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Are you happy at your present location or would you prefer to be elsewhere?

Are you happy where you are right now, or not a happy camper at all? Are you stuck where you are because of COVID-19 concerns, or for other reasons? We suppose some people who have lost jobs can’t afford to be anywhere else even if they had the opportunity.

So would you rather be somewhere else, not where you are? “Somewhere else” can mean “traveling,” not just being in one fixed location. So being “elsewhere” could mean being on a road trip, moving from place to place where “elsewhere” keeps changing, like in the good ol’ days before the nasty virus showed up and shook up our worlds and in many cases grounded us.

Please leave a comment. And remember, the poll may take a few moments to load, especially if you are on a slow connection.

Be safe!

In case you didn’t know, RV Travel has a Facebook Group RVing During the Pandemic. You might want to consider joining. Lots of good information and tips.


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2 years ago

Starting to get antsy for Arizona

Bob Weinfurt
2 years ago

I’m in northeastern NY. The southern part of the state was hit hard in the beginning of the pandemic so locking down and staying home was mandatory. As restrictions were eased, we were taking the motorhome to get take-out. Now, many local places are open with social distancing requirements. Since most places at our favorite destinations are closed or have tight restrictions, every other week we’ve gone boondocking locally. We’re enjoying the natural peace and beauty you can’t find at any RV park.

Dick Burgman
2 years ago

I would rather be somewhere else. The park we are in is not the cleanest place. The park personnel are not real friendly but the area we are in is pretty good. We are checking off places In our national park passport book. We will survive.

2 years ago

We left our rock home on 8 acres in Texas to travel where it’s cooler, we always try to leave Texas in August for a few weeks. As soon as we left the 107 temperature we had a cool front come through and it was hotter where we are now in SD. Go figure!! We went to Mount Rushmore very early before the crowds. Rapid City is a fun cute town, great restaurants and the people were very nice. We just left our spot at Rushmore Shadows in SD, by the way a very nice camp ground. Now we are heading to Polson Montana for three nights, then to Wyoming for three nights and back to Texas to our home sweet home. I’m sure we will head back out for thanksgiving somewhere? As far as covid we wear mask where required or appreciated. I have hand spray and hand wipes in my purse that we use 24/7 in our travels. I Lysol the motor coach each time we come back from venturing out. We use wipes pumping gas, wiping the handles on the tow car you name it. Gotta have some normalcy in our life’s. Happy Trails!

David Binkley
2 years ago

Live in Denver Metro and try to get out of town as often as possible to anywhere else. Work keeps me here for another eight years and then I am outta here.

Overcrowded, extremely poorly planned for the unprecedented growth over the past decade, horrible roads, trash everywhere, especially along roadways, no planning for the future. Not to mention parts of downtown look like a warzone like many other cities run by those who don’t really like our country.

Over two million here now and virtually no new roads or, more importantly, not nearly enough water storage/planning. A year or two of severe drought and/or lack of snow will be causing severe issues, just like it did when there were half the number of people here.

Love CO, Denver Metro, not at all.

2 years ago

My wife and I have enjoyed Rving for over 40 years. The pull of the weekend camping trip kept us planning time away from our sticks and bricks home which is on a bay in Rhode Island. Three years ago, we purchased a lake house about 40 minutes from our main home. You can imagine our dilemma of choices as we are now retired with plenty of time to travel. Then, Covid-19 hit and we couldn’t be more delighted with our lake house where we can social distance and enjoy ourselves without fear. Travel with our Bounder Motor Home has become restricted although we have been camping on weekends with our club as the nearby state programs allow, with restrictions and social distancing. We spend time at our sticks and bricks but for a few months there were few activities we could participate in or restaurants we could visit. But the lake house with its spacious land, private dock, and cool clear lake water during this hot summer has made us very happy. We have learned to be happy anywhere we are.

Tim Williams
2 years ago

My wife and I are currently in NC, but expect to be heading west to Colorado as soon as travel restrictions are eased.

2 years ago

I’m at the S & B and don’t want to be. Will be happily heading out in the RV soon.

Ray Morgan
2 years ago

We’re full timers & have gone to Alaska twice in the last 6 years. My SO has family in Anchorage & Wasilla, & we love to spend time with them. Also, if you haven’t driven there, you have missed one of the greatest trips ever.

That being said, we’ve spent most of the summer in Montana in towns we’d only driven thru or never seen. This is a beautiful state, & the US has some terrific things & places to see. So even though we’d rather be elsewhere, we’re loving seeing parts of the country we hadn’t seen.

Try to make the best of a poor situation.

Safe, fun travels to everyone.

2 years ago

I am very happy where I am at. At home in my stick and brick home. would like to be out in the MH in a different location, away from the real world.

2 years ago

Poll didn’t load. We’re at a Harvest Host on the way to Newmar Service Center for routine maintenance/repairs. We’d rather be in their campground but they apparently no longer allow entry until the day before your appointment, even on weekends.

2 years ago

because of the pandemic we feel safer at home. Since we are here for a while my husband had his shoulder replacement done on June 22 and is in pronation. We’re hoping to be able to do some trips in the fall.

Carol & Dan
2 years ago

After 20 years full time, we have settled in a small town in Wyoming. We are about 60 miles southeast of Cody. Wyoming is just beautiful. We know that it snows here but we are originally from Chicago so we know snow. We have been all over the US and Canada and have so many friends everywhere, but this is home now and we are here til the end.

2 years ago

We’re on the coast of Oregon and scheduled to leave tomorrow. We’d stay longer because it’s due to hit 100 degrees inland, but reservations (made a year ago) call… and getting an extension here isn’t possible because they’re booked up. We’ve been here a month, the max for this spot, and only have it because we make reservations a year in advance. RV park managers here tell us it’s been the busiest summer they can remember having.

2 years ago
Reply to  Ellen

At least 106 in Medford today. The coast must be heaven!

Joanne Weed
2 years ago

We are happy where we are, but wistful for what would have been if it were a normal year. Then, also, we planned a trip to Montana to meet with friends, enjoy Flathead Lake with our pontoon boat, visit Glacier National Park and more for this month. So we are in the mountains at the reservoir enjoying life but wondering where we may be next year.

Gary Smith
2 years ago

Your question is difficult to answer. I’ve lived in Washington State all my life and dearly loved Washington and Oregon until they became what they are today. On one hand I really don’t want to leave but on the other hand, I must.

Gene Bjerke
2 years ago

I marked the second choice which, of course, is close but not precise. I am a lifetime sailor living on a farm in the shadow of the Blue Ridge. We have plans to move to Florida sometime in the future (but who knows when?). Meanwhile, we have an ideal situation for riding out the pandemic. We have eight acres to take care of, so we don’t suffer from cabin fever. We have a younger family member to do the shopping and cooking. The MH is parked next to the house and plugged in. We would be fools to move. We won’t be taking our usual summer trip, but we are planning some short get-aways. Just trying to balance needs and desires for now.

John Koenig
2 years ago

I settled into a nice RV Park in TN in mid-March just as the Covid19 Pandemic caused the world to really fall apart. I’m safe and, expect to to stay safely “sheltered in place” until I believe it’s safe to travel again (which I do NOT expect to be ANYTIME soon). I became a Full Time RVer 2+ years ago and, as much as I’d LOVE to resume my RV trekking, I’m NOT, however, dying to do so.

2 years ago

Since my boyfriend of 36 years died in June, I’m staying at the campground where we had hunkered down for Covid because I feel safe here. BUT, since I’d love to see my sons (NY and NV) and grandgirls (NY) one last time, I’m searching for a popup or hybrid to be able to just pack up the animals and hitch up and go. However, I’m finding that to be an impossible task since any and all types of RVs are being snatched up as soon as they hit the dealers lots. And no one is trading in so I will just sit tight and wait. One will show up sooner or later. 😉

Last edited 2 years ago by PennyPA
mike albert
2 years ago

That’s a loaded question. I love where we are in S/W Florida, BUT, she would prefer to be in S/E PA with family near by. We both love travelling the World and RVing around Florida and can’t wait for our trip, AFTER Covid, to CA to visit our son, daughter in law and our almost 2 year old granddaughter. While Facetiming helps, it isn’t hugging.
So, to answer the poll, and be able to sleep in our bed, I guess I might have to change my answer from very happy to rather be somewhere else.

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