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Generally, how much is too much to pay to dump your holding tanks?

Just like the living creatures of the Earth, our RVs, too, need a potty break now and then. For RVers who most often stay in full-hookup RV parks, it’s no problem. They just pull a handle or push a button on their RV and like magic, the tanks empty. Easy as pie.

But what about those times when an RVer isn’t hooked up to a sewer? No matter how well water is conserved and the toilet water managed, there does come a time when you just have to make space for future needs.

So, here’s the question: When your RV’s holding tanks are about ready to spill over, how much are you willing to pay to empty them? We realize that if there’s not another dump station for 50 miles and your tanks are about to flood your floor, you’ll pay whatever is asked, maybe mumbling under your breath something about “highway robbery.”

Assume we’re talking here about dumping at a location where you didn’t already pay to camp. Most times you are not asked to pay extra.

Okay, what’s too much to pay in your book?


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Bobby Semon
2 years ago

I’m lucky enough to be retired Navy, so going on a base campground I can usually dump for free, the most I have had to pay is $5.00, seems like most places, if you pay to camp they have free dumping, don’t do a lot of long haul or boondocking that I have to worry about it

2 years ago

@ 10 mpg it depends on how far to the next free (maybe) dump station. 10 miles and that is easily $5 of fuel if I have to do a return trip. Many towns have a fee dump station near the sewage treatment plant.

2 years ago

Minnesota used to have dump stations at the rest areas. Not any more. Cabellas has a $5 fee and there is a local gas station that is free with purchase however I have never been asked if I purchased anything or not.

2 years ago

I don’t have to pay very often but generally I see it for $5-$10. In the past we often dumped grey tanks in ditches but not anymore.

2 years ago

Have never paid to dump. Campgrounds we have used have hook-up or dump station included in camping fee. When we get home, I just dump into the 4″ sewer clean-out at the side of the house..

Jeffrey Williams
2 years ago

$5 is a fair price. $10 if I must dump soon/now!

2 years ago

we always dump when we come home from boondocking~~~~the ONLY WAY we ever camp. NO RV resorts for us as we like to fish and breathe fresh air not deal with zillions of people. We pay $8.00 at a dump 2 miles from our home.

Gene Bjerke
2 years ago

In the past, when we got home I took the MH to the local Visitor Center where I could dump the tanks for $5. When they raised the fee to $10, I looked around for other options and found that I could dump at the city sewer processing plant for free. It’s even closer.

2 years ago

Ten dollars is our limit as long as potable water is available. If not, then $5 if we aren’t camping at the dump location.

Matt C
2 years ago

We are travelers, and not so much campers, so we work everything carefully. As our coach is small, so are the tanks. For this reason, we try to locate an FHU camp every third or forth day. At that time, I don’t mind the over night fee and the potable and dump fees that are usually included. Mary also likes a big real shower and that is usually included too.

Tommy Molnar
2 years ago

The Maverick station near our house has free dumping, and the line usually is extensive – on Sunday afternoons and evenings. Otherwise it’s not bad. We have full hookups set up at our house, but it’s easier to use Maverick if there’s no line. Our ‘geezer’ state park pass also lets us dump free, but that’s a bit out of the way.

$10 is the absolute limit, and then only in an emergency!

2 years ago

I discovered how small my gray water tank is ( 8 gal) and needed to dump. A loves was nearby and went there. $10. I dumped both tanks which if had been full is 13 gallons. Never so happy to spend $10. Better water management was learned quickly. Thinking of getting a cassette toilet.

2 years ago

Whatever they charge. Not driving all over the countryside and using fuel looking for a cheaper place!

2 years ago

$5 maybe. Most State Welcome stations that I have visited have a dump site.

Alaska Traveler
2 years ago
Reply to  Tom

Wisconsin State Parks charge $20 for out of state dumps.

Thelma Thomas
2 years ago

When we head home from camping in our son’s driveway (with electric hook up but not sewer) there is a state park nearby. The charge is $10 to dump if you’re not camping. It’s worth it to us to head home with empty tanks.

2 years ago
Reply to  Thelma Thomas

A state park in NC near where we like to boondock, charges one night’s campsite rental at $28. There are no other options on the way home within a least 50 miles.

John R. Wilkins
2 years ago

I’ve never paid to dump. It’s not that I would not be willing too, it’s just that we’ve never had the need to. We rarely stay in campgrounds without sewer connections. When we do stay in campgrounds without sewer, it’s usually just for a night or two. To date, we’ve never boondocked for any length of time greater than a couple of days, so we can manage the black tank until the next stop with sewer.

2 years ago

I have used dump stations on the Penn Turnpike for $5. Never paid at a campground.

Eric Ramey
2 years ago

$0.00-Most of the campgrounds that we stay at either have full hook up sites or offer the use of their dump station. Also where we store our RV (local state park) they offer use of their dump station as a perk.

2 years ago

I have tried 3 different chromium browsers( google chrome, windows edge, and brave) which none will load the poll. However, if I open it in a Firefox browser there is no issue.

2 years ago
Reply to  Michael

Works fine on my Chrome browser.

2 years ago
Reply to  Robbie

Still not on mine…. Ratts

2 years ago
Reply to  Michael

As a thought, you might want to make sure your browser allows “pop ups”. That would be found under settings.

Thomas Champagne
2 years ago
Reply to  Michael

You replied to an article of “How much are you willing to pay to dump”. I couldn’t help but laugh at your reply of “I have three different chromium browsers” I never knew they needed dumping ! LOL

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