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Would you stay a week where there’s no cell phone or internet service?

How important is the ability to make and receive phone calls and access the Internet? Are you so dependent (or addicted to) these services that you want — or even need — to always be connected, or at least connected as often as possible?

How likely is it that you would stay a week in your RV in a place where there was no phone service, no Wi-Fi, and no other way to get online? Would you welcome the break from this busy always-connected world, or would you dread it?

Curious RVer minds want to know. Remember, it may take a moment for the poll to load, so stand by. It’ll be worth it.

Oh, the good ol’ days of slow Internet.
Do you believe people would be kinder without the Internet?

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1 year ago

I lived in an ashram in Southern India for six months. Cell phone service and internet access only once a week. It was great!

daniel mcgreevy
1 year ago

why is it i can not vote any more

Bill & Judy
1 year ago

We just recently visited Vidalia, LA, for two weeks to see friends. Our T-Mobile service was non-existent. Didn’t miss it a bit, particularly those {bleeped} telemarketers and scam calls. The park had WiFi but we didn’t use it either as it was intermittent.

Dave J
1 year ago

Have ham radio if comms are absolutely needed. So dont really NEED internet or “phone” access.
Just handy for stuff like this.

James LaGasse
1 year ago

We frequently find ourselves in areas with no wifi or cell service, doesn’t bother us at all.

1 year ago

At our current campground, with no other options, we have one bar 4G on our phones (but not all the time) and little or no internet service. It’s a 20 to 25 mile drive for decent service. Now the good news is it’s only for the Summer and our grandkids and Doctors are near here.

Rory R
1 year ago

I said NO, because I work while on the road and I need cell service and wifi to stay in contact. Two days would be OK but I have online meetings twice a week and send and receive documents which must be edited and returned. So No, if I have to two days is the longest I could go.

Gene Bjerke
1 year ago

The question was “would I stay a week?” I have no problem staying a couple of days, though a week might be a bit much. However my brother-in-law freaks out if he can’t contact us anytime he wants. I figure that’s his problem.

1 year ago

So long as I had a couple of good books and a few magazines, I’m happy

Vanessa Simmons
1 year ago

Basically do it when cruising.

1 year ago

Why would I even consider doing that? 😂. I absolutely would not consider it.
I don’t want to be out of touch with my great son my wonderful DIL, my loving grandkids and awesome friends. I Would miss having the contact with them OR EVEN the possibility of wanting to and not being able to. If people don’t want to be in contact with anyone turn off your phone😇!

cheryl lumley
1 year ago

We don’t like to because of Pacemaker monitor and our banking/medical is almost all online.

1 year ago

We could do it no problem if we had just a phone for emergencys and to check in with family. Just my husbands flip phone that has no internet connection at all. (Yes he’s a dinosaur but he loves his phone not hitech at all)

1 year ago

Well, we are “traveler” RVers, so have never planted ourselves in one spot for a week. On the other hand, if it is baseball season and the Cubs are playing, we cannot be one night without some kind of service. No one wants to be around my wife if she can’t keep up with her Cubs. Other than that, who needs cell or internet?

tim palmer
1 year ago

What are you talking about, that’s what it is like where I live.
Most densely populated state in the country and no cell service at home and only one lousy choice for internet.

1 year ago

I don’t have a problem with disconnecting but we are older and I would want a means of access to emergency services if needed – and a way for our kids to reach us if needed. Now if you gave me a land line that could be used, I’m in. No TV service would be a plus but then my hubby probably wouldn’t go.

Thelma Thomas
1 year ago

I could go a week without internet but don’t like being without cell service and unable to be reached by family for that long.

1 year ago

two weeks would be good for me…

1 year ago

Survived almost 40 yrs before cell and internet. a week no problem.

Brenda W Odom
1 year ago

I would, but would have to find somewhere for hubby to stay.

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