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How many motor vehicles do you own?

How many wheeled motor vehicles do you own that are currently licensed? That would normally include cars, trucks, ATVs, motorhomes and motorcycles.

Do not include boats, trailers or other vehicles that do not have wheels or an engine. And do not include collector vehicles that do not have a current license.

Remember, it could take a few moments for the poll to load. So stand by.

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Chuck Woodbury
Chuck Woodbury
I'm the founder and publisher of I've been a writer and publisher for most of my adult life, and spent a total of at least a half-dozen years of that time traveling the USA and Canada in a motorhome.



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Abe Loughin (@guest_93736)
3 years ago

We are full time and the 3 motor vehicles are, the Freightliner FL-70 we tow the toyhauler with and 2 Harleys that go in the trailer.

Tom (@guest_93283)
3 years ago

We have 4 including the MH.

Dalmom4 (@guest_93235)
3 years ago

3 our Lincoln MKT is our tow car and my husbands everyday car, I drive a Mercedes 550 SUV and my husband boy toy car is a cardinal red Mercedes convertible, it’s a lease and he makes his payments with his SS check. So his plates say “ SS~CHK !!

Bull (@guest_93221)
3 years ago

I am proud of myself. We are down to just 15 cars, trucks and vans. Was over 40 at one time. Last vehicle to leave was my wifes 67 Corvette she owned for over 30 years. Burnt up in a garage fire a couple of weeks ago when the 2 month battery internally shorted out causing the fire. Needless to say she heartbroken however nobody got hurt, the car can be replaced and this particular garage is now being rebuilt.

Gene Bjerke (@guest_93201)
3 years ago

I myself just own the motor home, but I live in an extended family that includes three other people who each own a vehicle (plus a riding mower which is not licensed, of course).

Rick Bowman (@guest_93198)
3 years ago

I enjoyed your article about Mr. Piper being such a visionary. I grew up in the PA town where Pipers where built. Mr. Piper thought everyone should have a plane parked next to your car in your driveway. You could almost get a pilots license free. We would rent a four place Cherokee for $4.25/hour. Great memories!

PennyPA (@guest_93246)
3 years ago
Reply to  Rick Bowman

Renting a 4-seater for $4.25 an hour….that was a L.O.N.G. time ago!! 😁

Wayne Caldwell (@guest_93187)
3 years ago

We have a ’15 Ram 2500 4wd MegaCab 6.7L.Cummins; an ’11 Chrysler.Town & Country minivan; a ’68 MGB Roadster; and my street rod project, a ’36 Hudson Terraplane 2-door sedan.

Dick and Sandy near Buffalo, NY (@guest_93175)
3 years ago

A 2000 Ford Explorer (Sandy’s daily driver and our Toad we tow 4 wheels down), my 2003 Hyundai Elantra daily driver, Sandy’s 1976 Chevy Vega with a 300 HP 350 V8 show car and my 1972 Ford Pinto Sedan with a Blown 302 Ford Small Block former Drag Car that is retired to the street for cruise nights and car shows. And of course our 2015 Holiday Rambler DP. Stay well, Stay safe.

Diane Mc (@guest_93166)
3 years ago

When we include the vintage race cars….too many! ‘02 Mini Cooper we tow. ‘09 Mini Cooper & ‘12 Jeep as daily drivers for him/me. ‘99 Silverado for hauling/dumping. 08 Lexus to use for my 92 yr Mom trips. ‘51 Vignale 212 Ferrari, husband bought 40 yrs ago for $5K, restored ‘06. ‘03 Porsche 996 & ‘63 Porsche 356, owned for 30 yrs, restored (both for fun & events). And a number of race cars, whole and in parts. Everyday…”I have to start getting rid of some of these cars”. In his defense, has sold a couple of race cars & a ‘52 Ferrari 250 he also had for 35 yrs. Did I mention he loves old cars? So do I, so I’m not a big help.

Walter Loyd Fuhrmann (@guest_93144)
3 years ago

3 vehicles. 2 pickups and an suv. I have heard there are people that don’t own a pickup. Weird😃

Last edited 3 years ago by Walter Loyd Fuhrmann
Deborah Mason (@guest_93141)
3 years ago

Motorhome, Honda Fit (toad), 4Runner for hauling the UTV, exploring back roads, carrying big dogs & passengers at the same time & winter driving, UTV for winter snow plowing/summer play, S10 (under repair) & my husband’s dirt bike. All are registered for highest travel, pretty local laws.

Will B. (@guest_93130)
3 years ago

Full-timing with the F350 and two motorcycles. I only voted “three” because the title is “motor vehicles”, so I excluded the fifth wheel.

Richard (@guest_93118)
3 years ago

3 jeeps includimg our 1946 CJ2A (which belonged to my grandpa) and our MH.

Robert Heacock (@guest_93097)
3 years ago

I have my daily driver pickup. We have our motorhome, and I have a little Suzuki Samurai 4 X 4 for our towed. The Sammy is light, only 2100 pounds, and can go most anywhere.

Matt C (@guest_93080)
3 years ago

On the edge, of what I am not sure. We have one each daily drivers and a classic motorhome that has a current registration, but it is an historic (hysteric maybe) registration. Because Michigan lets us drive it to shows (at every rally), for testing or repair (continues) and in August. We can pretty much go where we want when we want. Just in case, I carry the community calendar. (There is an event somewhere every weekend and nothing in the law says we have to go the short way.)

Pat (@guest_93079)
3 years ago

We have our motorhome and toad (2003 Honda Element), a pickup for work around the property and hauling, a vehicle for me and a TT convertible (2002 model) for summer fun. None of these, except my vehicle, is newer than 2006.

Ed K (@guest_93037)
3 years ago

Motor Home, Pick-up driven about 100 miles per year and the family Jeep/Toad 6000 miles in 18 months since new

Dan (@guest_93024)
3 years ago

On the practical side we have our PU truck and car. On the fun side there are three motorcycles and of course, our motorhome. That’s a total of six……so far. What can I say, we love our toys. Currently, I cannot resist searching the ads for a ‘towed’. The drawback is that we will run out of garage space. I don’t believe my wife will smile at the idea of putting up a barn. The other drawback is when the insurance and property tax bills land in our mailbox. Ow!

Jim Stein (@guest_93082)
3 years ago
Reply to  Dan

Had a Towed back in the 70’s in SoCal. Never should have let it go.

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