old Sears tent camper my parents out grew. They went to a pickup Camper.
I eventually got the PU Camper as well. First camper, 55 years ago.

Patrick D'Annunzio
1 day ago

1981. Bought a used 1972 20′ Minnie Winnie and haven’t looked back yet.

1 day ago

The POLL never showed up, but I wanted put in my two cents worth. We got our first RV, a Toyota Chinook, in 1980, so 40 years ago. It had a 4-cylinder engine and a canvas, pop-up tent.No toilet (we used a Portapotty).

1 day ago

1982, one year out of the military, I purchased a used F250 Camper Special along with its camper. Years later I set it up in the backyard as a camp for the son. Good times.

1 day ago

Bought the first camper in late 2001 and took myself and 3 terriers from N Michigan to Bahia Kino MX in early 2002. It was my reaction to the terrorist attack that was an expression of “I’ll be damned if they’ll frighten me to not get out and about”. The “about” was 6 weeks and about 6000 miles.

1 day ago

1995, bought a Rockwood hard side pop up camper.

Captn John
1 day ago

1976 bought our 1st, a used 19’ TT. Same year bought our 1st of many new campers. Many travel trailers, a DP, and several 5ers. The 5ers we like best.

1 day ago

1974 Danish Made “pop up” tent camper. Toured Germany for 2 years in this simple RV. Tired of touring in a tent. Design was copied by Coleman.

Ron L
1 day ago
Reply to  Tom

1974 for us too. Bought a used 1970 Golden Falcon 17′, single axle, no toilet travel trailer Had it for about 10 years or so. Loved that little trailer as did our 3 young daughters when we would go camping up in the eastern Sierras around Mammoth Mtn.