Sunday, October 2, 2022


How important to you are online rankings of an RV park when making a reservation?

Do you check online reviews of an RV park or other campground before making a reservation? If so, how important is it that it has a high, or at least a decent ranking?

Or do you simply return to familiar places, where you already know if they’re up to your standards or not?

Curious minds would like to know. Remember, it may take a few moments for the poll to load. So stand by, partner!



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Rory R
2 years ago

I take online rankings into consideration, but don’t make decisions based solely on online rankings. You have to take both great and lousey rankings with a grain of salt. I use Google maps, satelite view and recommendations from other RV’ers that I know personally. Some folks have an axe to grind, while others have low expectations. I usally throw out the best and worse comments and rankings, and consider what’s left. So far it has worked pretty well for me….

2 years ago

We review them but balance them with the severity of the need for a place to stay. We are very security conscious, self-sufficient, trained, qualified, and equipped to deal with “bad neighborhoods” which usually accompany poor ratings but we usually look for other options before accepting them as an overnight choice. and Harvest Host are great options as well as true boondocking when available.

Donald N Wright
2 years ago

Online rankings can be difficult. Some folks love parking like sardines, others need lots of open space to park their rigs. Some of us like trees and plant life nearby, others prefer to back their rigs across the grass to ram tree limbs.Some folks are quiet others have to have outside television sets and lots of lights.

William Johnson
2 years ago

Not able to see the poll.

Bob Weinfurt
2 years ago

The way I look at it is that reviews are opinions. Sometime my girlfriend and I have completely different opinions about the same place which shows that you can’t please everybody all the time. I read the bad reviews/complaints and compare them to the good ones and the online description of the campground. I’ve rarely found the nasty, negative reviews to be true.

2 years ago

I think most reviews are fake news, don’t trust them.

Jeff Craig
2 years ago

Online reviews are the first criteria I use, and I pay careful attention to the reviews of past campers. Google earth and street view are a big plus as well, so I know how difficult the entry and exit to the park and the various spaces will be.

Sink Jaxon
2 years ago

This is an interesting poll.. considering the brouhaha in Montrose Colorado…If I’ve had a good experience at a concrete campground, I’ll post it. If I’ve had a bad one, I’ll post it. If it was as expected I won’t bother. I mean really…to me this is not drama I want to deal with, or care about.

2 years ago

Check reviews, review photos, website, and satellite View.

Tom C.
2 years ago

I use on-line rankings as one factor and try to judge the factuality of the rankings by the words used and the emotionality of the writer. I tend to believe factual, non-emotional, thoughtful reviews the most and have not been disappointed.

2 years ago

We have never looked up an RV park. We travel until we find a place to stay the night, or maybe a couple of days. We have never planned an adventure. I guess we are nuts.

Del W
2 years ago

rankings and reviews can be misleading as so many are actually fake from people who have never been there or have a stake in the outcome. I look at them but use other tools to help make the decision.

2 years ago

An alternative answer I would like to have had was: I use ranking but also reviews from various sites. I also like to do a satellite view of the park, their website and pictures.

Retired UPSer
2 years ago

I always read the reviews rather than rely on the ranking. People are a lot more inclined to review when their experience was less than they expected but people who had a good experience are sometimes less likely to share that. That can sure skew the ranking.

2 years ago

I am a member of a Facebook group who posts reviews. (Where’d You Stay). I look there as well as look at reviews on a couple of apps.

Darlene K
2 years ago

I definitely take a look at the comment section 4rv rankings. But I also check out their website, scan photos of the area and then make my decision accordingly

Jerilyn Lessley
2 years ago

I very rarely check campground rankings. I only make reservations if our usual campground will be full for a holiday.

Marybeth Almand
2 years ago

In our fulltiming years we have never stayed in a private campground. We only stay on State and federal lands’ campgrounds or boondock on those lands. This includes State parks, National Parks, BLM, Forest Service, COE, etc… If we were to ever stay in a private campground, the stars would not be the deciding factor.

Rica S
2 years ago

I always read the reviews, then make my own notes, and add to reviews after staying…I pay particular attention to bathroom cleanliness, site level status, staff attitude and ease of entry/hookup, pretty much in that order…Allstays my choice for reviews…

2 years ago

I read the reviews, looking for common themes. If one review says that the owner is a power hungry jerk who will evict you for having a package sent there, I might not pay a lot of attention. But if multiple reviews complain about the power hungry jerk with the rules, then it’s probably a thing, and I need to decide whether that matters to me or not.

The other thing is that one of the things I hate the most is being cheek to jowl with my neighbors. So a park can have 100 five star reviews, but if 20 of them say that the sites are tight, then that park isn’t for me.

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