Wednesday, September 28, 2022


Couples: Do you get along better at home or on the road?

Only answer this if you have a significant other you live with at home and on the road with an RV.

What curious minds want to know is if you get along better as a couple when you are at home or when you are living/traveling with an RV.

Please do not answer if you live or travel alone.

And, as always, have patience. The poll sometimes takes a few moments to load (bad poll!).



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2 years ago

When at home we have so many distractions between friends, family and my business. When traveling during the spring and summer we are our happiest with just us, our RV and friends we meet along the way.

Judy Castle
2 years ago

People ask how in the world we can travel on trips of 10 thousand miles without killing each other. We enjoy every minute!

James A. Olson
2 years ago

I married my wife to be WITH her, not get away from her. We try to do as much as possible as a team effort. That includes RVing.

2 years ago

60 years and still waiting for our first disagreement.

Pat G
2 years ago

63 years in Jan..would do it again in a heartbeat..

Lu McNab
2 years ago

QUESTION: I would love to see an article following “The Opening Of The USA/CA Border … Opening??????????????

2 years ago
Reply to  Lu McNab

If everyone does their part, that day should come sooner!

2 years ago

We got along just fine in our work period of life, but we actually get along even better the last 10 years of fulltiming when we’re together almost 24/7. We think it’s due to the elimination of job stress.

2 years ago

52 years come may still wonderful ….yes dear

Sharon Boehmer
2 years ago

Before going fulltime, I was still working, had a sticks and bricks, and rv’d as often as we could. It was great fun! Then I retired and we were able to rv more, still great fun, but always back to sticks and bricks. Now that sticks and bricks is gone, we live/travel in our 5th wheel, still fun (when able to travel) but it has shown me more of our differences and our adaptability (or lack of) to a new way of life. This is the subject of many a discussion(sometimes heated) between us. We must recognize this and not let it get out of hand.

Terri Carlson
2 years ago
Reply to  Sharon Boehmer

I agree. Peter and I have been married 36 years. Soon 37. I get it. We don’t fight. I asked him, what are you mad about? Never is it the same thing I’m mad about! So goes the heated discussion…you both need time away from each other. Peter plays golf…helps.I have hobbies. Knitting, cross stitch. Hoped it helped

2 years ago

We just spent our 51st anniversary on the road in our Coach – in the middle of the OR wildfire smoke! Not the way we planned it, but with that many years behind us, we don’t have much of a problem adapting to “what it is” and finding an alternative plan. We’re on the road about 100 nights a year and at home in the PACNW the rest of the time. We get along just fine in both venues.

Ed K
2 years ago

We will celebrate our 51st Anniversary this October 11th. Got to love the little woman.

Anne O
2 years ago
Reply to  Ed K

51 years Nov. 1. No trade-in value, recycling fee is way too high. Still love the man.

Ellen L
2 years ago
Reply to  Ed K

51 years in Nov. here, too. I am not going to break in another one. I’ll just keep the one I have.

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