Thursday, October 6, 2022


If you became suddenly filthy rich, would you buy a new high-end RV?

Okay, let’s say you played a dollar ticket on the lottery. Instead of blowing a dollar like usually happens, this time you win a few million dollars! Wow, lucky you!

So what will you do with all that money? There will be a lot of options, including giving some of it to people who are your new best friends, and maybe a relative who suddenly likes you again (interesting how money can have such an effect).

But let’s say that no matter what happens, you end up with a giant wad of cash to spend any way you want.

Would you use it to buy a really fancy RV, one that was previously way out of your price range? Just think about the luxury! Maybe get one with two bathrooms and heated floors and a wine cooler, not to mention a giant residential fridge, washer-dryer and maybe even a spare bedroom for the kids or grandkids once COVID is history.

Is that what you would do? Or would you be happy with your present rig?

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1 year ago

I’d put my name on the year long waiting list for a new Lazy Daze, while I continue to use and enjoy the older one that I already own?

Rita Rosson
1 year ago

I’d also hire myself a personal driver, maintenance, set up/ breakdown, cleaning, etc. dude🤣

david j hanley
1 year ago

I’d get a second one… We have a 36 foot fifth wheel we love, but for shorter more off grid trips, i’d like a small C or even a B.

Dogs and Horses
1 year ago

We might consider a recent Foretravel coach, but there’s no others that intrest me enough to buy new. More likely, we would upgrade our tow vehicle and spend money on animal charities in every town we travel to.

1 year ago

I guess the $100 question is what is your definition of high end. I currently have a Jayco 13′ Hummingbird camper that I like but any step up say a 25/28′ fifth wheel four season would be like heaven. Wouldn’t want one longer unless I was living in it full time. Next stop the gas station to get that lottery ticket. It gives me something to dream about.

K Nace
2 years ago

I’d give my current rig some upgrades, maybe an interior remodel.

D Haley
2 years ago

Nope. A fool and his money soon parted. Rather spend a few extra dollars on a nice hotel in between traveling or certain spots of land with own hook ups and not have to worry about reservations.

2 years ago

No need to throw away money. Yes, we would do a upgrade to a good Class A but no need for a “high end” luxary unit. We would donate significantly to pet rescues especially villalobos in New Orleans. A trust fund for college and a “get started” amount for each of our grandsons. Family/friends, probably not. Why should we? One exception to that is one specific niece. Life has treated her poorly but she keeps on keeping on and raising her children well. We would like to provide a monthly amount to make her life easier and help her daughter to attend college.

2 years ago

No. Pay off any debt and invest the rest.

David Blomberg
2 years ago

I might do that. But I’d also hire someone to drive and maintain it! 😁

Rita Rosson
1 year ago
Reply to  David Blomberg

That’s what I said

Larry Foster
2 years ago

No. We already live in one

Gene Bjerke
2 years ago

If I became filthy rich I would pay off my present RV and spend the rest of the money on using it.

Bob Weinfurt
2 years ago

Something a little newer and bigger but not real fancy. As of now, my 43 year old class C is still serving me well.

Billy Vitro
2 years ago

Based on the build quality of the “high-end” (maybe $500k) coaches I’ve seen, I wouldn’t trade my 27-year-old Wanderlodge for one of them. I’d probably get something about 10 years newer from Bluebird with low miles, in excellent shape. If I had crazy money, I might look at getting something custom built to tour the country in – but, at that point, getting a plane and staying in hotels might make more sense.

Jeff Craig
2 years ago

If I were to hit the PowerBall, yeah I would definitely buy a new rig. Now, what defines ‘high end’? I wouldn’t go over 40ft long, because that is the max length in most parks. That said, I have a ‘must have’ list including diesel power, Gold Heat in-floor heating, heated tanks and basement (true 4 Seasons) and a washer/dryer.

While I could probably afford a Marathon or Newell, I seriously doubt I’d go that ‘High End’.

Kurt Shoemaker Sr
2 years ago

I hoping to ride out my rv days with the piece of junk I have now, a Forest River, Rockwood Signature Lite Fifth Wheel.. I’m not spending anymore of my money on another rig.

Captn John
2 years ago

No we have exactly what we want, a 2019 Montana 3761FL and 2019 F350 dually. I’d pay my daughters mortgage instead.

2 years ago

A few houses on each coast (plus a mountain cabin and desert retreat), private staff in each to take care of them, private jet…. hmmm…. maybe would give up the RV at that point. Would get the high-end RV plus a driver to give my hubby a chance to see the view for once!

Thanks for a nice daydream!

Cheryl DeNoi
2 years ago

NOPE! Love our vi tags 1983 Apollo Sceptre & wouldn’t trade for any amount of money! Would use the money to do minor upgrades & then give our friends $$ to buy the rig of their dreams

Martha Tassi
2 years ago

I wouldn’t buy another RV, but I would buy an RV resort.

Pat Mitchell
1 year ago
Reply to  Martha Tassi

I like that…but maybe also a manager for the resort.